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A Step Towards Digitization & Promotion of Automation Practices Over Time in Car Parking Management System

In the year 2019, 948,293 new registered vehicles were reported compared to the year 2012 where there were only 496,716 new registered vehicles increase in a span of 7 years. The statistical reference, the current transportation framework, and the car park management system are insufficient in saving the incursion of vehicles on the road.

Therefore, problems such as traffic congestion and inadequate parking space inevitably crop up. To overcome all traffic problems, multiple measures have been taken although, the problem can be addressed via various approaches.

The car parking management system by is implemented and developed with the incorporation of different advanced technologies such as automatic car barriers, and research from various academic disciplines has come up with a car parking machine. These automatic systems are being adopted in industries across the world at an accelerated rate.

The car park barriers system is also being replaced and the automatic car park barrier system is replacing human efforts. Less personnel and smarter machines mean less operating and labor costs while increasing the quality of the products or services offered. This automatic car park barrier system will also help in the entering & clearing of the vehicles in an effective & optimized manner using the car park barrier entry systems.

The car parking machine provides spaces & car park ticket machine provides can be done more speedily so as to allow parking runs easily. These automatic car park barriers will reduce the manual cost significantly. Not only staff cost, but also the availability of sensors & lights promote these barriers usage.

What are the benefits of using an Automatic Car Park Barrier System?

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There is a need to overcome the parking problems so as to decrease traffic congestion & change the culture which we are following for past centuries the car park barrier system is introduced. The latest technology needs to be added in this mechanism so as to enable the communication of the travelers with the parking organization. This hassle-free challenge will reduce the time & complexity of the drivers also by enhancing the operational services. 

If customers have a negative parking experience at your location, they are less likely to come back in the future. Automatic Car Park Barriers can also help to manage traffic flow, handle the payment process and maximization of the parking space availability. The focus is to provide a stress-free parking experience that will leave a positive impression on drivers – so they keep coming back to the venue or location.

So what are the key benefits of using a car parking management system?

Customers can pre-book online:

The car parking machine provides the customer to book the tickets online. For the car park operator, an online booking system can be a crucial tool in assessing the car park management system – and if they need to adjust traffic flow, open up additional space or lay on extra staff. Resources can be adjusted to meet demand, meaning that they are never wasted. Furthermore, the car park payment systems allow the payment online, thus providing the customer with easy access. 

For the customer, being able to pre-book saves time on the day when they are eager to get on their flight or attend a concert. It means they have peace of mind that they will be able to get a space at the location they are attending and also informs them in advance of how much parking will cost.

Parking Management Self-Service Kiosks:

One of the most important features of Park IT’s parking management system is the use of a self-service parking machine for automated check-in and check out, where there is no involvement of Human efforts. These touch screen kiosks allow customers either to find a prepaid booking by barcode or reference number, or pay for a new booking at the kiosk. This car park management system gives customers more control over the booking process and can considerably speed up checking in and out.

Self-service kiosks also allow parking operators an opportunity to sell added-value services such as a meet and greet or valet service, all easily accessible from the booking screen.

Increase efficiency and reduce queuing:

Park IT’s stand can be accessed from both sides, effectively splitting the queue in half. With each parking ticket machine able to serve two customers simultaneously, the operation is more competent than a manually operated system. Dual access lockers and kiosks also aid the traffic flow through the car park system, reducing queues and therefore stress for customers.


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A concern for car park operators is loss or theft of car keys. With traditional systems, human error can lead to mistakes but these risks can be significantly reduced with the help of technology with a modern car parking management system. For example, Park IT systems use secure key lockers with strengthened electronic doors. 

Employee communication:

A car parking management system can help you improve conversation within your team, which ultimately leads to more efficient operation and better parking experience for your customers. Mobile devices and apps can be integrated with parking system software, allowing your team to communicate wherever they are on site. Functions include being able to upload images of vehicle condition to the cloud, creation of automated alerts when a vehicle needs to be moved and sending job instructions to staff mobile devices via an app.

Parking Management oversight

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For any successful business, knowing exactly what’s going on in your operation is vital for efficiency and profitability. All activity within your parking operation – from customer booking and check-in/out to key, vehicle, and staff movements are logged by Parking management software. This allows you to monitor peak periods, prepare for variations in capacity, tackle issues before they become puzzling and analyze areas for advancement, as a car park operator.

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