How to Increase Your Driver Distance – 2024 Guide

Do you like to play golf?

Well, since you are reading “how to increase your driver distance”, there is no doubt that you are interested in this sport. If we are right, you are one of 24 million players of this interesting sport worldwide, according to some statistics from 2019.

However, although there are numerous professional tournaments and competitions, there is no doubt that a large number of golfers play this sport recreationally. This means that they are not on a professional level, but they play primarily for fun and because of everything that playing any sport brings, and above all health and well-being.


However, if, for example, you notice that you have the potential to play golf on a more professional level, then you need to take the whole situation a little more seriously.

For example, a very important thing is the driver distance. So, as you already know a golf driver or golf club is actually a “stick” with which you hit a golf ball. The distance you send the ball to is so important among players that the vast majority like to add yards to their actual score.

You don’t want to do that, because today, we will show you how to actually increase your driver distance. You can read more about it below. So, if we’re ready, let’s get started.

Tip no. 1. Good knowledge of the basics

As we said a little while ago, if you think you have the talent to play golf professionally, then you still have a lot of work to do to reach your goal.

The first step towards that, and towards increasing the driver distance, is to know the basics very well. For example, one of the most basic things is swing. If your swing is good, it can only bring improvement in the game itself.

So, what we want to say is that perfecting your swing is almost half the job on the way to the greater distance you hit the golf ball.

Factors that greatly affect the strength and accuracy of the swing are improper posture, incorrect grip, poor weight transfer, poor technique etc. These are just some of them because there are many factors that can be improved to affect the swing and later the driving distance.

All in all, there are numerous books, literature, videos, etc. which can all help you improve and perfect the basics. You can also talk to an instructor at your club. Still, a good knowledge of the basics is really a good starting point.

Tip no. 2. Improve physical fitness

As in any sport, so in golf, physical fitness is a very important thing. Strength and flexibility are especially important and you really need to work on them.

First of all, if you are flexible and have enough strength, you will be able to do the swing correctly, and thus hit the ball harder, which in the end leads to a greater striking distance.


In fact, the swing is a great example. When you swing a golf driver, you actually need to do a full shoulder turn. In case of lack of flexibility, your technique will completely fail, as well as distance, impact strength, etc.

Speaking of distance, according to some research, improving flexibility, strength, and other aspects of physical fitness essential to playing golf can lead to an increase of 20-30 yards (which is exactly the distance most add to their real distance).

But that’s not all, because there are other benefits to practicing golf-specific exercises. We must also mention striking accuracy, increase in swing speed, etc.

All in all, physical fitness is very important because, in addition to the improvement it definitely brings in terms of driving distance and impact on the overall game, it contributes to your body shape and health.

Tip no. 3. Custom fitted drivers

It’s no secret that golfers often use custom fitting and the help of club-fitting specialists. So, what are they actually doing? As you know, and you have probably experienced, not all golf clubs are suitable for everyone, i.e. they cannot be universal for every player.


Simply, not all clubs are made the same, different techniques are used, each driver has a different club loft, different shaft flex categories and shaft weight.

All of this greatly affects your score, and of course it can’t fix your bad technique. Therefore, after perfecting the basics and techniques, a good next step can be consulting with a club-fitting expert to custom-fit driver for you.

In addition, pay attention to the driver manufacturer. If you don’t pick the right equipment, then the results may suffer. For example, the advice is to look what other players, or even some professional golfers, use.

One of the best golfers of all time, Tiger Woods, uses TaylorMade drivers. TaylorMade is one of the best and most reputable manufacturers of golf clubs in the world, so the choice of such equipment will certainly not be wrong with perhaps custom fitting and prior consultation with a club-fitting specialist.

In that case, you can check Golf Accessories Reviews and learn more about it.

Tip no. 4. Improving technique for long golf clubs

Speaking of golf drivers, another well-known fact is that by using long golf clubs you can increase the yardage. Still, knowledge of the basics and a high level of technique and swing are a “must-have”.


If you feel that you have mastered all that enough, then maybe it’s time to try long clubs. Of course, good advice is to consult with some of the more experienced players who already use long drivers to show you a few tricks and the proper use of these larger pieces of equipment.

Of course, we must mention that there are various instructions and video tutorials on using long clubs, so it is not bad to check. Basically, it’s all in the right posture, setting and swing.

Bottom Line

If you have carefully read everything we have talked about here, there is no doubt you have noticed that in each of the tips, technique and a good knowledge of the basics play a very important role.

Everything after that is additional training and brings additional yardage.

Basically, neither the golf drivers or clubs, nor custom fitting or whatever, will bring you a massive increase in distance if you don’t have good technique, posture, swing, in short, a good basics.

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