8 Simple Tips For Improving your Airbnb Ranking

When looking for accommodation, we usually settle with the first options that are listed on Airbnb. Nobody has time to browse through all of the pages just to find an apartment similar to others. For that reason, as a host, you have to find a way to improve your rankings.

Although that is not easy, by keeping your property clean and you are nice to your visitors, the rankings will increase on their own. However, there are many more factors that affect your score as a host.

To help you with this process, we have made this article with a couple of simple tips to improve your Airbnb rankings. By implementing them, you are ensuring higher rankings, and gaining more traffic from travelers.

1. Improve your prices


When you are doing the profile creation, you get to a point where you have to write out the price of a night on your property. This is determined by what you offer, interesting features, and the number of beds. Although putting up a higher price will give you more financial benefits, it surely sets you back from the competition.

For that reason, make sure you research the pricing in your area and see what the others offer. With a slight lowering in price, you will get a larger traveler traffic, which improves your site’s ranking. This leads to more reservations and bookings, which makes your property more profitable.

However, if you plan on advertising your property on multiple platforms, make sure you don’t get multiple bookings for the same period. These inconveniences can badly affect your ranking, which is something you want to avoid.

2. Increase your profile activity

By logging in to your profile at least once a day, the site acknowledges your activity. Because of their activity algorithms, you will be rewarded with a higher ranking. That way, when somebody looks for a stay in your area, your place will be one of the first that appear.

For that reason, make sure you gain a routine of daily loggings and see what is going on. You can use that time to note all the reservations, and see how many spare days you have. In addition, make sure to respond to comments, to become an even better host.

3. Make good photos of your property

The whole point of the Airbnb platform is a correct representation of the place you are listing. For that reason, the pictures that you will be uploading have to be great. Be sure to capture every single corner and asset of your property to attract more attention from travelers.

If you are not good with photography, you can easily hire a professional to take photos of your place. They know their job, and the results will be great. In addition, let them take the main photo for your property, so you can list it with that picture as a thumbnail. That is important to attract attention and make people want to click on you.

4. Include the instant booking option

Arranging all the bookings might be difficult if you are busy with other jobs simultaneously. For that reason, you should use the instant booking option. That way, the guests can easily create a reservation in your place, which also boosts your potential to become a Superhost.

If you consider activating this option, you will have to adjust your calendars multiple times a day to prevent double reservations and similar inconveniences.

5. Hire a professional company to manage your account


Many people have listings they find hard to manage. Whether they are too busy with regular day obligations, or they just cannot adjust to the site properly. Even in such situations, your account does not have to suffer.

Some companies offer professional management services for your profile. They’ll handle the communication with guests, and prevent the chance of double reservations. In addition, they can improve the looks of your profile, starting from property photographs to improving your titles as suggested by

Their expertise can help your profile to grow, and gain a higher Airbnb ranking in your area. In addition, the title of Superhost will surely belong to you. With that, for a small price, you gain a professionally managed profile that will increase your reservations and annual profits.

6. Don’t forget to fill out your profile

Incomplete profiles may seem sketchy to potential guests. Every one of us is looking for reassurance when looking for a stay in a foreign place. For that reason, make sure you fill your profile with every information required. Filled profiles are usually boosted because the platform recognizes your commitment.

When you are creating a new listing, make sure you fill the blanks with as much information as possible. That way, your potential guest will have all the details that might interest them, and it contributes to a more professional look.

7. Use social media for promotions


Even though listing your place on Airbnb can be efficient on its own, you should consider boosting it through your social media accounts. It is a free activity that gains you more traction since more people will see your offerings.

In addition, including posts of your property can help with your SEO, so your listings will appear higher on the listings. For that reason, you can either write your posts or hire somebody for social media management and let them help in improving your Airbnb rankings.

8. Be quick to respond

To improve your ranking, being responsive is an essential thing you have to do. Next to every listing, there is information about the host and how quickly they respond. This is a piece of vital information for every guest because everyone wants to stay in a place with an accessible host.

In addition, a higher response rate leads to higher rankings on the site. For that reason, focus on responding to every message and gain a hundred percent response rate. This makes your listing more professional and will increase the chances of getting a large number of reservations.

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