5 Blackjack Money Management Tips and Tricks

Are you a gambling man? We bet you are. See what we did there? It’s a little pun. Intended! Everyone is a gambler deep down inside. Tell us you haven’t tried out blackjack and we’re telling you that you’re lying. This game is just too straightforward and appealing to avert the attention of even the biggest anti-gambler. During your lifetime you need to try out this game. It is player-friendly and above interesting in every way. It’s hard to resist it, we’re sure of it.

But, as with any other game of cards that requires wagering money it has its dangers. If you’re not careful you can sink fast as blackjack knows the ways of passion. The odds of winning at a blackjack table are good for players as the house edge is lower compared t similar games. Because of this many players play without a second thought believing every hand is the winning one. This is not the case, so you need to be careful with your funds. If you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry as we’re here to help you out. This article is dedicated to the five blackjack money management tips and tricks. After reading this piece you’ll know a thing or two about how to handle your business at a blackjack table.

Be Friends With Budgeting


A budget is essential for every gambler out there. Without one, you can’t succeed. What’s even worse you’ll set up yourself for a defeat. If you’re an avid gambler you probably call it a bankroll. Either way, it is a set amount of money you’re prepared to spend on gambling during a limited period. It can be a daily budget, weekly, or monthly. It’s up to you to decide. The important part is that you have a limit and that you don’t cross the line at any cost. See it as s form of investment. If you win – great! If you lose, you’ll never fall below a certain threshold. This is the only way to approach healthily playing blackjack. As we said, this game knows how to pull a player in. So, if you’re not careful it can take you down a dark alley. If you’re sure that you can play on a budget, create it and stick to it, head straight to

Be On Time

Creating a budget for blackjack is great. What’s even better is setting a limit on the time you’re going to play. If you love to gamble, that’s fine. But going overboard is never good. Even if you’re on a lucky streak knowing when to stop is vital. There’s an end to winning and there’s an end to losing if you know to play within time limits. The chances are you’re going 100% to lose money if you play non-stop. The longer you play the more you can lose. So, what you should do is have a limited budget combined with a limited playing time. If you can do this, you can achieve great things at a blackjack table. When it comes to gambling time/money ratio is quite important.

Use a Betting System


Don’t worry, we’re not talking about counting cards or anything illegal. No, we are above that unlike blokes from 21, a great film which cast Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth among other actors. What we’re talking about are the progressive betting systems. They can be either positive or negative. Yes, this is not a winning formula as there are just too many variables. But, it’s a theory that revolves around the belief that you should double your bets when you’re winning and lower them after you lose. At the same time, the negative approach asks you to double the bet after each loss. The latter one is based on the common misconception that you are going to win eventually. We wouldn’t rely on that too much. But, you’re free to try out both approaches. What’s important is that you do it under the assumption that there’s a time limit for how long you’ll play and that the budget is set in stone.

Learn The Playbook

In its essence blackjack isn’t a complicated game. It’s not like we’re talking about an NFL playbook. Everyone can get a hang of blackjack. What’s hard is to learn all the rules and variables. When it comes to this game there aren’t too many professional players on every corner. No, it’s mostly played by amateurs. The issue is that these amateurs believe they know the game and lose money in the process daily. To avoid being one of those people you need to learn the basics first. Once you know the rules you can play, but slowly and with smaller stakes. It takes time fully grasp the game. Yes, you can learn through practice but try that on the games where there’s no money at stake. If you go head through the wall without fully grasping what’s blackjack all about, you’re in for a lot of disappointment. To avoid this, sit down, warm the chair, and learn.

Know When to Stop


This is it! The most important advice. It correlates well with the time limit we mentioned above, but it goes beyond that too. First of all, many players don’t like to lose. No one does! So, there’s an urge to keep on playing when there’s no luck in the cards. It’s not about time nor the budget, it’s about stopping when you’re not having a good day despite being within the limits of the time and the bankroll you dedicated to blackjack. Just like any other casino game, this one is quite addictive. Even more than some. So, you can easily be pulled in. It’s important not to fall under the impression that you shouldn’t stop. Knowing when to stop is half the win. The situation is the same when you’re winning. The hot streak will end sometime. You should stop while you’re ahead. Close the game when you are winning. Because when your luck runs out you’ll be starting to chase the losses that once won. Stop on time, because later is too late.

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