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The Importance of Children Learning to Swim

There is no doubt that swimming is probably one of the best exercises there is for young and old alike. It can do wonders not just for your body but also for your mind. The feeling of floating on water feeling weightless can be very relaxing.

On a hot summer day, the cool waters of the swimming pool feel like pure bliss. Swimming can also be super fun as you can play many games in the water. It can be a great way to relax and have fun with your family and loved ones. The health benefits of swimming are also endless. Whether you swim for fun or fitness, you must swim.

Swimming is also a very important life skill that everyone should learn, especially children. It is something that your children will retain for the rest of their lives. Knowing how to swim can potentially be a lifesaver for yourself and others.

Here is why your children must learn how to swim:

Swimming can save your child’s life

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Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in children aged between 1 and 14. Studies have shown that the risk of drowning in children who know how to swim is drastically reduced. It is nearly impossible to keep your children away from water all their life as water is all around us. Swimming can make your child comfortable in water which is extremely important for their safety.

Great for health

Swimming is a fantastic exercise for children. Children who know how to swim develop strength, flexibility, and co-ordination much faster than those who don’t know how to swim. one of the few exercises that target all the muscle groups in your body. It is one of the best ways to keep your children healthy now and for the rest of their lives.

Improve motor skills in babies

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Did you know that babies as young as 8-weeks can start taking swim lessons? Swimming can be a great activity even for babies just like children and adults. When babies start swimming, the natural resistance that water provides can help develop strength and coordination. It also greatly benefits their balance and posture. All of these combined can help vastly improve motor skills in babies.

Improves cognitive functions

Swimming uses cross-patterning movements, that is you use both sides of the body to complete an action. These cross-patterning movements are extremely beneficial in brain growth in young children. It facilitates communication, modulation, and feedback from one side of the brain to another. Children who swim show marked improvement in reading skills, academic learning, language development, and spatial awareness. Swimming is also a unique social experience that has its own set of brain-boosting benefits.

Builds confidence

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When swimming, children interact with other children as well as the swimming instructor. They start learning to work in groups besides learning a new life skill which greatly improves their self-esteem. Children who swim are also known to have greater self-control, more confidence, and a greater desire to succeed. They are also much more comfortable in social situations compared to children who do not swim.

Low-impact sport

Compared to other sports, swimming is very low-impact. What it means is that there are lesser chances of skinning your knees from falling or twisting your ankle from running. Swimming reduces the chances of injury without compromising the health benefits.

Make new friends

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The swimming pool is a great place to make new friends. When children take swimming lessons together, they learn to overcome their fears while relishing some friendly competition. Children meet other children who are different from those in their class or on their street. They can thus make a wider social circle. The pool is also a great place for parents to meet other parents and possibly make new friends themselves.

Improves appetite

Swimming makes you hungry and it is no different for young children and babies. Even though it is a low-impact exercise, swimming burns a ton of calories. When children physically exert themselves in the water, the body expends energy to support their movement and to keep them warm. Regular swimming has shown to significantly improve your children’s appetite.

Improves sleeping patterns

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Swimming takes up a lot of energy in babies and children. It is a great exercise where they learn new movements while the body works equally hard to keep them warm. It is not uncommon to notice children feeling sleepier after a swim lesson. Swimming improves sleeping patterns and your child will be ready to go down for a nap which otherwise you would have struggled with. Swimming regularly will also help regularize your child’s bedtimes.

Great cardiovascular exercise

Swimming is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise. It greatly improves the heart and lung condition in kids. Due to improved cardiovascular activity, kids also develop strength and endurance. Childhood obesity is quite a common problem these days. Swimming is a great way to avoid health issues associated with childhood obesity.

Swimming prepares children for school

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Early swimming lessons for children helps them prepare for a more formal classroom setting. When taking swimming lessons, children learn to take instructions from their swimming instructors. They follow directions and also get along with other children. Swimming can be a bit challenging in the beginning but children gracefully work through these challenges. They also learn to accept successes and setbacks. Such preparation gives them an edge when they are ready to enter pre-school or formal school.

Reduces stress

All of us live quite stressful lives. Stress is pervasive and everyone develops different ways to deal with or reduce stress. It is very unwise to think that children do not feel stress. They may not be able to understand it or express it, but they do feel it. Swimming is a great way to reduce stress in children and adults alike. Swimming makes the brain release endorphins which helps combat stress. It also provides a routine for kids which helps them develop a balanced lifestyle.

One of the best gifts that you can give your children is to teach them how to swim. It not only has health and mental benefits but it also builds character. All these traits will help your child lead a balanced, happy, and successful life now and in the future. To learn more information on why you should teach your child to swim hear from experts at FactoryPoolsPerth.

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