Hyaron and Its Anti-Aging Properties

Hyaron sodium hyaluronate – an innovative solution for rejuvenation manufactured by the Donkook pharmaceutical company, which is based in South Korea and has excellent reviews from both specialists.

This product consists of pure hyaluronic acid, which makes it super safe for your skin and your body. The solution 2.5 ml syringes, it consists of 25 mg of unstable hyaluronic acid, with a molecular weight of 1000 KDa.

Hyaron filler moisturizes and improves the elasticity of the skin, reduces wrinkles, and rejuvenates the skin, due to high purification, the solution does not cause side reactions and allergies.

What are the results of the Hyaron treatment?

Sodium hyaluronate is the active substance of the Hyaron solution that has special properties necessary for mesotherapy. Sodium hyaluronate belongs to the class of glycosaminoglycans and is one of the main components of the synovial (intra-articular) fluid, which allows it to be used as a substitute for synovial fluid in case of inflammatory processes.

Hyaluronic acid is also a building material for the biosynthesis of proteoglycans. The cause of arthrosis and osteochondrosis is a decrease in the number of proteoglycans in cartilage. The solution improves the mobility of joints and relieves pain in the case of osteoarthritis of the knee and periarthritis of the shoulder joints, restoring the physiological and rheological properties of the synovial fluid.

One more result provided by the solution is that it also restores the synthesis of high-molecular hyaluronic acid, similar to normal, by the cells of the synovial membrane of a joint affected by a degenerative chronic or inflammatory process. Without this stimulus, hyaluronic acid molecules synthesized by synoviocytes (cells of the synovial lining of the joint) weigh less than normal. The latter mechanism of action may explain the long-lasting clinical effect of the product. Intra-articular injection of Hyaron skin booster improves joint function, thereby relieving pain caused by knee osteoarthritis and Steinbroker’s syndrome, improving joint mobility, and normalizing the affected synovial membrane.

Does the Product Have Any Contraindications?

  • Pregnancy and lactation period ─ Hyaron Solution is not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation due to potential risks to the developing fetus or nursing infant. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional before considering the use of Hyaron Solution during these periods.
  • Oncology ─ Individuals with a history of cancer or currently undergoing cancer treatment should avoid using Hyaron Solution. The use of dermal fillers, including Hyaron Solution, may not be suitable for individuals with a history of cancer due to potential risks and interactions with cancer treatments. Consultation with a healthcare professional is advised in such cases.
  • Increased sensitivity ─ Individuals with a known history of heightened sensitivity or allergies to hyaluronic acid or other components of the Hyaron Solution should avoid using the product. Allergic reactions may occur, ranging from mild to severe, and can cause discomfort, redness, swelling, or other adverse effects. A patch test or consultation with a healthcare professional may be necessary for individuals with increased sensitivity.
  • Allergy to the components of the drug ─ Hyaron Solution contains specific ingredients, and individuals with known allergies to any of these components should avoid using the product. Allergic reactions can occur, and it is important to thoroughly review the ingredients list and consult with a healthcare professional if there are concerns about potential allergens.
  • Aggravation of any chronic ailments ─ Individuals with chronic health conditions, such as autoimmune disorders, diabetes, or other ongoing medical conditions, should exercise caution when considering the use of the Hyaron Solution. The product may not be suitable for individuals with aggravated chronic ailments, and consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended to assess potential risks and benefits.
  • Inflammation of the skin ─ Hyaron Solution should not be used on inflamed or infected skin. Individuals with active skin conditions, such as dermatitis, eczema, or other skin inflammations, should avoid using the product until the skin has healed. The use of Hyaron Solution on inflamed skin can exacerbate the condition and result in adverse effects. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional for guidance in such situations.

Are There Any Side Effects After the Hyaron Treatment?


A negative reaction to the introduction of Hyaron is not related to the solution itself but to the process of its use. Reviews of many patients indicate that eye blepharoplasty using ultrasound waves is as simple as possible and easily tolerated. Yes, after a course of therapy, no side effects are observed, except for slight redness. Special skin care is also not required. Mesotherapy in the eye area with the help of the solution is often more traumatic. The most common side effects are mild swelling, redness from injections, and bruising. Side effects will disappear over time, but if you wish, you can speed up their disappearance with special ointments from the pharmacy or cool homemade compresses.

  • Pain, redness, swelling, burning, and swelling at the Hyaron prefilled injection site.
  • In isolated cases, allergic reactions may occur. In such cases, the use of the product should be stopped immediately.
  • Occasionally, anaphylactic shock has been reported. If it occurs, it is necessary to stop using the drug, carefully examine the patient and provide appropriate treatment.

How the Procedure Should Be Undertaken to Achieve the Best Effect?

  • Since Hyaron is injected into the inter-articular space, the operation should be performed exclusively under sterile conditions. Plus, the procedure must be undertaken only by a qualified and certified specialist;
  • If there are no signs of improvement within the first 5 weeks of use, treatment should be discontinued;
  • If there is even a slight decrease in the content of the synovial fluid, a puncture of the joint should be performed;
  • Take care to avoid introducing Hyaron into blood vessels;
  • Avoid getting the product in the eyes;
  • Considering the viscoelasticity of the solution, it is recommended to use 22-23 G needles;
  • If the solution is frozen, allow it to warm to room temperature before use. All conditions under which it should be applied are mentioned in the instructions;
  • Use the product only once and immediately after opening. Unused solution residues should be disposed of.

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