How to Decorate a Room with a Chesterfield Sofa

A Chesterfield sofa has been around for quite some time now, and their elegant historical style made the sofa design sensational all around the globe. The sofa deserves its popularity because this timeless classic can adapt and embellish any living room. The designs of a chesterfield sofa have been continuously altered to fit into modernization. Whether upholstered from rich leather to a patterned cloth, these changes never really affected the sales because a Chesterfield sofa can adapt to any living room, unlike ordinary sofas.

The original Chesterfield Sofa Company initially looks like a large couch with the arms rolled at the side with the same height as that of its back. A classic Chesterfield sofa is known for the upholstered dark leather with a profound tufting and a nailhead trim. In our modern age, the creators tend to lighten up a Chesterfield sofa’s look by making the sofa with velvet cloths. Slimmer back, thinner arms, and taller legs. These changes in the sofa’s design are one of the reasons why 8 out of 10 modern homes and establishments in any location own a Chesterfield sofa.

Chesterfield sofas have one thing in common with wines, and that similarity is that it gets better when it ages. The longer you own a Chesterfield sofa, the more refined and sophisticated it will look. Being called unique furniture that presents a dignified and elegant look is undoubtedly why this sofa belongs to the top. If you want to know how to decorate a room with this kind of sofa, look no more. Here are 5 ways to decorate any living room with a Chesterfield sofa.

Accessories and add color

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Adding color to your living room that will match your Chesterfield sofa will surely enhance the look of your sofa and, at the same time, your living room. You can also choose correct color combinations and pick those colors for your other furniture in your living room can allow the sofa to be the main attraction of your living room. Now for the accessories, the most common accessory that people put on their Chesterfield sofa is a cushion.

Even though the sofa would still shine without this accessory, a cushion can still add that little effect that would improve the look of your Chesterfield sofa. But choosing the right cushion that would go along with your sofa is hard. You have to think it through and be your judge. You must not pair a bold violet velvet Chesterfield sofa with an orange cushion, right? You have to know and study color combinations.

For example, if you have a dark leathered Chesterfield sofa, brown or white-colored cushions are highly recommended to beautify your Chesterfield sofa. The common Chesterfield sofa that most people have in their living room is the tan leather colored sofa. Look for colors that would go well with that tan-colored sofa that you have.

Adding accessories can enhance the look of your sofa, but you have to limit the cushions for it might block the real beauty of your sofa. Having only one cushion and placing it in the middle of the sofa is highly recommended by Chesterfield sofa owners, but if you are an artist, then designing this would surely be an easy thing for you. You can add as many as you want and try experimenting until you get that elegant bed look on your sofa.

Get two Chesterfield sofas

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If you plan to accommodate your visitors and guests in a stylish environment, you might consider getting two Chesterfield sofas. What better way to greet and make your visitors feel at home than letting them sit on a comfortable sofa. You can either place the two sofas side by side or let them face each other. Experiment, try to mix and match colors and textures, then judge the overall look after.

If you have a fireplace with you, placing the two sofas near the fireplace would be perfect. Not only does it look like your typical classic movies, but it also brings out that stylish appearance that the Chesterfields have. You can also incorporate a table and place it in the middle, add a vase or a candle as a finishing touch then you will have a fantastic conversational area for you and your visitors or guests.

Integrate wooden furniture or classy lamps

Upgrade your sofa by adding a classy lamp or solid wooden furniture beside it. When you have that dark leather Chesterfield sofa, adding a wooden bookshelf would give that Sherlock vibes to your living room. Experiment with different furniture based on your sofa’s color and try to add a variety of lamps, and decide on which of them would fit. Visualize different lighting colors on the area. After that, consider what type of lamp would be suitable such as tall lamps, tabletop lamps, and more.

Make it the main star of your living room

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Use the versatility that a sofa has and make it the center of attraction in your living room. Its dominating and elegant appearance works well with any kind of living room. Whether the room has a small or huge space, the Chesterfield will indeed look like it belongs there. To make your sofa the main star of your living room, you have to position it somewhere in the middle or place it on where your visitors will land their eyes first.

When your visitors or guests come inside your home, the first thing that they must-see is the Chesterfield sofa. That way, it would make the sofa the main star of your living room. Also, if you want the sofa to be the center of attraction, you have to choose bold colors such as lime green, matte black, tangerine orange, or canary yellow. Try to visualize the possible outcomes before deciding on the color that you will pick and make sure that it will also match the walls in your living room or on to the place where you will place your sofa.

Rugs in the front of your Chesterfield sofa

Chesterfield sofas also work great with rugs, but that depends on your type of flooring. If you have a tiled floor with a dark theme, you might want to choose a Victorian look rug. You can refer to designers on how they place their rugs that match their Chesterfield sofa, or you can try and experiment with it yourself. The most common rug that is matched with any Chesterfield sofa is those large patterned types of rugs. It is also common to place the two front legs of the sofa on a rug that would improve the comfort that the sofa provides.

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