5 Reasons Why Humor is a Skill that Everyone Can Learn – 2024 Guide

The fact that experts consider humor as one of the five most important qualities that people look for in a potential partner is not surprising. Just as we want to have witty partners, we also want associates with whom we can work relaxed and with whom we can laugh. There are some people we just have to call when we are having a hard time because we know they will make us laugh in an instant. Each of us has at least one such friend, who, regardless of the circumstances, can bring a smile to our face. In addition, if you’re a bit cynical and have a dark sense of humor, you’re probably also intelligent. A sense of humor says more about us than we think and affects an individual’s overall health.

What is humor?

Humor is an almost inevitable part of everyday life. Although it seems simple at first, there is actually no single definition of humor. We can interpret it as a thinking ability to understand jokes, as a habit of frequent laughing and entertaining others, as a positive attitude towards humor and humorous people, as a view of the world, as a defense mechanism in dealing with problems and stress, etc. A sense of humor begins to develop in the second year of life through the development of creativity, and individuals differ significantly according to the types of jokes they prefer, the style of humor, the frequency of laughing, and the ability to understand jokes.


When we look from the side, it seems to us that people with a sense of humor never have a bad day. This is, of course, incorrect. The secret is that they deal with it in a different way, covering up their grief. Why is humor a skill that everyone should learn? Well, there are several reasons, and these are just some.

Society will adore you

Nobody likes to be in the company of a grumpy, negative person. On the other hand, a person who is always in the mood for a joke brings a positive atmosphere with him wherever he appears. Every society needs one such person, so why not you? If your friends have already heard almost all of your halls, it’s time to expand your repertoire on

Ability to cope with stress

Your hectic life, deadlines, relationship problems only add to your daily stress. But it’s a little easier to deal with all that stress when you don’t take things too seriously. And that often comes from your ability to laugh at facing adversity. Scientists have found that humor can alleviate the effects of stress and even anxiety. Interestingly, in some cases, this effect was more common among men. But to a large extent, the effect of humor on stress remains the same for both sexes. So, the next time you wake up worried try to keep your “fun side”.


Humor encourages creativity

Humor has been said to be a key factor in a successful business. When leaders use humor and take a stance of resentment, employees see their authenticity and begin to trust them. Humor in the workplace relieves us of stress that can block our path to the next big idea.

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We practice self-acceptance with humor

We all have flaws, but a person who accepts them in a healthy way and jokes at his own expense is a special category of people. A man who consciously accepts himself with all his virtues and flaws will be accepted in society as well.


Often those who have not always had an easy life develop a certain sense of humor as a shock absorber that helps them cope more easily with awkward situations. We defend ourselves with such humor in situations such as illness or death, and it is believed that those who understand it are more intelligent than those who would never joke with such things.


Types of humor

Everyone can be found in a category. Research has identified four styles of humor that differ in the way individuals deal with stress and how they approach relationships with other people. There are two known, ie adaptive styles of humor (self-help and affiliate) that are used in good faith, accepting yourself and others, and two negative styles of humor (aggressive and self-defeating) that can be harmful to both the individual and others.

Each of these species has the same goal – to make the interlocutor laugh, although the aggressive one is aimed at sarcasm and ridicule of others. With this kind of humor, we have to be careful not to hurt the feelings of others. Humor can be considered a double-edged sword because what is funny to one person is not necessarily funny to another. Some humor can be viewed as an attack or deviation. Humor can also be used as a way to distract from criticism, belittling, or devaluing critics.

Psychological research of humor


We all know what it’s like to experience humor. Someone tells a joke, an anecdote, a witty comment and suddenly it becomes funny to us. Depending on how much fun we have perceived that stimulus, it can cause us to smile or burst into convulsive laughter. Our response is accompanied by pleasant feelings of emotional well-being and kindness.

Most have had such an experience many times during a typical day. Whereas is humor so familiar and that it is such an enjoyable and playful activity, many people might think they already understand it and don’t need an explanation for researching humor in psychology.

Final thoughts

Unfortunately, you can’t just develop a sense of humor overnight, but luckily, there’s a good chance you already have it. Maybe you just don’t know how to allow yourself to laugh. Actively look for jokes every day. This may sound like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. There is so much humor all around you only if you are willing to look for it. Stay healthy. Humor is good for both physical and emotional health. If you develop a better understanding of humor, you will be better able to cope with physical and emotional pain, and you will be able to alleviate your own stress better. Laughter encourages better organ function. Enjoy life, love, laugh, be happy. You will get wrinkles over time, and it is up to you to decide whether it will be from anger or laughter.

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