How to Experience an Actual Glow-Up In 2024

The trend of glow-up has been here forever which is why people are ready to spend their money on nails, skincare, hair extensions, clothes – everything. However, trying to keep up with the beauty standards can be quite exhausting as you might not feel fulfilled, and you might wonder why no one is noticing the glow-up.

So, you might be believing that you are doing self-care but in reality, you might be only trying to fit into the beauty standards. You will want to focus on living a healthy lifestyle and working on yourself mentally for a long period to experience the actual glow-up.

Physical Self-Care


You will want to start working on yourself physically, because when you will look good, you will certainly feel good, and when you will feel good in your body and skin, everyone around you will soon start to observe the glow-up.

If this sounds good to you, your best option is to enroll in online pilates classes, as pilates will help with body posture and heighten your body awareness. It is a proven fact that when you are confident in your appearance, you will feel a boost in your levels of motivation, happiness, and productivity.

You might want to start with romanticizing your physical glow-up into self-care, you will feel way more fulfilled. If you struggle with self-love and being kind to yourself, then by incorporating physical self-care, you will tell yourself that you love yourself without actually saying it.

Focus on Skincare and Haircare


To glow up, you will want to invest in your haircare and skincare. Make sure to do enough research and get quality products while looking at the ingredients and checking their benefits. It is important to mention here that a healthy lifestyle will do so much more for your skin and hair health than potential products.

You will want to ensure that you only buy products for the skin issues that you might be dealing with right now. For instance, if you have blackheads but you are using products for acne, then the products are not going to clear your blackheads.

You will also want to focus on your crown, which is your hair because healthy hair equals a happy you. Don’t gather products because you only need one hair oil and hair mask to keep your hair healthy.

Physical Activity


For an actual glow-up, you will want to avoid living a sedentary lifestyle and instead focus on living an active lifestyle, in which case, you will want to focus on getting daily physical activity. When it comes to daily physical activity, you don’t have to weight-lift and do squats every day – but there are several other things that you can incorporate into your everyday life, such as walking and cycling.

By living an active lifestyle, you will not only feel good for the remaining day, but it also helps with laziness, and you will feel great about your body.

Remember – when it comes to physical activity, the hardest step is only the first step.

Set Dedicated Routines

You will want to establish a solid morning and night routine. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to wake up before everyone else and do some pilates. You will want to wake up after you have gotten at least seven hours of sleep. However, you will want to mentally and physically prepare yourself every morning and evening for a great day every day.

Your morning routine could be as simple as a shower and a glass of lemon water, whereas your evening routine can be some green tea and skincare. By having a dedicated morning and evening routine, you will have a primer for life, just like the makeup primer.

Your morning routine will help you get going and help you get fueled and set the mindset for the day. On the other hand, the night routine will help you unwind and help you calm down. You don’t necessarily have to follow your routine down to the “t” every day – but you will want to ensure that you have a routine.


Eat and Drink Right

To glow up and feel amazing inside out, you will want to focus on your water intake. Make sure to drink at least two liters of water every day. Instead of opting for substitute foods, you will want to opt for better foods, such as the keto diet, as it fuels your mind and body.

Also, let go of unhealthy snacking. For instance, instead of grabbing a bag of chips, you might want to opt for a healthier substitute, such as crackers and hummus. Instead of candies, you might want to go for strawberries – cover the strawberries in a thin layer of chocolate if you want, but let go of the unhealthy snacks and replace them with better and more organic options.

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