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Job Search Assistance – How To Easily Find Work in the UK 2024

The UK is one of the most highly sought out countries for job opportunities. The job market in the UK is very stable as the unemployment rate is only 4%. The UK also has the third-largest economy in Europe with more than 3.5 million non-UK nationals working in the UK. In 2018, there were 74,000 more non-UK nationals seeking jobs, and 2018 was the year with the largest annual fall since records begin in 1997. 2018 saw more than 87,000 non-UK nationals find jobs.

London is the main economic growth of the UK, while the southern and eastern parts of the country have a lower unemployment rate than the northern parts of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

London also has 10 jobs for every job in the next best place, but competition is much higher for those jobs. If you’re a person who is after a job in the UK, we’ve written a highly informative article about how to easily find work.

Before we begin, the easiest way to find a job in the UK is to speak good English and to get a work permit or Visa.

What Are the Easiest Jobs to Find in the UK?

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The UK is mostly in need of specialists in the field of medicine, science, engineering, and IT. Other jobs that are quite easy to find include teachers, environmentalists, chefs, orchestral musicians, and dance choreographers. If you’re after any of the jobs we’ve mentioned or sought jobs in the above-mentioned fields, then chances are you’ll find work pretty easy.

How to Easily Find Work in the UK?

Below we will tell you about the easiest ways you can find jobs, or have someone else find a job for you.

1. Job Websites

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Job websites that offer freelance or even permanent jobs are very popular in the UK. On these websites, you can create an account, upload your CV’s and previous job experiences and start searching for work that you’re experienced with. One such website is Hela Job where you also have the option of offering work to the users on the platform.

2. Recruitment Agencies

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Most recruitment agencies specialize in a particular sector. Most recruitment agencies specialize in IT, retail, childcare, secretarial, and construction. Some agencies employ the role of a “head hunter”, which means that large companies employ them to recruit executives and professionals in their respective fields on behalf of the company. You can find these agencies if you do a simple Google search or look at the UK online phone book.

3. Newspaper and Ad Prints

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Considered as a more traditional way of job seeking, newspapers and printed ads can be a good source to find a job. Most jobs that you can encounter in newspapers or ad prints include professional work in the fields of arts, culture, media, marketing, government, politics, housing, social care, education, etc. So if you’re a person that looks for work in one of these fields, maybe a newspaper ad is the best place for you to look at. Newspapers and various other print editions offer jobs daily and focus on a different sector each day.

So if you don’t find anything related to your field one day, make sure to check the next day as chances are your field will appear.

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