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How to Burn Quicktime MOV File to DVD – The Ultimate Guide 2024

MOV is a very common digital storage format mainly used in camcorders. It’s an ideal choice to watch Quicktime MOV videos on DVD players because you can fast-forward and rewind videos very easily. They are extremely fast when compared to VCR’s and their video quality is also very great and high definition.

But there is a slight problem. Quicktime MOV files are not commonly supported the format. Which makes it harder to run on old machines. That’s the reason you need to convert your MOV files to DVD to enjoy your video smoothly.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to convert your file in just three steps with a unit converter. No technical or encodes knowledge required to Burn Quicktime MOV File to DVD. For more information visit

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Why you should choose a unit converter

  • It’s super simple and doesn’t require any technicality.
  • Offer customization options for editing while converting.
  • Option to preview your edits without converting.
  • Different templates are available for DVD.
  • Free video access of more than 10,000 sites.
  • Supported for almost all devices
  • Superfast speed of converting files.
  • Uniconvertor is not limited to avi to mpeg

But gives you access to convert a dozen different types of platforms.

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1. Open unit converter and add your MOV files

After you download and install the unit converter program on your machine. Then run it on your mac device.

Look for the burn section, Then click on the add files button to load your MOV videos on your software.

You can also just drag and drop the MOV files to the Burn interface very easily. You can choose multiple files as a unit converter supports batch conversion. It’s a great tool if you are looking for saving your time and effort. You can also edit your videos before you convert them to DVD format. The software has features like clipping, merging, or even adding subtitles to your videos.

It supports default setting which means you need to just set up editing setting for one file and it will apply it on all future files. Doesn’t it sounds time-saving and amazing!

2. Choose the DVD template and change settings for DVD

After you have added all the MOV files you want to convert, then you need to select the DVD template which your desired.

You can check the available option by switching right and left with the help of the arrow. You’ll find the Edit option in the top-right corner of the software. Here now you can add background music or images if you want.

Once you are done with the entire above step Than now you need to add details about the DVD label and click on the drag and drop menu to choose the menu type and aspect ratio. In there you can also edit the TV Standard and quality of the video you are converting in DVD format.

Burn MOV to DVD Mac

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The final step is to select the destination of the DVD where you would like it to burn. Then lastly choose the burn button to let the unit convertor do all the hard work.

You’ll see a bar indicating the progress of the conversion once completed you’ll find your files in the converted tab or installation location.

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