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How new business has evolved in the last 10 years

The process of business growth has continued to evolve over the last decade when it comes to the strategic use of marketing. There are now many new business agencies, such as Alchemis, that are helping businesses with their growth. This has mostly come through the changes as digital has been incorporated into the running of virtually all companies. Here we cover the main aspects of how the process of new business has evolved over recent times.

Online Presence

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Online presence has now become key and is a necessity in order for success in the modern digital age. Having that online presence is also great for not only building brand awareness and the product or service on offer but also to engage with customers and build that trust between both parties.

Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is also now a huge aspect of building trust with customers and getting them to choose your product or service over others. This is down to the now complex digital nature of businesses and how they can succeed in this marketing world.


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Digital marketing, as expected, is now a huge part of any marketing plan, and the need for it is growing. This comes as businesses move online in order to tackle the competition. Many are still worried and finding it hard to move over to digital, rather than the traditional methods but must do this or risk being lift behind. A decade ago, digital marketing was just an afterthought, but now it is a primary focus for most businesses. This has been one of the biggest changes in the last decade.

Marketing costs

There have been major advancements in technology in recent times, which has led to more focus on marketing and as such larger budgets. This includes the likes of the previously mentioned digital aspect and the different processes that go into each of these, such as content creation and paid advertisement.

Social Media

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The growth of social media has been vast over the last 10 years, and this is something that has been incorporated into all aspects of life. It is now simply a game-changer for businesses, as it helps with not only brand awareness but with generating revenue. These platforms are now being used as a way of engaging online with customers and is a great way for businesses to get to know what their customers are looking for and their feedback.

Building Credibility

This is more important than it has ever been and can even now break a business. For businesses, it is about building authenticity and long-term relationships with clients and customers. If you are not doing this, with the online digital age we live in, you can get quickly big up a bad reputation that will simply tarnish a business.

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