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17 Home Makeover Ideas on a Budget

Home renovation and makeover is a long process of quick and smart decisions. What to buy new? What to fix? What to recycle? Can something wait for better timing? When you need to organize the remodeling on a budget you need to give up on so many things you think you want and need. Before you start the project, you must make a plan that is real and reachable. Calculate the expenses and see what is a priority and what can wait for the next makeover. 

The good thing is that with repainting and repurposing some things, you can give a whole new and refreshing look to your home. If you don’t have an idea how to do that, look for some tips on social media and also get more info from this website, so you can see great examples of how can you freshen up your rooms and still not harm your wallet very much. 

This article will collect some of the best ideas you can find, that will help you decide how will you perform your home makeover on a budget:

1. Repair the kitchen chairs

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You need sandpaper, brush, paint and a little glue for wood to repair the kitchen chairs. You can choose every color you want, or you can order colorful covers that will give a whole new look to your kitchen or dining room. 

2. Use some paint for the walls

You can choose a different color or you can use your artistic talent to draw something or create some pattern, that will add a texture to the whole room. 

3. Repaint the coffee table

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If your old coffee table doesn’t match the new decor, you can always repaint it, instead of buying a new one, that may cost you like a new dining table. 

4. New paints and pictures

Nothing freshens up the space like beautiful paintings and pictures on the walls. You can wake up the painter in you or find old paintings in the basement. The cheapest option is to print a few beautiful pictures and frame them. You can always replace them for free if you get bored. 

5. Replace the faucets

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If your old faucets cause a lot of problems with water leaks, you need to replace them immediately. It’s not the cheapest investment, but you will save money on the water bills as soon as you fix the problem. 

6. Paint the doors

You can’t even imagine how different your home will look by only repainting the old doors. Choose some vibrant color that matches great with the rest of your home. 

7. Put a lot of mirrors

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This doesn’t mean that you need to have mirrors everywhere, but one in the living room, another one in the hallway, and a big one in the bedroom will make a big difference compared to the previous look. 

8. Paint the ceilings

White ceilings are boring and you shouldn’t be afraid to use some paint and breathe in a whole new life in your home. 

9. Install an interesting shower curtain

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Many remodeling experts will confirm that the easiest bathroom makeover is putting an interesting shower curtain. You can find a lot of unique designs, or you can order a customized one. 

10. Photo table on the wall

Instead of buying photo frames, you can choose a board table that you can fill with your memories. It’s different, modern, and stylish and everyone who sees it will want to copy your idea. 

11. Create a gallery wall

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Put some of the best pictures and paintings you have on the biggest wall at your home. Now you have a private improvised gallery at your house. 

12. Rearrange the rooms

This is the cheapest makeover idea you will ever find. Instead of buying new things and recycling the old ones, you can just rearrange the furniture and get a whole new look for your rooms. Start with simple steps, until you get the results you want. 

13. Organize the bookshelves

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You can organize your books by any criteria you can imagine and you can do it every time you get bored with your bookshelf’s look. Once you can arrange them by genre, next time in alphabetic order, or try to organize them by colors. Every time you rearrange your books, you will get a whole new look.

14. Choose an accent wall

This is one of the easiest ways to remodel your room. You only need to decide which wall will be the focus of your new looking home. Pay attention to the colors and details you put there. Paint only that wall and add some decorations. Choose a bright color, but be careful to match it with the rest of the room.

15. Palette furniture

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Palette Furniture is comfortable and cheap. It’s very practical and good looking and you can even make it by yourself, using old palettes. You will only need good cushions and pillows to add a stylish dash to your balcony or backyard.

16. Do something with the front door

The entrance is a place where everyone who visits you passes by. Add a beautiful nameplate, repaint it, and make it look more stylish than before. Pay attention to the proper lighting too.

17. Make a change with the window curtains

Replace the old curtains or if you know how to do that, take the scissors and make a new form to the current ones. Also, you can change the color or add some bows and applications that will make them look fresh and new. 

When you decide to do a home makeover, you may think that you need a lot of money to get the look you want. But, this article will help you learn that you need to be creative and practical, so you can save more money for other things. Sometimes we only need to pay attention to the important details at our houses and bring a whole new life between the walls. We hope this list helped you to gain more ideas on how to renovate on a budget. 

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