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Great Ways to Relax with Bharat Bhise in 2024

No matter what field you work in, what your home life looks like or where you live, it is of great importance for us all that we understand how to relax and deal with the stresses of life. Many think that they need to find ways to avoid stress and whilst this is true to some extent, we must realize that stress is a part of life, and it always will be. The human body is designed to deal with stress and it releases cortisone in order to help us do that. Whilst this is good, far too many of us have lives that feature too much stress and we treat our bodies in a way that makes it far more difficult for us to simply deal with it. 

The ultimate solution to helping us cope with stress is to learn how to relax, in doing this we can maintain those mechanisms which the body and mind have to deal with stress and we will be far less affected by stressful situations when they come our way. Bharat Bhise is a great friend of mine and someone who has helped me greatly in terms of getting in touch with my own methods to relax, and these are some of the best ways that he has shown me to unwind. 


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The first step is to actually dedicate time to relax, don’t let it become something that happens by chance. For example, you could have a day off from work that you have been looking forward to, a perfect chance for you to relax and unwind. If however, you spend that day lazing on the sofa which things on television and checking your social media all day, you aren’t actually relaxing. There is a big difference between relaxing and doing nothing, and what we are aiming for here is the former. Dedicate a set amount of time to truly relax in order to get the benefit of it. 


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Meditating for just 15 minutes a day can completely change your stress levels and your ability to cope with stress when it comes along. If you have never meditated before then don’t be put off, it is very simple to do and the benefits are great. Simply find a quiet corner, sit down in a comfortable and upright position and spend 15 minutes taking deep breaths in and out. After a week or so of doing this, you will start to learn how to control the thoughts that are passing through your mind, and eventually, you’ll reach a point where you’ll disappear from the moment that you close your eyes. Meditation helps with physical and mental health becasue it promotes relaxation. 


Exercise is a great way for you to relax, especially if you focus on things like yoga, pilates, and slow impact workouts. Going for a run maybe something that relaxes you too and gives you the chance to clear your mind. The type of exercise that you do will be individual to you but the key is finding that exercise that works and making time for it. When we exercise we release endorphins throughout the body which help us to feel good, these chemicals help to balance the body and will leave you feeling much more relaxed and comfortable about what is going on in your life, which will also increase your ability to deal with stress. 

Flotation Experience

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When Bharat first booked my up for a sensory deprivation experience I really had no idea what to expect, but trusting him fully I went and gave it a try, the experience was spectacular. These are small pods that are filled up with water that has Epsom salts in them to prevent you from sinking, the chambers are completely air sealed so that you don’t hear or smell anything, and there is a light but only if you want it. This is like nowhere else on the planet and you will feel completely weightless as you lay there for an hour or more, with nothing to do, nothing to distract you and nothing to see. 

Moderate Drink 

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As long as you are disciplined there is nothing wrong with having the occasional glass of wine or beer once the working week is done. Alcohol is a muscle relaxant and it can give you al light buzz which can help you to really unwind. You cannot rely on alcohol for this purpose but every now and again there really isn’t anything the matter with enjoying a drink or two to help you to unwind, especially at the end of a stressful week. 

How do you relax at the moment? Could you be doing it better? Try out these tips and they will work for you.

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