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Gordon Ramsay Net Worth 2024- How Rich is This Famous Chef

Is there a person on this planet that doesn’t know about Gordon Ramsay? Gordon Ramsay is arguably one of the most renowned chefs not only in the UK but worldwide. He’s known for his exceptional cooking skills and holds several Michelin stars for his restaurants. Being popular due to his cooking shows, Gordon is also one of the most recognizable TV personalities in the world.

Known for his frequent swearing, screaming, and razor-sharp criticisms, Gordon has made himself a well-established TV personality. The fact that Gordon built a huge TV empire is backed up by his first TV shows, such as the US version of Hell’s Kitchen, which is still watched by millions of people around the globe. All of this success contributed to Gordon’s net worth that we’re going to discuss later in the article.

  • Gordon Ramsay’s Cooking Career

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During his teenage years, Gordon Ramsay was a footballer but due to his debilitating knee injury, he had to end his dream prematurely. Little did he know that this decision would bring him millions, as he started to gain interest in cooking, and decided to focus on that. Very quickly, in the mid-80s, Ramsay became a chef in the UK. For almost two decades, in the 80s and 90s, Gordon worked as a chef but also perfected his culinary skills in Paris, by learning all about the French cuisine. His education and hard work paid off when he returned to the UK, as he was offered his first head chef position at a premium restaurant. After his huge experience in different restaurants across the UK, Gordon decided to open his restaurant and give his already rich career a boost.

  • Restaurants

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Gordon’s first restaurant called Restaurant Gordon Ramsay was opened in 1998 in Chelsea. Thanks to his enormous cooking and managing skills, this restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star. Every restaurant can get up to three Michelin stars and this restaurant got its third one just three years after opening, meaning that every Michelin star was won each year consecutively. For those who are interested in this restaurant, it’s good to know that it’s still open and operates at the same location in Chelsea.

Before he got his second Michelin star, Gordon opened another restaurant called Petrus in London, in 1999. This restaurant is still opened but at another location. In 2001, Gordon opened another restaurant called Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s, operated by the Claridge’s hotel in London. This restaurant represents a crucial point in Gordon’s career, as it was his first hotel-operated restaurant. Luckily enough, this move proved to be very lucrative, bringing Ramsay a significant raise to his net worth.

After this restaurant, his career exploded and by the mid-2000s, Ramsay was operating numerous restaurants worldwide. By that time, he has restaurants in Tokyo, as well as in the USA, which is his very popular restaurant called Gordon Ramsay at The London, opened in New York City. Although most of his restaurants reside in London, he saw massive success in the restaurant outside of the UK. At this point, his restaurants around the world operate alone or as a part of hotels, of which he saw the most success in Las Vegas and London.

  • Gordon Ramsay’s Television Career

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Gordon Ramsay’s TV career had a huge impact on his career as a restaurateur. Without people knowing who he was, Gordon wouldn’t have a huge career like this. Being on television for 15+ years, Gordon Ramsay brought his restaurants at the highest possible level. The first breakthrough happened in 2004 in the UK, when Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen premiered. The shows were broadcasted from 2007 to 2009 respectively and due to the overwhelmingly positive receptions, he decided to bring this show to America. Premiered in 2005, Hell’s Kitchen had over 7 million views per episode in America, making it a huge financial success for Gordon. By the end of season 4 in 2008, the show averaged a whopping 10 million views per episode, further strengthening its name on the popular American TV programs.

At this moment, it’s said that seasons 19 and 20 are yet to come, so we can only hope and pray that happens. In 2007, Gordon’s new show called Kitchen Nightmares was premiered in the USA. This show saw Gordon Ramsay in search of finding struggling American restaurant owners to help them save their businesses. The characteristics he displayed there made him very popular as we know him today – temperamental, impatient, and sharp.

  • Gordon Ramsay’s Net Worth

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Finally, we get to Gordon Ramsay’s net worth. The popular chef, celebrity, and entrepreneur’s net worth is estimated at $190 million. If we take this as the truth or approximately to the truth, it is because of Gordon’s businesses in various spheres. As a chef, celebrity, and TV person, he earns a lot, which ranks him among the highest-paid celebrities in the world, at this moment. His approximated annual salary is at $62 million, at least in 2018. For that year, Gordon Ramsay was ranked 33rd on the list of highest-paid celebrities, just a tad behind Jay-Z and Lebron James.

Gordon gigantic net worth is fueled by his business ventures under his company Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited. Originally, this company was run by Chris Hutcheson, Gordon’s father-in-law, and Gordon himself. Hutcheson was eliminated from the company in 2010, doe to the public conflict between the two.

  • Verdict

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It’s hard not to like Gordon Ramsay, despite his ‘edgy’ behavior. Despite his swearing and short-temper personality, Gordon is still a charming man, capable of making people laugh, thanks to his witty sense of humor. Like him or not, Gordon is one of the top entrepreneurs in the world and manages three different careers at the same time. Gordon’s job isn’t easy by any means but this struggle made him one of the richest celebrities at this moment.

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