How Do I Get The Shine Back On My Composite Decking?

Due to their inexpensive maintenance and installation costs, composite decking quickly became more popular than traditional hardwood decks after their introduction. On the other hand, many buyers couple low maintenance with no upkeep, which is why they are disappointed when they discover mold and stains and material degradation.

If you find yourself in this situation, you may be wondering, “How do I restore the shine to my composite decking?” Fortunately, this article may be helpful to any homeowner looking for a solution to this problem. Let’s take a closer look at the actions you’ll need to undertake to restore it correctly.

What Causes Composites to Lose Shine?


You must first understand why composites fade before getting into the specifics of how to restore them to their original color. It will not only assist you in finding an appropriate solution, but it will also help you in avoiding future problems. Here are the most common causes of composite decking fading.

Exposure to excessive heat

The prolonged exposure to heat and sun is one of the key reasons why decking, whether wood or composite, fades. The good news is that composites only fade to a lighter hue when exposed to light. On the other hand, wood can become grey if exposed to the sun for an extended period of time.

Using Abrasive Materials


You’ll want to be careful what you use to clean your deck. Cleaning it with chlorine bleach, for example, can harm your patio. Not only will the color fade, but it may also damage the deck’s outside layer. Color fading can also be caused by harsh brushes and power washers (also if applied with too much pressure).

Poor Material

As a general rule, the lower the decking material’s quality, the more sensitive it is to fading. So, if you install a deck with low-quality materials and it fades, the cause could be the boards themselves. Old composite decking materials are likewise more prone to fading than those installed recently with modern technology.

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Lack of Upkeep

Another likely cause of deck fading is a lack of maintenance. Apart from fading, other issues come with not cleaning and maintaining your patio. Rotting and molding are the two most standard examples. If you don’t clean your deck, it will eventually fade.

How Can You Get The Shine Back On Your Composite Decking?


Maintaining your fading composite decking is the first step in restoring it. The goal of recovering faded composite decking is to restore the color that has disappeared over time. Apart from hot temperatures, another common reason for composite decking to lose its surface pigment is improper upkeep. So, if you want the color of your composite decking to stay the same as when you bought it, you must maintain it on a regular basis.

Restore fading decking with a good oil-based stain

Applying a decent oil-based stain to the surface of fading composite decking is one technique to revive it. Most homeowners will use latex paint. Nevertheless, an oil-based stain is still preferable.

The first thing you should do is clean the top of your composite decking to eliminate any dirt. After washing your composite decking, apply the stain to restore its color. Use a roller or a brush to apply the stain once it has been poured into a large bucket.

You can attach the roller to a long stick so that restoring your faded composite decking becomes convenient.

Wash your composite floors regularly

The goal of this cleaning is to get rid of the filth on your floor’s surface. The dirt refers to the leaves, stains, and other detritus that have found their way into the area. Of course, it’s crucial that the entire area is devoid of any furniture or other objects. You will be able to clean thoroughly in this manner. However, you must exercise caution and protect the green plants and weeds growing around the deck. After that, start with a stronger stream of water and wash the entire surface.

Getting Rid of Stains


Basic cleaning will undoubtedly reveal residues of numerous stains that have turned your floor into their permanent home. Because you couldn’t get rid of them with just water, you’ll need to employ a more powerful tool. Use the product that is the most appropriate for your floor. Experiment if you’re not sure how a given agent will react to the surface.

Of course, you won’t do this by taking chances and covering the entire area with the product. Instead, pour a small amount of liquid into a remote region and wait a while to observe what happens. After that, you can proceed with your cleaning without risk.

Use paint for composite decking

Finally, you’ll have to paint the composite floors. It is the final phase in the entire floor remodeling procedure. You may have heard that repainting composite floors is not suggested and that they are sold as such. So, in terms of color, they are reasonably long-lasting. While this is correct, it does not imply that you can paint them away. You can only make them more lovely and vibrant.

You must, however, approach this with extreme caution. It implies that your floors must be thoroughly prepared before beginning this process and then appropriately painted after that. Your composite flooring will be given a completely new look, and the former luster will be restored. Feel free to be artistic and creative if you are tired of the old design.


While restoring a faded composite deck may appear to be a time-consuming and challenging feat, after following the advice mentioned in this article, you will be able to make the process easier and less time-consuming.

Hire a contractor if you are unsure about your skills with restoration products. So, now that you know all the steps you’ll have to undertake, you might not want to waste any more time and start the process today!

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