Can You Get A Replacement Car Key Without The Original

Have you ever lost all your car keys and didn’t know what to do? This situation can be very stressful, but there is a solution. Yes, you can open your car and get a replacement, but not without the original car key. So don’t need to stress. The article will guide you.

Car keys nowadays are much smarter. The advancement in technology has led to their evolution, and they primarily work on sensors and smart tech. However, you need not panic whenever you get caught in a situation where you don’t have the original key. You can call a locksmith and get a new key made as these people are experts in car key copying and will help you.

Go through the blog to know exactly what you must do in such a case and how fast you can get a new key.

How Can You Get A Replacement Key?


The answers to this question have been provided for you. You have a few options that you can go with.

1. Ask Your Local Car Dealer

The dealership from where you purchased the car can help you. They will provide the replacement key. It may be at higher costs, but you can choose this option during an emergency. However, these dealers will also appoint a locksmith to make the new key. Thus you might as well hire one.

If your key has a fob, The fob programming has to be created to replace the original one. Thus, it is advisable to eat it resolved by the dealer or a professional service provider. There are service providers who will send their people as fast as possible and get your work done. You can always rely on them for quality and quick work.

2. Call The Nearest Locksmith

Going to a locksmith will solve all your problems. You won’t need the original key to get a replacement. However, you need to provide a few details to the locksmith so they can make the key accordingly. Also, it might be less expensive to go directly to a locksmith rather than to your car company.

Here are the details and information that you will have to provide for the replacement.

  • The model of the car
  • Car registration details
  • Year of Making

3. Vehicle Registration Number

These details will help the blacksmith make an exact duplicate of the original key without even having the original one. They help the blacksmith in understanding which type of key is needed as well as it is required to prove that you are the owner of the car. Nobody will make a duplicate key for you unless you prove your ownership.

4. Consider The Cost Of The Key Replacement

Now you know that you can get a replacement without an original key. But it is essential that you get it made economically. You would not want to spend more on this.; thus, you need to carefully consider all your options.

For $3 to $7, you can get a new car key for an older vehicle. However, a new key might be more costly if you have the latest car with an electronic key or some other type of specialized car key. Depending on your area, new car keys with transponders, chips, or fobs can cost you about $250.

Different Types Of Keys And How Can They Be Replaced?


Different car models require different types of keys. The year your car was manufactured is frequently a deciding factor in the type of replacement key you need. The keys these days have fobs and a mechanism that needs extra work for recreating. You will know more here.

Old Traditional Keys

You can quickly get a replacement key made by calling a locksmith if you lose your conventional car key! If the key made by the locksmith isn’t working, you may need to purchase a new ignition lock and key from the automobile manufacturer. However, you need not worry, as this happens in very rare cases.

The Built-In Chip Key

These built-in chip keys are known as transponder keys. It enables the engine to start by signaling to the Electronic control unit that the proper key is used. You can contact a locksmith who is experienced with transponder keys if you lose such a key as well. They have extra keys with a similar chip that can be used to start your car.

Fob Keys

When it comes to fobs, there are two types. One is where the key is attached to the fob, while the other is where the fob comes with the key separately. If you have a key that includes an external fob and you lose the fob, you can still start your car with the key. Similarly, you can contact a locksmith if you misplace the key and have the fob.

If you drive a car with an attached key fob, that is, the key is folded inside, you run the risk of getting into trouble in case you misplace your key. You have just two options available in this situation. You can either use a spare key to start the vehicle or drive right to the closest dealership so they can make a new fob for you.

The New Smart Keys

Nearly all newly manufactured cars today have a push-button start function. You are only left with two options if you happen to lose the electronic fob: tow the car to the closest brand dealership, where they will link up a new fob to your car.



After considering all the options and costs associated with each solution, you can see that the best and most economical decision would be to go to a locksmith. When it comes to traditional keys, they will be easily replaced without the original ones.

However, the fob keys will need a bit extra work, and you may have to go to the car manufacturers or dealers for the replacement. This article was a complete guide for you to know what options you have and how different types of keys need different methods to create the duplicate.

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