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Creative Front Yard Fence Ideas For Your Home

Even the most modest home needs a reliable fence. In order to save the family budget and at the same time not lose in quality, many craftsmen choose to build a fence with their own hands. Are used inexpensive materials that can serve the owner for several decades.

Today, in this article, you will find a wide variety of fences from Thanks to practical advice, you will be able to independently install the selected structure model on your site.

Wooden fence – a classic of the genre

Wood is a favorite material for building a fence. It is especially attracted by its environmental friendliness and durability. In addition, the wooden fence does not violate the harmony of the natural landscape, does not create the feeling of a closed space, and will allow to fully enjoy the privacy with nature.

The material is also interesting in that it does not require complex processing or the use of intricate design ideas. Even the simplest models of wooden hedges look aesthetically pleasing, harmonious, and pleasing for the eyes of owners and passers-by.

The simplest wooden picket fence painted in white, green or any other color, looks quite attractive surrounded by greenery. You can evaluate the success of such a combination by looking at the photo that you can find on the Internet. Also, the wooden fence perfectly looks with the decked porch that can be made with the help of the specialists.

A wooden fence made of a picket fence

You can use any raw materials you have stale: logs, boards (even untreated ones), planks. Other materials available in your shed or garage will help to complement the design. Purchase the missing parts from the store.

Do-it-yourself wooden fence

A picket fence is perfect for a small house. It is better to fence off a log building with logs. For the solidity of such a fence, natural stones are taken as an additional element.

According to Active Fencing and Retaining. fences made of boards are also popular. This is one of the more recent options. The boards can be arranged in various ways. Most often there are such: “chess”, “herringbone”, “plait”. You can familiarize yourself with them using the photos provided on the Internet.

If you intend to create a living fence for a summer residence, choose a low model of a wooden fence that will let in a lot of light. The sunshine that seeps through should be enough so that the climbing plants planted along the fence can fully develop, braiding the hedge.

Making a fence with your own hands is a great way to save money

Cheap can be called fences from the “Chain-link” mesh. It does a good job with its duty to protect the site from intruders. If there is a goal to protect yourself from prying eyes, use camouflage types of mesh that perfectly let the sun’s rays through and do not impede the penetration of air. The masking net is not used by itself but is applied over the metal one.

Many summer residents have chosen for themselves another option for creating a cheap fence with their own hands – the use of profile sheeting. The structure can be made of any height. The material goes well with stone, wood, and metal details.

Profiled sheets as a material for a fence have many advantages: they are not heavy, durable, and easy to use. However, there is a significant drawback of this option – the fence turns out to be deaf. This leads not only to a visual decrease in space but also to disruption of air circulation and the creation of deep shadows in the fences. Having stopped your choice on a fence made of the profile sheeting, you have a certain choice of design.

For example, you can install a metal frame and fix a continuous profile sheet on it. The second option is to install separate framed sections. Often, sections of a fence made of profile sheets are placed between brick pillars. Also, can be used carved and forged inserts in such fencing products. The main thing is that all this is successfully combined with the house and other buildings on the site, as well as harmoniously fit into the exterior.

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In recent years, fences for summer cottages from a metal picket fence have gained popularity. It is economical and practical with help fence your site. The material is characterized by high aesthetics and ease of use. Even an inexperienced master can assemble such a fence with his own hands.

Many people tend to create plastic fences. It is a very durable material that does not require complex installation or maintenance. A wide assortment allows you to choose options for any design and in any color scheme. Plastic fences are a good option not only for installation along the perimeter but also for zoning the territory and fencing flower beds.

For those who do not have the ability or desire to build a fence around the perimeter with their own hands, there is an easier way – to purchase blocks ready for installation. If necessary, you can order the installation of the fence. A particularly wide selection of fences from different price categories can be found in online stores.

Even when buying a ready-made fence, you can get by with a fairly modest amount by choosing cheap material. For a little more, you can get exclusive fencing that’s perfect for you and highlight your personality. It is very important to find a company that is ready to provide quality services and guarantee a long service life of the product.

If you want to really save money when building a fence with your own hands, do not limit yourself to using the cheapest materials. The use of free raw materials lying in the garage or shed will significantly save your budget. There will probably be a lot of details that may come in handy. Use your imagination and skill, and you will get an original fence for a small price.

Fence from plastic bottles

One of the most affordable materials for building a fence is plastic bottles. You can use both the containers themselves, fixing them with a solution, and multi-colored lids, stringing them on a wire. Such a picturesque hedge will become the highlight of your home, without requiring any waste. Before connecting with a solution, plastic bottles must be filled with sand to the very neck.

You can also create a practical garden bed fence using plastic bottles. The bottles are connected with thick wire in two places: near the neck and near the bottom. This homemade fence is positioned necks down between the pins installed in the corners. Thus, a high bed in the garden is obtained.

A small fence for a garden bed or flower bed can also be made in another way. Dig a trench around the perimeter and bury the bottles in a row with their necks down. The container must be filled to the top with sand in advance. If you use bottles of different colors or just repaint them, you get a fun fence that improves the mood of owners and passers-by.

A fence made of plastic lids turns out to be very beautiful with neat and thought-out work. However, a lot of time and effort must be spent on its construction. First, several thousand caps must be collected. Secondly, several holes need to be made in each of them. Thirdly, all the covers should be neatly connected between themselves using a wire, adhering to a certain pattern. Everything needs to be done very carefully, and then the fence for giving from plastic covers will turn out to be attractive.

Plastic bottles are affordable material for building a fence with your own hands. It is easy to work with them, they are not afraid of moisture, they are resistant to the development of fungus. Plastic does not ignite, but only melts under the influence of very high temperatures. The disadvantage of the material is its reaction to temperature changes. In hot weather, plastic bottles deform and shrink. In severe frosts, the bottle may crack. Fences made of plastic are not recognized by admirers of the organic method of cultivating the land. Poor quality plastics give off toxic substances, especially when exposed to high temperatures.

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