How to Find Casino Sites with No Wagering Requirements and Lowest Wagering Requirements

Have you recently stumbled across a piece of advertising for a casino that has some amazing offers and bonuses just for signing up? We know we have! Casinos are pulling new players in each and every day with some of the best bonuses around, but most of these bonuses have wagering requirements which can often dampen someone’s day.

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In today’s article, we take a look at how you can find casino sites with little to no wagering requirements, and even some with the lowest wagering requirements around.

What is a Wagering Requirement?

In short, a wagering requirement is simply a multiplier assigned to winnings, that has been backed by the casino. For example, if you had 10 free spins and win £10 because they were given to you by the casino – your winnings may be liable for the wagering requirement. This wagering requirement is often between 5-40x the winnings. If you won £10 and the wagering requirement was 10x, you would need to bet a total of £100 just to be able to withdraw the winnings or the remainder of the £10 winnings.

Do all Casinos have a Wagering Requirement?


Most casinos that offer bonuses, VIP status, or otherwise freebies such as balances, spins, or anything that would cost the casino money are likely to have a wagering requirement. With this being said, casinos are always testing new ways to bring in players, and more recently, casinos are looking to invoke a no-wagering requirement in order to get the most loyal players.

Although it’s not common, there are some casinos that allow you to get bonuses with no strings attached, meaning what you win is what you can withdraw regardless of if you’ve made a deposit or not. These are called Zero-wagering casinos.

What are Zero-Wagering Requirement Casinos?

Zero-wagering casinos are similar to low-wagering casinos where regardless of if you make a deposit if you are offered free spins, extra balance, or another incentive to place a bet or sign-up to the casino – anything you win from this is what you can withdraw without any issues.

Unlike typical wagering requirements, zero wagering requirements may require you to place bets initially, but once received – that is all yours. Not only this, but zero-wagering casinos often have a mix of both types, meaning if you want to be a little risky, there may be an offer that does have a low wagering requirement but a bigger bonus.

How can you tell if an Offer or Bonus has Wagering Requirements?

In most cases, when you get the notification or have a look at an offer or bonus, there will be (in the small print) the wagering requirement. By law, this has to be easily viewable so you should always have a look in the small print for this. You may see it identified as “multiplier”, “requirement”, or “wager”. We hope that you will see more 0x or “No wager required”, however in most cases this will be anywhere between 5x and 40x.

Why do Casinos have Wagering Requirements?


There’s no secret that a casino is a business, and its business is to make money whilst providing entertainment for its patrons, such as yourself. Although a casino may offer these lucrative bonuses and otherwise flattering offers that could draw you to their casino – the wagering requirement is simply their insurance policy.

When you join a casino, you are usually prompted with some tick boxes that state if you wish to receive new offers and bonuses to your inbox. This in itself, to some casinos, is worth every penny they give you as a bonus – even if there were no wagering requirements. However, some casinos will ask you to make a deposit before receiving a bonus that is tied to a requirement. Casinos like to make your balance look slightly bigger than it would be without the bonus, and in turn should hopefully make you play more, and get more entertainment and or money out of your experience.

Wagering requirements are not the best if you don’t win a large amount of money, however even if your wagering requirement is super high, like 40x, this is still possible and could be worth your time regardless. If you win £1000 with a 40x wager requirement, this can be annoying but this is the reason the casino has the requirement to avoid losing a vast amount of money without any gain.

Where to find Casino Sites with No Wagering Requirements?

Finding casinos that have no wagering requirements can often be a tough call, and a hard search as most casinos that advertise their services online (using adverts) often target the bonus keyword but may still have wagering requirements.

Firstly, you should always attempt to make a search on Google. Google is the biggest search engine out there with millions of casinos listed. Simply searching something like “No wagering requirement casino”, or “zero wagering requirement casino” will often bring back sites that showcase all zero-wagering requirement casinos, such as ourselves.

Another way you can find casino sites with no wagering requirements is simply by searching “casino offers”. You’ll be surprised to find how many casinos actually offer amazing bonuses but also have subjects around no wagering requirements. This is almost a hidden gem when searching for these kinds of casinos.

The last way we would recommend is simply looking at the casinos you’ve already played on. In most cases, casinos value loyalty, and major casinos including your high-street casinos will value this by offering you small, but zero-wagering requirement bonuses just for playing with them. You can always contact the casino directly too, and ask for any bonuses for being a loyal player and we’re sure they’ll be happy to help with this!


What are the Casinos with the Lowest Wagering Requirement?

There are several casinos that have some zero, or super-low wagering requirements on their bonuses. Some of which include;

  • MrQ
  • BetBull
  • Ladbrokes
  • Stake
  • 888Casino (Partially)


All in all, we hope that this guide has helped you to understand what low, and zero-wagering requirements mean for you as well as some ways that you can find more information about said casinos with the zero-wagering requirements.

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