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Farmhouse Type Interior Decor Brings Back Childhood Memories of Warm House – 2024 Review

There is nothing as warm and homely as a farmhouse. My happiest days were when I visited my grandparents living in the village. The entire set up between crop fields was always eye-catching. The wooden floor and the fragrance of wet mud with rustic alley and décor always made us feel at home. Even now when it rains in the city there’s is the fragrance of wet mud, which reminds me of the mud pool where we played as kids for hours before lunch.

In the city, it is impossible to play in the mud on a small terrace. People hardly can afford a huge house so they purchase furniture that can adjust in any space. When you have small space to handle, but want a warm homey feeling, then why not make slight changes to the interior. Even though it is a one-room apartment, still with slight changes in the interior, one can get a farmhouse style décor.

The farmhouse décor attracts almost everyone as it gives an urban look. It is easy to get a perfect house with the latest furniture, décor, wall paints, appliances, but it lacks warmth and coziness of a family. If you’re staying alone, then you want a warm house to come back every evening to relax. The benefit of farmhouse style décor is that the furniture doesn’t need to look new. If there is a scratch on the sofa, then it just enhances the look. This means that old and worn-out furniture enhances the look. provides large canvas size wall signs for homes. They have a unique wall décor for every room, which makes your house feel special. Whether it is a farmhouse, vintage, or industrial style, they have various options of large wall hangings that are lightweight and easy to hang.

There may be many things that remind you of countryside life. However, before planning to redecorate your house, always think carefully about the most important thing that gives you a warm feeling. Once you know its importance, it will help in changing the décor.

Here are a few things that can help in changing every room –

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Bedroom

Living room

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  • The open concept living room is more about shedding natural light into the room. Even if there aren’t any rustic furniture, the glass-paned walls give a traditional look.
  • Farmhouse style is quite flexible as it can adapt to any kind of home décor trends. You can add a brass wall mirror or Persian rug with a modern sofa as well as a coffee table.
  • Organic construction with wood ceiling and stone walls along with simple yet modern furniture can give your living farmhouse elements.


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  • Fresh flowers on kitchen dining table r countertop where everyone gathers in the morning for coffee and milk.
  • Wooden countertop or marble countertop with wooden finish, along with wooden floor.
  • Kitchen range that has vintage or rustic touch along with farmhouse style sinks which are also known as apron front sink.
  • The wooden rack keeps utensils and hangs pans and spoons.
  • White ceramic dishes, wire baskets, chandeliers or pendant lights are small things that can add a farmhouse touch to the kitchen.

Dining room

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Generally, in modern houses, the dining table is kept near the kitchen to save time. This is also another way of bringing family together at least once a day. So, if you don’t have a separate dining room, you can still add some vintage look to your dining table in the kitchen.

  • Put a classic looking flower vase in the center along with candle stand.
  • A pendant light or small size chandelier on the ceiling.
  • Ensure the lights are yellow to give an old rustic look.
  • The dining table should be facing a window for fresh natural light to fall on the face.
  • The surrounding wall can be decorated with the wall art.
  • Above all a wooden dining table with metal chairs give it an urban feeling.


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  • The most important thing in a farmhouse style bedroom is a balcony or glass doors and windows. Besides them is the coffee table where you can relax to watch the outside view and read a book.
  • Folding leather tools, and wooden lower ceilings and a fireplace add a romantic feeling.
  • Placing a mud color rug besides the bed or covering the floor with furry rug.
  • Additional side lamp with rustic art and a side table to keep your stuff near you. You can buy small furniture or hangings for your room that look quite urban.

These small things can help you build a warm and cozy home. Generally, people explore antique shops and end up buying expensive stuff to give their house a farmhouse style feel. Not everyone can afford expensive items. Moreover, it’s all about mood. Sometimes with the weather, mood changes instantly and you no longer like the rustic look. So now what, you’re stuck with the same décor for years since the hangings and furniture are expensive.

If you know what basic items can help make your house, you will not have this issue. There are a bunch of materials and elements that can be used to prepare a personal décor –

  • Galvanized metal can be used in chairs, tools, olive buckets, fans, trays, tubs, lights, wall arts, etc. this metal automatically gives farmhouse feeling once added to the decor.
  • Wood in any form is a hallmark for the farmhouse. Whether it is a wooden floor, table, furniture, hanging, countertop, shelves, or ceiling.
  • Ironstone and wrought iron and also an important element to give an urban touch.
  • Grain sack used in table runners, poufs, napkins, pillows gives more of a rustic feeling.
  • Linen is soft and shiny, which looks elegant on a bed, pillows, table linen, etc.
  • Lace in dresses in the countryside is a benchmark for girls. Therefore, adding lace to décor will give a charming look to the house.

Farmhouse décor often brings back old memories of childhood. Those were the days when family mattered more than social media, gatherings of cousins in the lawn were fun instead of disco and night outs. At a young age, teenagers do want to experience their life at the most. However, as time passes, with age it is obvious that people get tired of city life and want to switch to a quiet life. Even if you can’t move back to the countryside, you can still bring your childhood days.

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