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20 Different Home Decor Styles – 2024 Guide

Home decor is something that most homeowners tend to change over time. It’s always nice to give your home a makeover, and the most simplistic way to do that is through the decor. What’s trending today may be out tomorrow, as the market is always changing.

Check out our list of 20 different interior design styles.

1. Minimalist

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If you do not like clutter, then the minimalist style may be for you! This design is often thought of as cold and uncomfortable, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is a no-fuss and clean look that provides peace and elegance. A minimalist design is comfortable and functional. The key is to keep your rooms simple and clean. When wanting a minimalist look use an art gallery as your inspiration. Believe it or not, many minimalist designs will incorporate solar panels to the exterior of their home. More about it, you can find at

2. Contemporary

Many people confuse a modern design with contemporary. The contemporary style is within the moment. This type of style has more freedom when it comes to design than the modern style. Contemporary decor tends to be classic, timeless, and at the moment. Modern decor is stark and cold. Any space can be decorated in the contemporary style and this will give it a note of simplicity and sophistication. It is based on a few essential pieces and tends to be very simplistic and classical.

3. Traditional

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Roots in traditional interior design run deep and can be found in a variety of styles. Choosing pieces that speak to your personality and lifestyle can make an amazing traditional design statement. The traditional style is an excellent one if you love it, and it can be a little overwhelming for the eye since it is composed of many details and curved lines. Traditional style does incorporate a lot of full wood pieces that can be massive, so keep an eye on this as well.

4. Transitional

Transitional and traditional sometimes get mistaken for one another. However, the transitional interior design contains a combination of tried and true decor, while mixing in traditional furnishings and modern elements. There is always a balance within the mix of design. All leading towards a warm and relaxing feeling.

5. Rustic

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Rustic design is inspired by the great outdoors. It can also have a combination of the farmhouse and industrial design. However, the rustic decor will always emphasize nature. You will find raw finishing, which includes wood, stone, and leather. This is perfect for the ones that are in touch with nature and want to bring this moment into the home décor. Indoor water features from Indoor Fountain Pros will look amazing with the overall style of the room.

6. French Country

Many designs mix and combine elements to make them unique. French country is a combination of antique, shabby chic, and farmhouse style. It contains elements that will give the room a cool vibe and certainly indicate a grown-up allure.

7. Shabby Chic

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This interior design became very popular during the mid-1980s and the 1990s. It has a cool laid-back vibe. Some even refer to this design style as granny decor, which is not accurate. The roots of Shabby Chic come from antique and vintage French design. The idea is to provide a lived-in vintage-inspired appeal!

8. Coastal

While themed styles never really make the list, an elegant mix of coastal and beach house elements can make a room unique. With this type of design, one may utilize a room with loads of windows, as light and airy provides the best coastal feel. You will find this decor is vibrant, natural, and refreshing.

9. Hollywood Regency

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Hollywood Regency was most popular in the 40s-60s and again in the 90s. It incorporates an Art-deco vibe and high polished glamor. You may see a mix of French furnishings, clean lines, high shine surfaces, and vibrant color.

10. Scandinavian

Scandinavian incorporates a clean and simplistic appeal. It is somewhat minimalistic and functional. This interior design incorporates organic shapes, tonal textures, and a relaxed appeal. There are hints of color that are brought in through art and textiles. Scandinavian style is well balanced and contains a mixture of elements.

11. Urban Modern

This is a good mix of many mentioned styles and combines contemporary, modern, and industrial influences in order to bring this new vibe into the home. It is based on simple lines and classical pieces with colors that complement one another.

12. Bohemian

This timeless style offers a worry-free environment; it has a lot of natural elements and warm colors making the house into a home. It is very focused on details and this style is not for the fainted hearted.

13. Mid-Century Modern

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Bringing in the best decor from the 50s-60s to provide a clean retro feel. The classical pieces from this period of time never go out of style, and it is quite popular in the past few years.

14. Industrial

It contains an urban feel, which incorporates warehouse and factory elements. Exuberates masculinity that is clean and minimal. This style is based on materials such as steel and the colors that are cold.

15. Eclectic

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Comparable to a bohemian style, this design is all about high energy. It will lift your spirits up and keep you energizes all day long with bright colors and very unique pieces of furniture.

16. Modern Farmhouse

This type of decor offers a warm and inviting feel. It is both relaxed and comfortable. Elements may include a mix of industrial, minimalist, and Scandinavian styles. This combines colors that are neutral and fresh, some dark blues, and massive white wood.

17. Modern Country

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This interior design contains layers of ruggedness with a mix of organic warmth. This style combines the classical country feeling with the dash of modern, meaning that it makes the country-style more sophisticated and less detailed, focusing on the more simple pieces.

18. Art Deco

Inspired in the 1920s, this style is elegant, glamorous, and sleek. It will make the space look and feel like you entered the time machine. This age was well known for glamorous pieces and it will fill the space with a vintage feeling.

19. Asian Zen

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Asian Zen is a minimalist style that is uniquely layered. It combines natural materials like bamboo and very calm, warm, and neutral colors in order to make the space more soothing and relaxing.

20. Feng Shui

It’s all about the balance of your room and the harmony it creates. Feng shui is based on the specific position of the detail in the home in order to bring peace and harmony. By following these simple rules the ones who have made it state that it will improve specific things in the home and bring prosperity.


What’s your favorite interior design? Have you incorporated any of the above designs into your home? If so, which ones? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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