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5 Important Facts About Facilitating Pet-Friendly Rentals

Most homeowners do not want pets in their property, and they have their reasons for doing so. This is mainly due to bad experiences. These owners are primarily afraid of the poor hygiene habits of the tenants due to the presence of pets, destruction of inventory such as furniture, floors, etc. They are afraid of breaking house rules due to the noise of pets. However, what if we tell you that there are certain misconceptions when it comes to five friendly apartments?

Animal owners are more empathetic and able to understand and agree with people. We can also list a few more reasons why you should work with these relaxed and happy people. Of course, it should never be generalized, but research clearly shows that these are some of the facts that are related to pet owners.

You can see some more facts/misconceptions bellow, maybe you will change your mind. So, today, unfortunately, there are many myths that most people are blinded to. Don’t be one of them, stand out from the crowd,

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and raise your business to a higher level.

1. Tenants who have pets are willing to pay more


Almost all pet owners are primarily responsible for them. They have chosen them and consciously bear the responsibility that involves taking care of them throughout their lives. In any case, they love them above all, so because of everything in total, they are willing to pay more so that their little friends can live with them in the same apartment.

Research shows that such a decision brings more income to landlords by up to 20%.

2. Pet-friendly properties rent faster

In the previous part of the text, we wrote to you that it would be good to stand out from the crowd and allow yourself to consider tenants with the company of their fur friends. Unfortunately, most people do not allow tenants to stay in the apartment with their pets, and that is exactly what will set you apart from the competition.

Do you know how many such people are waiting for such an opportunity? Enough of them. This means that if you need an average of 30 days, you will have a tenant for as much as 15 days or less. We do not mean one application, but several of them, and you will be able to choose the one that suits you best. As you can read at, real estate development agencies are increasingly opting to design facilities to be pet-friendly.

3. Responsible pet owners are good tenants

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As we have told you, people like this do not have much choice when it comes to apartments. Because they are rejected in most places, they know how to appreciate the opportunity given to them. They know how hard it is to find pet-friendly accommodations, so they will act accordingly. This means that they will take care of their treatment of the apartment, you, and the housing community and this will make them good tenants.

4. Tenants with pets stay in the apartment longer

The reason for this is the same as in the previous part of the text – the tenants will not squander the opportunity and risk that they and their pets will stay on the street (they would rather do that than allow them to separate from their little friends). Such interconnectedness makes them responsible for someone else’s life besides their own, so they will think a lot of steps forward.

5. They will not lie to you and hide their pets

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Sometimes you get a tenant with a pet without even knowing it. People often hide their pets from the landlords. Sometimes it is not difficult to hide if your pet is small or if the tenants and owners are not in frequent contact. In any case, it is not a pleasant surprise if you have a clear attitude about it.

The most common myths about tenants with animals:

Pets destroy inventory

That doesn’t have to be true at all. In the US, there are data showing that there are very few such cases. The fact is that there is not much difference with or without pets.

There is even one interesting fact, and that is that tenants with their families actually do much more damage than those who live with their pets. So you will still have a higher cost if you work with tenants with children. Also, a lot of people are guided by their prejudices rather than their own experience and that is why there is a statistic that shows that more than 65% of landlords have banned pets for this reason.

Two pets – double damage

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Another myth that prevails among people … Of course, this situation should not be strictly perceived as a problem. Yes, there may be damaged, but the number definitely means nothing and is not a responsible reason for it, on the contrary.

If your tenant has two pets, you reduce the possibility of harm, because they are usually calmer because of the company. Most pets are very sociable, so their other pet will be used for play, and since they will not be lonely or bored then, your apartment will be safe.

The properties of the building are not intended for pets

We will all agree that pets certainly do not know which floor they are on. At the same time, the fact is that all pets get along equally well in small spaces, even though they are together, for example. Dogs and cats can adapt perfectly to any indoor or high environment.

As for the housing community, research shows that people with pets got along better with the rest of the community and gained acquaintances faster. They have also been proven to have better communication with more people as well as to contribute to a more positive atmosphere so that pets can definitely contribute to better building properties.

Bigger pets – bigger problems

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As mentioned earlier, pets can adapt very well to space (if you do not keep a giraffe in the apartment). Proof of that is the houses in which they stay, terrariums, and other limited spaces provided for pets. This means that the size of the pet is definitely not crucial in its adaptation, and experts even say that much larger dogs tend to be more obedient. We have already told you that the unnecessary generalization of pets and situations, and mostly without previous experience, contributed to these misconceptions.


Try to look carefully at the other side, we hope we helped you see some facts that are not so popular. The most important thing is, to be honest with yourself and others, and if you already like a potential tenant, don’t miss the opportunity.


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