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4 Ways to Explore Your Sexuality within a Relationship

Are you the one who wants to explore and expand your sexuality within a relationship? Then this article is just for you. Our sexuality is indeed diversified as they are complicated. Ever evolving and fluctuating through experience and lives, sexuality affects different areas of life, especially when it is neglected.

There are various ways of exploring and engaging with the capacity of sexual feelings other than the partnered sex. We always expect to have better sex next time, a better relationship, and even better orgasm. But have you ever thought about how you can make it better?

Well, here are some simple steps suggested by the experts to help one explore their sexuality within an intimate relationship.

Masturbation is one the top list. It is highly beneficial, no matter what is your gender, sexuality, situation, or even your experience. This libido enhancing, mood-boosting can relieve the stress and tension while boosts up the productivity and sleeping patterns.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can still do it for creating a bond with yourself for a great pleasure. Additionally, the relationship status is not about telling others, whether you masturbate or not.

1. Sex toys for intimacy and pleasure

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The online world is full of websites that provide sex toys. They even display the different usage of these sex toys and which increases the demand in the mind of every customer, to possess it, and to use it for sexual pleasure.

A lot of people that have bought these sex toys from an online store has attained sexual relief by enjoying completely; however, you must also understand that porn is too monotonous some times. To solve this purpose you can use these sex toys on your own and can get intimate success which offers sexual pleasure and can satisfy your sexual needs.

If you have not yet purchased or ever used a vibrator, then you are missing out seriously a lot of pleasure and orgasms. Using the kinky toys like a vibrator can be a perfect addition for regular sex life and even for masturbating.

It can give you an orgasm that you never had earlier. You can best learn as to how to use it and what kind of techniques can work better with it. Some of the premium quality of vibrator is present in the market which can allow you to feel the pleasure from your own hands and live the female sensuality.

They are full power vibrators that don’t let you struggle a bit during masturbation or sex. You can start by dragging the vibrator softly to the sensitive erogenous parts. These places are your nipples and breasts and inside thighs.

Make sure you get the toys that are safe for usage, suitable for all adults, and all genders to enhance and enjoy your sex life.

2. Dirty talks

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The best dirty talk example is speaking low which brings in the raspy, husky, deep, and sultry sort quality that titillates senses. It sounds highly erotic when people whisper compliments into the partner’s ears.

Explain your partner as to how you want him to pleasure you. Use some seductive phrases to tell him how badly you want him immediately.

Such things can help your partner in touching you in the most pleasurable and intimate way. Seductively complementing your partner can also help in arousing yourself. Tell them how much satisfaction you feel after making love with him and praise all of his sexual performances. This way he will satisfy you more and will increase your sexual experience every night.

To arouse yourself, you can also read some horny and wild sex stories on; it will surely give you a better orgasm than sex.

3. Watching porn

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Without any doubt, there is strong debate around as watching porn whether increases sexual desires or decreases it. Well, as per the recent studies watching porn is not any crime and it does not stand for decreasing sexual pleasure it boosts the one.

Yes, when it comes to boosting the performance you need to eat well and train hard but for boosting the T levels naturally; watching porn videos that are filled with erotic content can help. Interactions between the behavior and sex hormones are complex and many people around have different views as to how two of them relate.

People watching porn are found to have good sexual satisfaction which even makes them excited enough about the sex and giving them fresh ideas in the bedroom. People find them exciting and much more pleasurable and they help them in finding true intimacy along with real sexual satisfaction.

It surprises a couple that how this porn starts make use of different techniques and how they come out with such good orgasm. Without any hesitation, couples must watch together all new videos of porn which can make them learn about all new techniques and postures to have a good orgasm.

4. Join a sex party

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The sex parties are trending, as more couples and singles taking their sex out of their four walls and enjoying it in parties, clubs, and kinky venues. Joining a sex party can be the best way for enjoying some voyeurism and exhibitionism. They can allow you to mingle in a sexy and consensual atmosphere.

Get ready to be a part of group sex so that you can have unlimited fun and can fully explore your sexuality while being in a relationship.


Exploring sexuality within a relationship can significantly change people’s sexual attitudes and beliefs. They can learn more new things from it and can outsource the best things. The tips and tricks suggested by the experts above can add the cherry on the cake.

Before loving someone else, you have to love your own body. You should be aware of your taste, preferences, likes, and dislikes. Once you are clear about your sexual needs and desires in your head, you are ready to conquer your sex life.

You must also keep on learning about intimate relationships and try new and unique methods for making your sex life interesting.

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