How To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Being present means being online, and not just noticed, but actively participating and contributing, as the only way to spread and grow as a company is by having the right marketing tools and using them the right way. Today, advertising, in general, is much different than it was just a few decades ago, and today, ads that we can all see on whichever website we visit are the sole proof of that. Now, it’s not like marketing is everything, as we also need to have quality enough products or services that will be advertised, and only when these two criteria are met can we expect profits.

Having the right marketing strategy is where it all starts, but even here, the options really can seem endless, which also makes making mistakes and pick not adequate enough marketing plan much easier. On the other hand, there are many tools we can use that will help us find and go with the best and most suitable digital marketing strategy.

Start by checking the stats


Here, it’s not just about checking every possible graph, as it is more about checking only those stats that really make a difference. Besides that, it’s also about picking the ideal time frame, and you need to be careful with this one, as not picking a long enough period can provide insufficient data, while on the other hand, going with a much bigger time frame can give you chaotic numbers, and as a result with both, you will not get reliable information.

In order to avoid that, always check key performance indicators, those factors that make a difference, which is lead to client ratio, inbound marketing ROI (return of investment), cost per lead, and sales revenue. Of course, pick only those factors that are important for the company and goals, and after that, check for metrics like overall traffic, the source for that traffic, new/returning visitors, and average time spent on the website to determine how efficient a marketing strategy is. To better describe how important these metrics are, let’s get into more detail.

Overall traffic

Having a great website is not just about great design, as it’s not the design that will make people and potential clients stay on that website or come back to it. What’s important is informative and engaging content on the website, as it will attract new clients, and they will spend more time browsing through the site. Now, before checking overall traffic for a certain time frame, you need to know what the goals are, and you can do that by reviewing how much traffic other websites similar to your business have. After that, check for any lift in overall traffic during the campaign, and if it was a successful one, there should be a huge spike on the graph.

Regular visitors


Once there is a constant flow of customers, it’s time to make them regular ones, and there are many marketing strategies for that. Now, to determine whether the one you chose really contributed to this, go through the data of how many return visitors there are. The main point here is that regardless of what the results are, you will get a much better insight into what’s best for the company. Namely, if the website draws more new people and the number of returned visitors is low, then it’s best to create a marketing campaign to draw more new users. On the other hand, if the number of returned visitors is higher, then adapt and create a strategy that will make them come back more often. It is a win-win situation, but the one you cannot know about if you do not check the traffic.

Target audience

This one is more about reaching a specific group of people, those where you have the best chances to make a sale. Of course, this one is more for products/services that not everyone needs, but it can be of great use for almost every type of business. Reaching as many people as possible will also eventually lead to having more traffic, but it is a costly and time-consuming strategy, which is where well-constructed customer profiles can be of great help, as you will know precisely the type of people you’d like to reach through marketing campaigns. Besides that, by knowing more about the type of audience that your product attracts most, you will know precisely how to change or create a new marketing strategy that will reach those people.

Messaging strategies


Good communication is the key, and the only way to get to potential customers is by evaluating the messaging strategies. Basically, if someone is not satisfied with how fast the company grows and overall profits, they should check whether they used the right approach and message to reach people and whether they picked the best media. Having a strong message is one thing, but even the best-constructed one will not lead to those numbers you seek and want if the media you are decided to go with is not adequate.

The best way to review that is by checking how much engagement there is with your brand, along with all other aspects like likes, shares, posts, comments, etc. If that number is below average or doesn’t meet your goals, then check the media, and luckily there are plenty of them to choose from, like blogs, videos, podcasts, social media, newsletters, etc. In the end, if none of the media leads to satisfying results, then it’s more about the message, and you need to work on it.

The bottom line

There are many ways to evaluate the effectiveness of your digital strategy, but these five mentioned above are the most important ones, as they cover a much broader range of solutions. In addition to this, if the overall results are not satisfying and far from the goals you have set, then it’s time to consider the marketing agency you hired. Change needs to come in order to succeed in this sometimes over-competitive market, but luckily there are plenty of renowned digital marketing agencies to choose from, and you can find the best ones at Entasher.

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