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11 Most Effective Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

No doubt, email marketing is one of the great ways to reach your customers without breaking the bank. But it is a huge responsibility as well because internet users don’t give their contact details like email to anyone until they are offered something of value and useful. Whether you are a small business owner, running a blog, an e-commerce website or online store, the email could be an effective way to not only retain existing customers but to convert new users/visitors into valuable customers.

Here are the most effective email marketing tips that help you make sure your emails hit the right note and get ahead of your competitors.

Set clear email marketing goals

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Before you consider email marketing as one of the digital marketing tactics to reach your customers, you must have clear goals in your mind. It helps you make sure your emails are sent with a dominant objective either to retain customers or to turn new users into customers. In this way, you will be able to get more from your email marketing efforts.

Make your message easy to read and use alt tags for images

Don’t expect that every recipient will spend a lot of time reading your email message. People are in a hurry these days, and they just spend a couple of seconds to determine whether the email is useful or not. It means, you just have a couple of moments to grab the attention of recipients, so spend enough time creating appealing and attention-grabbing subject lines and make your email message easy to read and scan. If there are images in your email, make sure to set ALT tags for them as most of the email services don’t show images by default.

Social media as the medium to get more subscribers

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An official website or blog is not the only way to grow your email list, but you can also use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get more emails for your email marketing campaign. Feel free to ask your social media followers to subscribe to your email list and be sure to let them know the benefits of doing so. You can also extract emails from social media sites by using different social media tools like email extractor. For instance, if you are hunting emails from LinkedIn, you can use a reliable email extractor like Wiza to get email IDs of LinkedIn users.

Send a personalized welcome email

It is always a good idea to let people know why they are part of your newsletter and reassure them that good things are on the way. So, be sure to send new subscribers a personalized welcome email containing a special offer or useful content as a way of showing gratitude for their loyalty.

Give them a reason to subscribe

What benefits/incentives someone will get by giving his/her email ID to you? Give them a solid reason in the subscription form to subscribe to your email list. Let them clearly know that they will get something of value like a free eBook, discount coupon or a special offer, etc. It will encourage them to subscribe or sign up for your newsletter. You can check Klean Leads for more information.

Send them informative content they need to read in your email

Email is one of the best ways to increase the number of visitors to your online store, eCommerce website or blog. Small businesses use email marketing to generate more leads and to boost conversion rates. That is the reason, your email should provide the recipient with everything they need to know about your business or products so they will only visit your landing page to make a purchase. It is one of the most effective email marketing tips to boost conversion rate competently.

Create irresistible subject lines

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It is one of the vitals to increase email open rate. An enticing subject line always grabs the recipients’ attention successfully and encourage them to go through the email for something informative and useful. Smart marketers and small business owners always spend enough amount of minutes for coming up with great subject line ideas and test them as well to determine the usefulness.


As different email services and mobile devices display email messages differently, testing your emails with different email services and devices is a superb way to make your email campaign successful. Testing divulges email design mistakes to help you provide users with an excellent experience. You can test your emails by sending them to colleagues or by using email testing solutions.

Make your emails easily shareable

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People always share useful, informative and problem-solving content with their friends and family. That is the reason, you should always add a public link to the web version of each email so internet users can read and share it outside a specific email service. Adding social media share buttons is also a good idea to make your emails easily shareable to get them in front of more people.

Add links to your social media profiles

Adding your social media profile links and website URL in your emails is a great way to build an overall online presence for your brand and to build strong customer trust. When essential links are added in the emails, customers can easily visit your social profiles, landing pages and website without facing any difficulty. Through this way, they can engage with your business by way of their favorite mode of communication like website chatbot or via social media profiles. It helps you kill two birds with one stone in case an email subscriber is not following you on social media.

Spy your competitors

In order to keep an eye on your competitors and to know what email marketing techniques they are using; you can sign up for their email lists. It helps you check out what kind of email templates they are using, how they create subject lines and what incentives they offer to subscribers. You shouldn’t copy your competitors’ practices, but do something better and effective to make sure you are one step ahead of them.

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