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5 Dubai Places to Visit 2024 – Travel Guide

What comes to your mind when you plan a holiday in Dubai? Dubai has the most exquisite views and adventures that most of us are aware of, but there is the other side of Dubai, less explored. If you are an offbeat traveler, these 5 places will bring you closer to the essence of Dubai.

Artsy tour for art lovers

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Art lovers will love the ArtBus Tour provided by the buses of the city. You no longer need to look for art galleries or art centers; you can board the Art Bus Tour. The Art Bus Tour makes sure to visit all the art galleries and artsy places. A paradise for all the art lovers who visit Dubai, this is a must-ride. Enlighten and heighten your artistic sense with so many art galleries and art centers around you.

Spice and Gold Souk

From the aroma to organic spices being sold, you will thank us later! Get to know the real spices and fill up your senses with the perfect aroma of the different spices you can lay your hands on! You can also get potpourri mixes that suit your personality. The Gold Souk is another place for all jewelry lovers. If you love out of the box jewelry with intricate designs, you should visit this place. You can book a car rental with Fly Dubai voucher codes to save money while commuting.

Street shopper’s haven

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If you love to splurge on souvenirs and got an eye for quirky things, Karama is your next stop. Being one of the cheapest stores too, you do not need to spend an extra dime to get your fill as a tourist or a local. From intricate designs on wood cases or boxes to vibrant chimes for any room, they are bound to make your heart melt. The store is located in Bur Dubai, where you can explore more street shops at a cheap price.

Dubai Coffee Museum

If you love to stay caffeinated, we give you the perfect place! The Coffee Museum is loaded with a lovely atmosphere and coffee experts who share their knowledge of how to brew the barista-quality coffee. Spend some time in this quiet place and enjoy the best latte or coffee you order! You can visit Dubai with Air Arabia and here, you can find coupon codes that will help you spend less on traveling!

Dubai Design District


The D3 helps you to explore the veiled art of this city. You can visit this place to grab some cool artsy stuff and witness the real art of Dubai. This place was created for people who love art and can experience street art and designs. You can also buy some artistic goodies at cheap cash, so keep this in our itinerary.

The Burj Khalifa

A lot of people won’t even believe you that you ever in Dubai if you do not decide to visit the Burj Khalifa. This ridiculous architectural feat is almost 830 meters and is the number one tallest building in the world. It holds the first place as the tallest building for more than 12 years and it still hasn’t been surpassed. The second tallest is the Shanghai Tower that’s only 632 meters.

Just looking at this tower that reaches the sky is an amazing enough experience, but what can you do inside of it? Well, if you plan on visiting this amazing city then you should definitely plan a trip to the observation deck that is on the 124th. You will be towering over the entire city and you will have a mile-long view in the distance. We should also mention that you should ready your camera or your phone’s camera just before you get onto the elevator because that is also once in a lifetime experience. The elevator will propel you to the 124th floor in a matter of seconds and you will have a view over the city on every side.

The Dubai Mall

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If you are tired or bored of touring around the city or going on adventures in Saudi Arabia then why not plan a trip to the mall? Getting to this mall you will also get access to the Burj Khalifa, but you will also have access to a bunch of other fun activities. Naturally, you will be able to go shopping and buy any brand you want, but you will also be able to visit the ice skating rink. That’s right, you can ice skate right there in the Middle East while surrounded by a desert.

You can also visit the gaming zone that’s filled with all kinds of arcade games, PC and console gaming and a bunch of other gaming-related stuff that will keep you occupied for hours.

You also have access to the Dubai Aquarium which is another one of those activities that you should not miss out on.


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The Bastakia Quarter was a neighborhood built during the 1800s and was the perfect place for merchants to sell their jewelry and premium textiles. But, why did these merchants have to build this neighborhood right there in the city? Well, the idea of the tax-free trade zone was quite interesting, so building it meant they would see a lot more revenue.

Walking down the stress of the Bastakia Quarter and looking at the old limestone buildings will give you a true idea of how the city looked in the past. Another interesting thing to notice the windcatchers placed on almost every single roof of these buildings. What these structures did was catch the wind and then funnel it down to the living quarters of the people. This would effectively bring cold air to the inside of the home, so you could say that this was a type of air conditioning.

Jumeirah Mosque

Definitely one of the most amazing mosques in the entire area. The Jumeirah Mosque is definite proof of how superior was the Islamic architecture when compared to other styles from those times. So, if you are the type of person who enjoys the art of architecture, you should definitely visit it.

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