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Do Magnetic Softeners Work – 2024 Guide

Is your shower head getting blocked as a result of some mineral deposit? Are you experiencing some serious pipe buildup? Well, it is taking place due to the presence of hard water in your supply system. It is time you started finding out ways to soften it.

Hard water is filled with ions that may cause severe damage to the plumbing of your home. These ions may not put your life at risk but can wreak havoc on your skin. Magnetic softeners have attained popularity in the 21st century. It is vital to choose a softener, like the variants available at, for all these reasons.

Research shows that a majority of Magnetic softeners do not leave any impact on the pipe scale. They have attained popularity just because they cost less also because they require minimum care.

Magnetic softeners aim to maintain a smooth flow of water within the magnetic field. It changes the crystalline framework of minerals, which in turn, softens the water.

Conclusion Of A Few Recent Conducted Studies

Numerous studies were conducted to find out how Magnetic softeners work. None of these studies have provided any conclusive results. Researchers examined whether these appliances have a history of being effective.

Multiple studies found calcium carbonate molecules releasing electric current when passed through the softeners. Also, many studies researched the softeners’ claims to have a negligible impact on the pipe scale. These teams couldn’t offer any conclusive results. However, certain trends became evident.

A few other studies showed these devices have little to no effects, but the pointers provided weren’t enough to draw any conclusions. Thus, none of the studies were able to suggest that Magnetic softeners are effective. Hence, spending thousands of dollars to install one such system is not worthwhile.

Also, these devices are sold by independent proprietors. Even if one of the systems shows to render some positive results, there is no way for you to find out whether you will receive the same device.

In case you happen to be suffering from the consequences of a hard water supply at home, try investing in proven options. Authentic softeners may turn out to be your best bet. They are tried and tested.

You can also opt for salt-based softeners. They are known as descalers and do a fairly good job at preventing the scale build up in your pipes. Both these options are costlier compared to the magnetic one, but you can trust them to work.

Truth Related to Water Softeners

Water softeners soften the water, but they also change the chemical composition of important minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. Such minerals are replaced with some softer minerals like potassium or sodium. Hard water is believed to harm the tresses. Also, it dehydrates your skin.

On the contrary, soft water has proven to leave your hair and skin looking healthy and clean. It is a great alternative to the hard one. Absolute absence of essential salts may have adverse impacts on the human body.

Hard water may damage your most useful appliance drastically. It contains several molecules of calcium and magnesium, which are harmful. As soon as you use appliances such as coffee-makers, pipes, faucets in your daily lives, you will understand the utility of soft water.

Slowly, scaling ends up decreasing the efficiency level of the appliances. It may cause the appliances to break down as well. The damage to the appliances includes layering on top of the heating coils that are an integral part of coffee machines. It may choke the passage in most of the other appliances.

Several other holes may develop in them. The gradual development of scale decreases the overall lifespan of elements that may heat the appliances. These softeners may bring down this loss significantly.

A section of people has highlighted the absence of insufficient data to prove whether magnetic work efficiently.

Water Hardness Level

Before buying a magnetic softener, you need to know your home’s water hardness level. Use this device only if the hardness of the water at your home is 25 grains per gallon.

Most Of The Municipalities Provide Hard Water

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If you think that the municipality provides mineral-free water, now is the right time for you to get a reality check done. Most of the municipalities supply hard water.

With the help of a few tests, you will find out whether you get soft tap water. If the answer is no, then you will need a softener to prevent long-lasting damage to your appliances, crowning glory, and skin.

The more municipality water you use, the drier your scalp and hair get. It also makes your laundry filthy. As a result, you’ll need to apply harsh soap and detergents in large quantities.

Also, you will need fabric conditioners after washing. Once you use hard water, you notice a buildup of scale in tubs, sinks, faucets, and appliances. The moment you notice such symptoms, it is time to invest in a softener.

Magnetic softeners are a cost-effective option that requires minimal maintenance. Even the repairs do not cost much. The best part is that they consume minimum electrical energy for operation.

Almost all the magnetic softeners are considered easy to install. You will not need to call a plumber to get the work done for you.

Magnetic Softener Cannot Purify Water

If someone tells you that magnetic softeners may purify water, you should know that it is a myth. Water softeners are designed specifically to keep the hardness of the water in mind. They cannot filter the impurities.

Such appliances are designed only to remove metals and hard minerals that can cause several troubles to a household, like scaling, hair and skin damage, etc. Purifiers help in eliminating impurities like arsenic, dirt, etc.


Numerous researches have been conducted, yet none of them could verify the efficiency of these devices. However, multiple people are using it in their homes and have given positive reviews. You should remember that these softeners cannot purify water.

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