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Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris start time, rewards, and more

Destiny 2 is a very popular multiplayer video game available for Windows, Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and also for the new PlayStation 5. This is a sequel of Destiny, and the player takes the role of a Guardian who needs to protect the Last City from aliens. They need to build a strong strategy that will lead them to win. In order to do that, the players should get into competitions, events, trials, and tournaments, so they can finish the tasks.

Trial of Osiris was a huge event that finished in 2017, and it was available every weekend from Friday to Tuesday. We will try to explain this event better, so Destiny’s fans can better understand how it worked.

What is Trial of Osiris?

It was an elimination game event. The players could enter the game with a Trials Passage only, that allows them to play. But, after they lose three times, the passage expires and they need to buy a new one so they can rejoin the game. Basically, it was a strategy play, where the Guardian should form a team. But, if the Guardian disconnects or quits before the match is completed, the whole team is losing the game. Every week, the game was moved to a different map.

The match is complete if the team wins seven of nine times. If they lose three times, they need to get a new card passage, so they can enter the game again. But, that may cost a lot, depending on the map and levels.

If the team wins nine times and lose zero times, they get a chance to play The Lighthouse for exclusive options, but only Guardians can get the rewards. They need to open a chest that contains some valuable rewards for the game. The results are recorded by a scorecard that the player gets with the Trials Passage. Also, there is a case when the Guardian can buy boons that allow them to win six times and the seventh win is used as a bonus, so they can enter The Lighthouse

Also, boosts are allowed, but the players need to get them from trusted services like Even though the updates of Trials of Osiris ended in 2017, in the last iteration, Destiny 2 is bringing them back as a part of the game. A lot of gamers loved these challenges, so they were happy to hear that they’ll be able to play the Trials again. You need to keep in mind that trusted boosting services don’t keep your account data and passwords, so you don’t need to be afraid that someone will steal them.

How do the boosters work?

After you find a good boosting website, you need to place your order, according to your needs. Some services allow you to create custom packs, but mostly they offer ready-to-use boosters. Next, you will be connected with the professional gamer through a web chat, so you can have transparent communication all the time. Then you need to wait until the task is finished, and you get a notification about the completed game. You can use these services when you have a problem to finish some task. Don’t try to use cheats or other illegal hacks, because you will lose every chance to play the game again if they catch you doing that.

What do you get as a reward for playing Trials of Osiris?

As you win, you are getting great weapons and gear for your next fights. You need to earn every weapon so you can complete the levels.

Here are a few of the rewards that the players get during the Trials of Osiris:

-The Scholar

-Astral Horizon

-Eye of Sol

-The Summoner

-Exile’s Curse

-Tomorrow’s Answer

-Trials of Osiris Head

-The arms

-The chest

-The Legs

-ToO class item

Different chapters and levels can bring different rewards. You need to pass them all so they can discover what is hiding there. It’s expected that the rewards will be soon revealed for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

What’s new in the recent version?

There are different ways the matchmaking is done. Previously, the matching was based on skills, but now the combinations are optimized so everyone will have a chance to reach better results and win more games.

The game was launched on June 12, so the enthusiastic gamers who were also nostalgic too can soon discover what is new with the game and how they can win and claim new rewards that will later help them be better at Destiny 2.

What new players should know?

If this is your first time playing Trials of Osiris, you need to know that it’s scheduled from June 12 to June 15 and every Friday you’ll be able to join by approaching Saint-14. You need to be at least 960 Power level so you can join the game. When you are 960 or above, you can buy a passage card that will let you enter the Trials.

As we said above in this article, you need to keep winning, so you can complete the stages. If you lose three times, you need to buy a new passage from Saint-14 to join the game again and start over.

Players who won at least three times last week, from June 5 to June 9, will be able to get these rewards:

-The Summoner Auto Rifle for 3 wins

-The Exiles Curse Fusion Rifle for 5 wins

-The Eye of Sol Sniper Rifle for 7 wins

-Robes, Vest and Plate for completing the whole chapter

Also, you can get random prizes while you’re opening the chests, like lantern shell, resurrection’s guide, or exotic ghost shell.

If you missed this week’s Trials of Osiris game, you can always plan to join the next week. For now, there are five types of passages available, and you can choose the one you want and try to win the chapter. We still don’t know how long will the player be able to play the Trials, but sure a lot of people are excited to enter this world again after almost three years of waiting.


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