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Common Digital Marketing Mistakes of CPG Stores

One of the main goals of CPG stores is to establish a brand on the market. Because of that, they are looking for new and modern ways to reach their potential customers. Selling high-quality products does not guarantee that you will become successful in this industry. Because of that, many CPG stores have started to use the Internet as a promotional tool.

Some of the tools that CPG brands use are social media, websites, apps, etc. All these things have a significant impact on your success. However, digital marketing is a complex field. You have to take care of many things if you want to achieve true success.

Understandably, entrepreneurs are not experts in absolutely every field. Becoming an expert in the marketing field is not something you will achieve over the night. If you want to educate yourself more about this field, we suggest you check for more info.

Anyway, there are some common digital marketing mistakes that CPG stores make. Because of that, we want to analyze them and explain to you how to improve those mistakes.

Focusing Only On Visual Branding

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This is the most common mistake, and that’s why it is in the first place of our list. Having an attractive design of the website and a unique logo that will be recognizable among people is quite important. Yet, it is not the only thing that helps you become a brand.

Attractive designs and pictures will convince people to visit your shop. However, that doesn’t mean people will buy a product from your store. Content is equally important. Your content needs to be engaging and valuable for the readers.

Slow-Loading Mobile Sites

There is one piece of data that Google recently announced. More than 50% of the people leave a website if the loading time of the website is longer than 3 seconds. Keep in mind that people usually purchase things via their mobile. Because of that, the mobile version of the website needs to work fast. Avoid using pictures that are “heavy.” For instance, the best possible solution would be to add pictures with a white background. This type of photo will not slow down your website a lot.


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When you visit small CPG stores, you will notice that their website looks similar to the websites of the most successful ones. Their content is usually similar, as well.

It is great if you want to learn from the most successful brands in your field. Yet, that doesn’t mean you should completely copy them. First of all, if you use similar or the same copy, Google will give you negative points. You won’t be able to reach good rankings on Google.

Still, that is not the biggest problem. People like to see something unique and new. If they realize your copying your competitors, they will consider you as non-creative and non-innovative.

Instead, you should upgrade the things that you learn from your competitors. This may be some sort of risk because you won’t know how people will react to your improvements. Still, this is the way how some startups became recognizable brands. It is simply a risk that you need to take.

Bad YouTube Strategy

It is not a secret that YouTube became one of the most engaging social media platforms. More than 90% of the people have stated that they found out new brands thanks to YouTube. A big number of YouTubers is probably the main reason for that.

Still, it is not enough to just publish video or two that will explain who you are and what you sell. It is important to be active on this platform as well. Publishing 3 videos per week is going to be enough. The video content you publish should be related to the industry you are working in. For instance, if you are selling food, preparing different specialties, and publishing that on your YT channel would be the right choice.

Trying to Save Money

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Profit is probably the main reason why entrepreneurs start their own business. However, every business that tends to become successful need to invest in the improvement.

Social media platforms give you so many opportunities. Still, many CPG store owners do not invest in paid-ads. For instance, you determined somehow who your target audience is. They live in a current city; they are between 30 I 40 years old, etc. Well, with paid ads, you can target those people. Your only task is to pay to Facebook and Instagram to target those people, and that’s it.

Why shouldn’t you use this benefit?

Likes/Follows are Jumping, Sales Remain the Same

Let’s imagine that you are running the Facebook and Instagram pages of your store. You paid to both of these platforms to reach to your customers. After a couple of days, you got 3000 likes and followers. Still, the number of sales remained almost the same. Can we say that this was a good digital marketing strategy?

This only means that your content was not convincing enough. People that checked your website were not sure enough that you are the right brand for them. So, they decided not to buy the goods that you offer.

Your content represents who you are and what you offer. More importantly, it shows why your products are valuable for potential buyers. You won’t be able to talk with each customer like in a physical store personally. Improve your content until 90% of your visitors become customers. This is the only proof that shows how successful you are.

Not Being Present on Amazon


CPG brands usually try to advertise their brand through their website. Still, even if your website has many visitors, that doesn’t mean you should completely avoid e-commerce sites. Amazon is just an example; there are many of them that you can work with.

First of all, presence on Amazon will boost your SEO and visibility. Besides that, you will be able to get many reviews from people that bought your products. You can find out many things from the feedback that you receive. It will help you to change things that your customers do not like. Keep in mind that customers are always right! You need to apply your business to their needs and concerns.

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