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Colorectal Surgery Diet Recommendations: Here are the Foods to Eat and Those to Avoid

Your diet plays a pivotal role in your recovery after colorectal surgery. Notably, there are essential diet changes you will need to make to ensure that your recovery is quicker. Often times, the reason for having colorectal surgery is due to complications caused by a bad diet or bad eating habits that can be easily corrected.

The special diets will also significantly minimize your risks of complications that may spring up after the procedure. If you’re contemplating going for colorectal surgery in Singapore, is a reputed website of the facility where you can consult professionals. They are a general surgery practice with a general surgeon who has a strong reputation for performing difficult colorectal surgery including the correction of colorectal cancer.

What are the Best Foods to Eat after Colorectal Surgery?

Your provider may recommend a soft diet after the colorectal operation to allow your colon to rest after the procedure. It is essential that you religiously follow the guidelines to allow the colon sufficient time to heal. By ignoring the guidelines and continuing to eat foods that you should not, you risk causing severe side effects that can be very hazardous to your health and well being.

Usually, you may need to stick to the soft diet for the first 14 days to 2 months following the surgery and gradually advance to your regular diet. Your regular diet transition will majorly depend on your tolerance to food and progress during the healing process.

With that being said, here’s a simple breakdown of the recommended foods you can eat after colorectal surgery in Singapore.

Beverages and Drinks

Under beverages, you can drink non-citrus juices, milk, powdered drink mixes, and decaf tea.

Dairy Products

You can safely eat a wide variety of dairy products after your operation. Some of the recommended foods in this food group include; smooth yogurt, cottage cheese, low-fat milk foods and products, and mild cheese.


You also have a wide selection of foods you can eat under vegetables. When recovering from colorectal surgery, it is recommendable that you eat canned or soft-cooked vegetable products, peeled sweet or white potatoes (it doesn’t matter whether it’s mashed, boiled, creamed, or baked. All can work), fresh lettuce, and tomato.

Meats and Related Animal Products

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It is recommendable that you eat tender meat. The meat can be boiled, stewed, roasted, boiled, or simmered. You can eat pork, poultry, meat, fish, and eggs.


You can always eat pasta, refined bread, plain white rice, crackers, ready-to-eat cereals, etc.

Fats and Sweets

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You are at liberty to eat these fats and sweet foods after your colorectal surgery; honey, seedless jam, jelly, and syrup. You may also eat frozen yogurt, ice cream, molasses, pudding, and sherbet.


You can always eat soft raw fruits. However, the fruit should not have skin. Fruit juice, canned, and cooked fruits are also viable alternatives.

Which foods should you avoid after Colon Surgery?

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These foods may not be recommendable since they may stress the colon and slow down the healing process. Some of them may also lead to the development of nasty complications in your gut. They can also put undue stress on your digestive system which has already been weakened after the surgery.


Beverages to avoid after colorectal surgery include; alcohol, citrus juices, caffeinated drinks, carbonated drinks, chocolate drinks, and decaf coffee.

Dairy products

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You should avoid dairy products with seeds or nuts. You should also avoid strong or sharp cheeses, and cheese made with peppers.


You should avoid these vegetables/vegetable products after your colorectal operation; raw tomatoes, raw vegetables, tomato sauce, gas-producing vegetables, potato chips or fried potatoes, dried lentils, beans and peas, cabbage, cauliflower, and corns.


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Avoid fried meats, smoked meats, fatty meats, fried eggs, and sausages.


It would be better if you also avoided whole-grain cereals and bread, sweet rolls, donuts, popcorn, and seasoned crackers.

Fats and Sweets

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Avoid fried foods, spicy salad dressings, bacon, ham, and bacon fat.


Avoid dried fruits. You should also not eat fruits with their seeds and skins. It is also advisable that you avoid ripe bananas and all citrus fruits, including their juices.

Guidelines when Eating after Colorectal Surgery

It is also possible to develop complications if you stick to the recommended foods after colorectal surgery in Singapore but have poor eating habits. To avoid such risks, here are a few recommendations you may need to master.

  • Eat small portions of foods but frequently. For instance, you may eat small portions of foods after every 2 to 3 hours. Try to avoid huge meals because these huge meals may put undue stress on your dietary system.
  • If you wish to preserve the nutrients in the vegetables you wish to eat after cooking, be sure to steam or microwave them. If you wish to eat potatoes, you may peel the skin after boiling.
  • When drinking, do not use straws as this may lead to you swallowing air that gets trapped along with your food, thus producing excess gas. You should also not smoke any form of tobacco and avoid chewing gums. When eating, be sure to bite sizeable amounts and chew the foods properly. By chewing your food properly, you allow the enzymes in your mouth to digest the foods adequately before the food is introduced into your gut.
  • When selecting foods, it is recommendable that you only choose those that you can swallow with ease. The foods should also be easily digestible. Ideally, your diet should majorly consist of soft and moist foods like pudding, soup, or yogurt. Do not eat spicy meals, gummy foods like bread and tough meats.

To sum it up

If there is any food that you may want to eat but you’re unsure if it may not be recommendable after colorectal surgery, be sure to consult with your medical provider for clarification. If you need more help with colorectal surgery in Singapore, request a consultation today, and we’ll be glad to extend a helping hand.

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