3 Reasons to Clothing According to Your Body Type – 2024 Guide

Dressing the right way comes in many different ways and personal preferences and styles do not always dictate how one should pick their clothing. It can be hard to pick the right pieces of clothing every time and look as presentable as possible every time around. While some occasions dictate the rules through dress codes, you still have a lot of choices to go with. The general rule of thumb that nor enough people pay attention to is dressing according to the type of your body. Every person is different but there are universal body types that you can identify with the most.

Based on such types there are appropriate and best-fitting things you can wear if you want to look the best you can. In this article we will explore the world of different body types and determine which type should wear what kind of clothing. Moreover, we will talk about the most important reasons why clothing like this benefits you. To learn more about fashion and the latest clothing trends, make sure to check out

Different Body Types


There are different interpretations of different body types both for men and women. They are less strict for men since they have less things to worry about. With guys it mostly has to do with their height and weight since the body type depends on the combination of the two. They have an easier time finding the things that suit them as looking at the size usually does the trick.

For the ladies however, it can be a nightmare. There are multiple body features you have to know the measure of and you must be aware of your body type if you plan to wear things that make you stand out in the crowd. Famous female body shapes include the apple, hourglass, pear, and rectangle. They deal with the combination of bust, waist, and hip size and do not have to necessarily depend on the height and weight of the woman. From this it can be concluded that genetic lottery determines your body type, but there are ways to change some things by adopting certain lifestyle changes like working out and caring about your diet.


1. It Saves You Time and Money

Is there anything worse than wearing something that you know does not fit you but it is too late to go back home and change?

You start wondering why you bought it in the first place and where your head was. What is more, you probably already plan never to wear this thing again. Once you determine what kind of clothes suits you the best, you will no longer have to browse the shelves at boutiques for hours only to end up with something you barely like. In the modern world people often lack the time they need to shop for clothing regularly so some kind of a life hack in in order.


Shopping for clothes according to the type of your body will save you money since you will no longer be buying stuff you do not look or feel comfortable in, as well as time while making your choices. As long as you are familiar with the brand and how they size their pieces, you will easily be able to pick out the one for you and move on. Easy peasy!

2. You Can Improve Your Style

Every one of us has their personal style with main pieces and accessories they cannot live without. Moreover, you probably also have a few colors you always go for and certain materials and cuts you prefer. If you want to take your personal fashion style to the next level and look better than ever, the next step would be to only start wearing what suits your figure and accentuates it as much as possible. Never wear something that shrinks you down or stretches you, and there are a lot of patterns and cuts that do this for people. When you are finally ready to elevate your natural beauty to new heights with clothes that complement it, people will start noticing how well you can dress and how nice you clean up for any occasion no matter how big or small, formal or casual.

3. No Hoarding and More Space

Having too many things that are in good shape but that you never use can be very annoying. There is probably a whole section of your closet with clothes that you never ever reach for but are not willing to throw away or donate because you either like them too much or you paid for them too much. Most often it is a combination of both. Such hoarding will stop happening as soon as you start buying only the clothes you will actually wear.


When you purchase something and never wear it, it is literally like throwing money down the drain. You have no use of it but you paid for it. It is high time you cut ties with the stuff you never wear and donate it those in need or gift it to people in your life. Freeing up space in your home is a great feeling and you will be glad that you finally know what to wear and what not to buy anymore.

What to Wear

Before we let you go, here are some tips on what to wear based on your body type. Pear shape types should go for sleeveless dresses, short jackets, both wide and tight jeans, A-line skirts, blouses with ruffles and shoulder pads, short cardigans, and pointed toe heels. Light colors on top and dark on the bottom will do wonders.


For the rectangular shape, short dresses and body skirts are an absolute victory every time. Peplums, A-line dresses, longer blazers, scoop necks, and sleeveless shirts are all viable. Pants, jeans, and sweatpants can be both skinny and somewhat wide.
The hourglass figure is thought to be the most attractive and desired in women, but it is all subjective. The goal is to show off the curves so try wearing thick belts, high waist skirts, skinny high waist jeans, stilettos, wrap and belted tops, and above the knee dresses.

With the apple body type, avoid pants and jeans that bulge at the waistline and stay away from tight and clingy fabrics. Softer materials are your friend. You should try V-necks, blouses with wraps, sleeveless dresses, and anything that will highlight the legs and arms. A-line cuts look amazing too.

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