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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in 2024

It’s official. You’re getting married! And, one of the first steps on the journey to your big day is finding the perfect venue. Whether you choose a site on the beach or prefer to be wed inside a medieval castle, the place must be in-line with more than just your fantasies. You will have many other factors to take into account. The following are some essential items to consider to help you narrow down your choices:

How do you imagine your perfect wedding? Would you like it to be an outdoor or indoor wedding? Do you want a rustic feel or an air of overwhelming glamour? These are considerations that you and your fiance should sit down and seriously talk about. Every couple’s wedding must-have list will be unique, but it is essential to try to meet your needs and your partner’s if you can.

1. Choose a Date

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Before you start venue-shopping, you must choose the date for your big day. Remember, you need to select a time that is far enough away so that friends and relatives can save time in advance. That is especially true if it is a destination wedding. The time should be convenient for not only you and your future spouse. It must be doable for the vast majority of the guests you plan to invite.

Don’t get discouraged. Remember, if you set your heart on a date, and one of your favorite venues is not available, it will help you to narrow down your choices.

2. Keep on an Established Budget

You may have extravagant dreams, but, unfortunately, reality must set in. You must know what your budget is that you stick to venues within its limits. You don’t want to start your marriage deep in debt.

Keep in mind: Count on your venue and catering, accounting for at least half of your wedding budget. However, some sites also cater, and, as such, you can probably get a deal. That said, many times, you will have to hire an outside company.

3. Estimate your Guest Count

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While you don’t have to have an exact count, you should have a pretty good estimate just by knowing who you plan to invite. That is very important because venues differ in size considerably. Also, some places have different rooms for parties of varying sizes. So, talk with your fiance and write a comprehensive guest list, so there are no surprises down the road.

The most appropriate type of service will depend on the size of your room and the number of guests. The buffet and welcome cocktails with tasting tables are proper in significant locations and open spaces with simple furniture. On the other hand, the menus by time require the service of waiters so that they will be practical for small locations or with furniture.

Your location will have a maximum number of guests that you must take into account to know if they will fit or not.

If you will have an intimate wedding, investigate the minimum number of attendees since some places can only depart if they gather a certain amount of guests or if they pay what it would cost to receive the number of people who set them.

4. Choose your Celebration’s Location

There is no limit to the spots where you can hold your wedding! You can stay in your hometown for a quaint, family-oriented get-together, or you choose an exotic vacation locale with glorious scenery and picture-perfect weather. However, it is essential to remember that while a local reception will be much more convenient, ideally, you only get one wedding, and you should shoot for the stars. You can even stay put and decide on a beautiful location. It’s glamorous, it’s private, and has both beautiful interiors and gorgeous exteriors for unbelievable photo opportunities. It can be like taking a vacation while remaining local.

Deciding on a location will help you to focus on a limited number of venues available on your chosen date.

5. Availability and Schedules

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Find out about the available spaces that you can use. If you want to coordinate your ceremony and celebration, the location must have a chapel or enough space for civil services.

Similarly, take note of all the areas that you can use for your wedding or, conversely, find what you need to place all the amenities you have dreamed of. Gardens, fountains, terraces, and pools can make the experience more splendid.

When it comes to destination weddings and weekend weddings, it will be a plus if the location has accommodation not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests. The bedrooms can also be practical if the bride and groom want to get ready there or share some private time before the party or the ceremony. Also, if you need to store gifts, store your musicians’ equipment or refrigerate your wedding flowers, your location will require areas that you and your suppliers can use.

6. Exclusivity and privacy

The hotels, gardens, and larger farms can host more than one event at the same time or at different times, especially during the days of high demand. If you prefer yours to be the only event held in the place you chose, you must ensure that there is such a possibility and know what the price is before you make a final choice.

For greater control over the banquet, what you can do is hire a catering service separately if the place of the celebration allows it.

7. Do your Research

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Once you are sure of your available dates, budget, estimated guest count, and location, it is time to research your options online or by calling venues. Keep good notes. If there are a couple of places that stand out by meeting all or most of your needs, you should take the time to set up an in-person visit with your fiance.

In conclusion, taking the time to figure out what you both want will streamline this often overwhelming process. If you follow the tips mentioned earlier, you should be able to get through this stage in the game stress-free.

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