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4 Best House Water Filter Wrenches 2024

We should start this list by explaining that essentially what water housing wrenches are.

Basically, these are the tools that help you to loosen the sump of a water supply line that is holding the cartridge. Having a right-sized wrench makes it even more easy to just open the sump and remove the cartridge.

This is just a helpful suggestion that you should look at the dimensions of the wrench as it may vary from size and this list of top best wrenches also has various sizes that are compatible with different water purifiers and pipes.

It is a wrench to lose the plastic holder which connects that hose with your house to enable you to change the cartridges. According to HouseWaterMatters, Having a right-sized wrench makes it even more easy to just open the sump and remove the cartridge.

So, here we are going to look at the best water filter wrenches in 2024

1. Superb Wrench SPBW-2

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This wrench fits all the standard of water filter thus making it more versatile yet it is known to be durable. Durable in the sense the literally it can’t break as it is made with heavy-duty tick metal which is coated with anti-rust technology.

The holding handle is made with rubber to provide more gripe and firm grip when opening it can be a hustle. Furthermore, it can be a vital wrench as it can fit most of the American size water filter.

What we like:

  • As the name suggests it has a strong and superb grip.
  • It can fit most of the American water filter.
  • The small details matter as the handle has an arrow print to guide you in which way you should rotate.
  • The mouth diameter is 6.25 inches.

2. Pentek SW-4 Plastic Filter Wrench

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First, let me list down the main water filter it would work with which is Pentek big blue while that it can also be used to open the housing for replacing the filter cartridge when it is empty.

Other than that, the uses of this could be infinite as it can be the best option for those who need to travel such as plumbers or contractors.

Now you might be wondering travel how? Yes, it is portable and light-weighted as it is made with durable plastic material which in time will not wear off.

The mouth of the opener is quite big which can fit any sized water filter thus making it be versatile and mobile.

What we like:

  • It is lightweight and durable.
  • Best for contractors or on-call plumbers.
  • Made with durable plastic.
  • Used on large filters of Pentek big blue and others.
  • Well-constructed and excellent built with the element of mobility.

3. HWR-20-BB Wrench for Whole House Water Filter

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Let’s just start this product with what and which water filter it can easily open and I would say again that it can open any type of big blue BB  housings and making it easy to replace the cartridge.

This is again made with durable plastic material which would not be as durable as a metal constructed wrench but can provide you with portability and versatility.

What we like:

  • This is made with durable plastic material.
  • It can help you in opening any big blue BB  housing.
  • The diameter of this wrench is 5-7/8 inch thus making it suitable for most of the BBs and others.

4. Superb Wrench SPBW – 11 Water Filter Wrench

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Here is another product from Superb similar to that this wrench is also made with heavy-duty metal thus made wot last for a long period of time.

With that said, it can fit most of the small water filters so, for those you were wondering that what if we have a small water filter? Well, this is for you.

Moreover, this is made with 7-gauge steel and metal thus making it more durable.

What we like:

  • The mouth opening diameter of this wrench is 3.69”.
  • With that, it is made with heavy-duty 7-gauge steel and metal.
  • Have a rubberized grip for a firm and excellent grip.
  • Made in the USA.

A Complete Buying Guide for House Water Filter Wrenches


A filter wrench should be made with durable materials as it is used in the rugged and harsh environment thus be sure when buying a wrench as it is most likely to be broken or worn out when opening the input panel if it is made with the light material.

All the wrenches included on this list are made of durable and reliable built-material thus even plastic is also not simple but hard and tough plastic hence ensuring the reliability and durability of the wrench.


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The design element does not come into play as a wrench is used to open the housing or cartridge compartment to change the cartridge so the design aspect is not important in this scenario.

Well, if you are design-oriented person filter wrenches come with the same design approach but they at least have variations in color schemes.


Consider to choose the filter wrench according to your preferred filter as it may vary in size, some filters have designated wrenches which aids them in opening and closing the filter compartment.

So, I would suggest preferring the recommended wrench for your filter.


As I said in the size heading some filters are not compatible with every wrench as they may have different sizes of opening or locking system so I would suggest choosing according to your filter or you should highly prefer the recommended wrench for your filter.


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A wrench is a small device hence you would think that it would be easily portable but no! These wrenches may be small but they are found to be heavy and can’t be carried in a plastic bag.

Till now when you are searching for the filter wrench you would have a toolbox specifically containing all the filter equipment so it won’t be an issue when it comes to the portability aspect.


A water filter is a necessity in every house as it provides and purifies water at ease but what if the cartridge has eventually collected dust to place those you would need a wrench thus this list comes in place.

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