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How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool

Buying a swimming pool for your home’s backyard is a big investment. When it comes to people’s pool preferences, you can’t rely on a one size fits all approach because what constitutes an ideal pool may mean different things to different people. While there’s no rule of thumb for how you can choose the right pool, there are certain factors that you should consider which can guide you in your decision to buy the right swimming pool for you and your family.

Described below are some factors to be taken into consideration when you’re choosing the right swimming pool for your needs.

In-ground, partially above ground, or fully above ground

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You need to consider whether you want an in-ground, partially above ground, or fully above ground pool. While in-ground pools are generally the most popular choice for fiberglass pools, they can be more expensive than above ground pools. In-ground pools will require you to consider the nature of the land in your backyard. If you’ve got a backyard with flat land, it’s ideal to have an in-ground pool as the area can be excavated easily. If your backyard has got sloping and uneven land, a partially above ground or even fully above ground pool would be a better option for you.

Pool usage

The type of swimming pool you ultimately choose will also depend on how you plan to use the pool. If your main purpose of having a pool in your backyard is to exercise and ensure you do some physical activity, a lap pool is ideal. This is free from obstructions and can allow you to take laps easily and get in your workout for the day.

If however, you’re only interested in having a pool in your backyard to relax after a long day at work, you’ll be better off getting a plunge pool which is much smaller and meant specifically for relaxation.

You must also take into consideration future pool usage if you’re planning to start a family. It’s better to have a larger pool for when your kids grow up and are at an age where they want to invite their friends over or have pool parties in the backyard.

Pool design

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Swimming pools are available in a variety of shapes and designs, including:

  • Oval pools
  • Figure 8 pools
  • Rectangular pools
  • Geometric pools
  • Roman or Grecian pools
  • Freeform pools
  • L shaped pools

The shape and design you choose will depend on the size of your backyard as well as your budget. You’ll also have to take into consideration the nature of the land as not all designs will be possible to install on different land. Don’t compromise on pool usage when you’re planning your design. If your focus is on doing laps, a rectangular pool will work better than a fancy looking figure 8 pool. You’ll also need to ensure that the design meets safety code regulations of your area. The design you ultimately choose must elevate the aesthetics of your home and be suited to your sense of style.

Pool maintenance requirements

Different types of pools have different maintenance requirements. This is important to consider because pool maintenance could take up a significant portion of your time and cost you a lot of money. You don’t want to spend most of your time maintaining your pool. You want to be able to swim in it. Fiberglass pools are the easiest to maintain and last longer. These have gel coated surfaces which make it difficult for bacteria and algae to accumulate. They also require far lesser chemicals for cleaning when compared to other types of pools. Their long-lasting nature also means that you won’t have to worry about resurfacing the pool like you would for other pools.

Budget considerations

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One of the most important factors to take into consideration when deciding on the right swimming pool for your home is your budget. You may come across multiple types of pools that you like, but if they aren’t available within your budget, it’s pointless to even consider them. You need to carefully plan your budget and decide on your ideal pool based on this.

When planning your budget, make sure you include more than just the cost of installation. Swimming pools require lifelong maintenance, so factor in all costs over the lifetime of the pool and see if it’s worth it. Concrete pools are the most expensive and vinyl liner pools are the cheapest, but they also require frequent maintenance which increases their overall cost. Fiberglass pools prove to be ideal even in this regard because their installation, as well as maintenance costs, can be easily planned into your budget.

Pool0 features

Apart from the basics, there are multiple features you can add to your swimming pool to make it a more enjoyable place for you and your family. Getting pool fencing can offer you greater protection and privacy. You can even opt for features such as fountains, waterfalls, and slides that will add to the attractive value of your backyard and make your swimming pool more enjoyable, especially for kids.

You can even have your very own spa added to your backyard swimming pool, creating a place for you to unwind. Colour changing LED lights can give your swimming pool a wow factor while keeping you safe when you go swimming after dark. You can even adjust the colors based on the mood you want to create if you’re throwing a party. There are also some smart pool upgrades you may want to consider. These will allow you to have greater control over your pool and help you save on energy bills in the process.


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You need to select the right swimming pool for your home keeping in mind the landscaping in your backyard as well. Your swimming pool must complement all the other features in your backyard, and its size will also be impacted by other plans that you may have for backyard landscaping. If your backyard landscaping is already done, you’ll need to carefully select swimming pool features to complement your landscaping. If it hasn’t been completed, you’ll have more flexibility to plan your landscaping based on the features of your swimming pool.

You must make use of professionals when making such a decision to get the best input and make an informed choice.
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