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Choose a Perfect Bouquet for Your Girlfriend

You want to do something nice for your girlfriend even it is a little cheesy. The old tradition of buying flowers may seem like an overused idea as a gift, but it still works, and it will make your girlfriend happy. Buying flowers may sound like an easy job until you start seeing all the different colors, names and sizes. You are even asking yourself why are all these flowers so expensive. However, you do not have to overthink things when buying flowers, just pick the one that catches your eye the most, but fits your budget and you will get a great reaction anyway.

But if you are looking to make things more romantic, there are a few ways to make this gift a little more meaningful to the person you are giving it to. That is why we made a quick little guide to help you pick the right flowers for your girlfriend.

When should I buy these flowers?

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Flowers shouldn’t be bought just for special occasions, birthdays or holidays. Random timing for this kind of gift makes it better. Who does not love getting a completely unsolicited gesture that expresses love and there is no better option than flowers for this kind of gesture. Also, make sure you mention that there is no certain reason why you bought them just that you thought of her and bought the flowers.

Birthdays and holidays

Birthday flowers can never be a bad thing. Your girlfriend will always be grateful when you give her flowers, no matter if it’s a birthday or any day of the week. But know that flowers will always be a much more special gift when you give them unplanned rather than on a special day.

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What kind of flowers should I buy?

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• Chrysanthemums

These are always a great pick because of their variety, heartiness, color, and price. Although, if you are not familiar with this person very well, think twice before you get them since in Europe these flowers are known as the flower of death. But if you made sure the person is not familiar with this expression, then this is a great pick. They come in all shapes, colors, varieties, and sizes which really makes this an amazing flower.

• Lilies

Lilies are also a good pick because they also have a great variety of sizes and colors and have a great reputation for staying alive. Blooming lilies always smell amazing. One of the more interesting things about lilies is that the buds on cut flowers will still bloom. So after cutting the dead parts of the lily, the buds will form another bouquet. You are basically getting two bouquets for the price of just one. However, make sure you are not bringing this flower to a house with cats because lilies can be very toxic to felines.

• Alstroemerias

These beautiful flowers come at an amazingly low price and can last about a week and sometimes up to two or three weeks. Alstroemerias can simply survive anything. However, keep in mind that these flowers are kind of small, so you will need to mix these with some other type of flower if you want to achieve that “wow” factor.

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