Can You Vape Kratom? Is It Safe?

These mysterious leaves from halfway around the world can do wondrous things for you. Many people have found that including Kratom in their daily routines has helped them better manage their stress and outlook.

The traditional delivery methods in Southeast Asian countries where Kratom grows were to pick the Kratom leaves right off the trees, chew them, brew them into a robust bitter tea, or smoke them.

As smoking and vaping have risen to prominence for tobacco and CBD, many Kratom users wonder if it’s safe to vape Kratom as well. In the 21st century, with the medical technology and scientific resources available, smoking or vaping Kratom is not ideal; it is a terrible choice for your respiratory system. Heating Kratom also changes the alkaloids substantially, altering the results in your body, and it’s hard to manage your dosage.

Why is Kratom So Special?

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Kratom is a tropical evergreen that is in the same family as the coffee plant. It grows predominantly in Southeast Asia, has large oval leaves, and can grow up to 80’ tall. For generations, people who live in the areas in which these trees grow have incorporated these unusual leaves into their cultural and daily rituals.

Alkaloids are the compounds in Kratom leaves that interact beneficially with your internal systems. Depending on how the batch of leaves is dried and processed, you will find either red, green, or white Kratom.

Each unique strain has a different number and combination of alkaloids and can either imbue a calm state of mind or help you attack your to-do list with vigor.

What Differentiates Each Strain?

According to the local lore in Southeast Asian cultures, particular methods create each different strain. Kratom farmers, who know exactly when the optimal time to pick the Kratom leaves, subject the batches to drying periods in the sunlight and the shade. These patents of sun and shade produce different hues.

Here are some more details about the creation process of Kratom and how they interact with your internal systems.


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To keep its vibrant shades of green, green Kratom is equal parts UV light or sunlight and shade or dark. This treatment produces a specific number of alkaloids, which can help you hone your determination and provide you a rosy outlook, helping you tackle your daily chore list.


This particular type of Kratom sees no light, sunlight, UV lights, or even lamplight, all of which would deepen its pale coloring. Some farmers process White Kratom in air-conditioned, dark rooms to maximize the unique combination and number of alkaloids in its leaves.

White Kratom is an excellent choice if you are looking to ease yourself into a sense of calm motivation to get through your day.


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This type of Kratom gets the most light, which explains its dark hue. Unlike green or white Kratom, red Kratom is a better choice for evening or nighttime consumption, as it helps you let go of daily stressors.


A blend of two or more of the Kratom strains, yellow Kratom is considered a potent mix that reserves the best quality of the strains from which it is mixed.

Since Kratom debuted on the global market, many have found their favorite strain and delivery method. Before you start on your Kratom journey, you should know the risks of vaping or smoking Kratom. There are far better delivery methods, ones that are healthier and more convenient. Learn more about smoking kratom

What is Vaping?

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This particular method uses the lungs as the delivery point; much like smoking, you inhale the vapor, which is why it’s called vaping. Like smoking, vaping carries considerable respiratory risks. This is a reasonably new delivery system, having broken into public consciousness in the last 10 years.

With vaping, anatomizing element heats an aerosol that you inhale, entering your lungs. The vapor is then absorbed into the bloodstream through the blood vessels of your lungs. For e-cigs (electronic cigarettes), a liquid is often heated until it becomes a mist or vapor. Some devices create vapor out of dried herbs or powder, which is how it’s used for Kratom.

Because vaping is a relatively novel delivery method, there’s not much research about vaping’s risks, and some of the studies out there contain dire warnings. Smoking Kratom is risky because it subjects your lungs to the residual result of the leaves’ combustion, but vaping Kratom carries equally severe risks.

What Does Vaping Do to Kratom?

It’s not just the lungs that suffer from inhaling overheated vapor; heating Kratom changes the alkaloids as well. Kratom’s alkaloids are delivered through your lungs’ alveoli to your bloodstream, which creates a different, more rapid outcome.

It’s also much more challenging to control your dosage when you have to measure it for vaping or smoking. Using your lungs as the delivery point for Kratom changes the amount you find suitable and how the alkaloids interact with your system.

What are Alternate Delivery Methods?

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There are better ways to adopt Kratom into your system, like using a powder in the simple but effective toss-and-wash method or making a delicious hot or iced tea. You can even mix Kratom powder into your food, and it’s especially tasty in curries or overnight oats.

Some find Kratom’s taste quite bitter, but there are ways to avoid that as well. Vaping Kratom isn’t quite as smoky as more traditional methods, but it isn’t odorless, and it isn’t tasteless. If you find Kratom unpalatable, you can easily take a Kratom capsule to bypass bitterness altogether.

However you choose to take your Kratom, it’s not safe to vape. There are other, much more manageable methods available to you, especially now that Kratom has opened to the global market.

Wrapping it Up

Vaping, or inhaling heated vapor from a vaporizer, burst onto the current global stage swiftly, taking over cigarette markets, as well as infiltrating other industries.

With the varied selection of delivery methods available now, you don’t have to put your respiratory health at risk to adopt Kratom into your day-to-day activities.

Whether you enjoy red, green, white Kratom, or a mix of two or more blends, your delivery method should be a safe and efficient choice. Capsules or convenient powders can travel with you and don’t put strains on your lungs and airways.

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