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The Path to Building a Lead Generation Process

Are you a sales professional trying to simplify and improve the lead generation process? Lead generation is quite a complex function that can benefit sales. It is composed of lead nurturing, reporting of all kinds, and various analytics.

The lead generation process is the core of the business that functions via sales. If your business cannot properly generate leads or the quality of leads is limited, then, unfortunately, your business will be unable to grow and scale. This is exactly the reason why the lead generation process has to be as clear as possible. The better streamlined and effective the lead generation will be, the less effort your sales teams will have to put in. We shall cover all the requirements for a healthy lead generation process for B2B and how to achieve such a lead generation process.

What Exactly is a Lead Generation Process?

In layman terms, lead generation is directly linked to figuring out a way to capture the customers’ potential interest so that you can interact with them and, in the end, convert them to paying customers. The only way to achieve this is by using a well-thought-out lead generation process. Nothing can be left to chance when it comes to lead generation. The process has to be as clear as possible, easy to follow so that a steady flow of leads can be generated. The pressure is lifted off the shoulders of your sales team because they do not have to do the lead prospecting themselves. This means that they will not need to focus all their effort on obtaining quality leads and instead hone their skills at closing the deals with the leads that have already shown interest.

Develop a Strategy and Stick to it

In order to craft your own lead generation process, you need to be focused on the essential elements that compose the strategy. And just as with any other process, the starting blocks need to be the blueprints. This strategy is mandatory if you want your company to be featured in a Forbes article.

Who is your Target Audience?

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In order to create content that can engage the audience, you need to clearly define exactly whom you are targeting. The more information you gather on the potential customers, the easier it will be to target them with specific content that will spark interest. Once the content Is appealing enough, converting them to paying customers will be a much easier task.

Have You Set a Goal for the Campaign?

What numbers are you trying to generate with your campaign? Does this fit the current business goals you have set? What kind of leads would you like to acquire?

Do You Have a Tactic for Achieving your Goals?

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Every single milestone within the campaign needs to be clearly defined. Who will be tasked with what? Are the deadlines clearly set? Will the actions you have planned out be enough to achieve the goals?

What Platform Will you Target?

What platform will be used in order to deliver your message? And what channels are the best for the said message?

Figure Out the Content/Incentives

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What exactly will you need to offer in order to satisfy the needs of your target audience in the best way? This greatly depends on the channels you are going to use because different channels require different incentives/strategies. If you currently run a blog, it would be a good idea to include an e-book. However, over on social media, a discount will most likely create a much better engagement.

How Will You Measure the Success of your Campaign?

The results of the lead generation have to be closely observed in order to figure out exactly what brings the best results. Even when you have a winning strategy, you will still need to tweak it and improve it if you want to have a truly successful lead generation campaign. By clicking here, you can visit a website that has a plethora of information on lead generation.

Align Your Marketing and Sales Strategies

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Lead generation has moved to digital within the past years. Digital content is what will make your campaign a true success. Information about Wix can be found directly on or following the link.

Social media, blogs, and any other digital channel can all be a goldmine of leads. In order to successfully tap into all of them as desired, you will have to make sure that the strategy applied by both salespeople and marketing people perfectly aligns.

The two departments need to be capable of cooperating in all the parts of lead generation. Both the salespeople and the marketing department have to be capable of lead nurturing or even making a sale. Only with a clear strategy, that enables them to cooperate, you will be able to achieve maximum results.

The marketing division will have to be capable of identifying a hot lead when they see one. This is advantageous because they can relay the lead directly to the salespeople so that a potential customer can be converted on the spot.
In order to have everyone on the same page, you need to achieve sound cooperation between the two departments. The marketing team will be tasked with generating the leads and identifying potential right away so that they can forward the lead to the sales department. The strategy also has to be clearly established so that the marketing department can assist directly with reaching the campaign goals.

A CRM that has information that can be accessed by both departments is vital. This way, previous lead qualifications will not be lost, and the communication between the departments will be greatly improved.

Focus on the Content

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Content is what will bring in the B2B leads or leave you empty-handed. Content can draw the leads’ attention towards your product and build trust. Trust is mandatory if you want anyone to share contact information and to find emails easily.

The type of content that you will distribute should be aligned with the goals you have established. The goals will influence the content you are going to provide.

Blog posts are an amazing hiring tool that builds rapport between you and your future customers. If the content is engaging, they will be visiting your site again and again. Every time they visit, the chances of converting them to paying customers increase greatly.

How-to-Guides will attract leads that are also working on their goals. Such a downloadable guide is capable of immediately generating leads if you manage to satisfy their curiosity with relevant content.

Videos are another amazing tool that your team should already be using. They fit well on either blogs, social media, or on landing pages. Videos have great flexibility and can be used to educate, promote, or basically achieve any other task. They are very malleable and can be used to achieve almost every goal you set out to fulfill.

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