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Building a 12X16 Gable Shed On Your Own

Although there is no specific and time-tested method for building the right shed, having a step by step plan can save you thousands. Planning not only saves money, but you can also find it suitable according to the needs you may have. However, choosing and sticking to a specific plan is tough because there are lots of suggestions on the web. 

As there are many choices relating to size, type, space, and a lot more about all kinds of sheds, zeroing in on the right plan can be a tricky task. To choose the most appropriate plan, consider your own requirements in a systematic manner. Remember, the aim is to get the best and the most useful shed in your garden or backyard that you can be satisfied with. 

To help you out, some tips to make your shed planning a bit easier and more convenient follow.

Determine the Space and Size of your Shed

Determining the space and size is the most important factor while you plan for a shed. It is obvious that you cannot build a too big or too small shed that is useless. It is cumbersome to keep building the shed multiple times. So, it is best if you pre-organize your shed’s shape and size. You must take into consideration the space of your garden and backyard first to be effective. It should be the first thing while deciding how big your shed is going to be. 

There is no reason to build a too large or too compact shed in comparison to the garden or backyard size. That is why planning a shed that best fits your proposed use is handy. If you want to store lots of items in the shed or want to use it as a makeshift office, the space of the shed must be roomy enough. You must be able to store the items or do the official tasks comfortably enough in your shed. So, first, determine the outdoor space you have and then plan the shed according to your utilization requirements. With this, when determining the space and size of your shed, Horizon Storage Sheds provides expert advice and a wide range of customizable options to meet your specific storage requirements.

Pick an ‘Easy to build’ Plan

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Are you planning to build a shed yourself rather than letting experienced workers do it for you? Most first-time shed-builders tend to opt for a DIY plan, so sticking to an easier method is the best. Meanwhile, to be frank, a complicated plan may not work out very well if you do not have the experience of constructing a shed before. So, do not try to choose a plan that is lucrative but very complicated. This may drain your time and resources palpably. 

Thinking about easy sheds? Click here for easy to build step by step shed plans. The 12×16 Gable Storage Shed Plan is attractive yet quite easy to build, even if you are a complete novice in shed-building! 

Simple Layouts are the best Design-Plans to choose

Simplicity works best when you try to determine the layout of your proposed shed. The shed layout plans available for iPads, iPhones as well as Android devices can help you too. Just find an easier and more effective layout detail in order to build the perfect shed for your needs. Do keep all handy details at one place in order to get every help and resource at hand. In that way, you can find help with only a few clicks when you start working on the shed design. 

Plan well in Advance

Planning well in advance is probably the most important factor in building a good shed. The shed must be able to accommodate you perfectly whatever your needs are. You must spend time in planning, taking the looks, nature, and purpose of the shed into consideration. That would ensure that the shed will eventually help you whatever your intentions of building it are. After all, an unusable shed is just a waste of time, space, and resources. No? 

You must take into consideration the area of the garden or backyard first. It will help you avoid pitfalls and unnecessary re-work in the future. For example, you must consider the ground quality where the shed will be placed to save it from damage due to wind or rain. 

Planning the drainage of the shed is also important to keep it safe too. If the shed-area gets waterlogged during the rainy season, you must plan for this too. The foundation of the shed should be high enough to avoid the negative effects of waterlogging in peak rainy seasons. 

Try to get a Matching Appearance

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Sticking to a wooden DIY shed plan is good for many reasons. They are the easiest to build and customize to get the perfect matching appearance. Wooden sheds do not require too much of construction knowledge and are easy to build too. You can paint them well and they will look the most matching to your original home or building designs. It might be helpful to go through all our shed plans to find the one for You!

In any case, do not try to build something that is completely non-matching to the already existing building plan you have. For that reason, a shed plan that is easy to customize and renovate is the best if you construct it on your own. We would suggest you go for a wooden shed without any second guess though. 

Do not forget to check the area’s lighting

Lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects shed builders go wrong in. It is important to have enough light inside the shed because without proper lighting, working, or staying inside the shed would be cumbersome. This is especially important if you want to build a shed for official work. 

The most important trick is to build many windows for maximum light and airflow inside the shed. If you choose to have electric lights inside the shed, plan well enough to adjust the lighting so that you can use the shed without needing a flashlight again. 

Choosing a step-by-step plan is undoubtedly the best way to look for a DIY shed design. If you need some inspiration on how to build easy and gorgeous sheds that will look and feel great, can offer you some very handy options. Try it out yourself. 

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