5 Reasons Why You Need a Branded Website For Your Small Business

Small businesses usually start their job with a limited budget, and they don’t know how to prioritize the expenses they regularly have. Surely, the owners need to buy all the supplies, so they can make and ship the goods, including tools, mailers, boxes for packs, small printers for stickers and order cards, and many other things they should think about before they launch their business. Surely, they have many channels to promote their business, especially social media, including Instagram and TikTok, and many of them underestimate the importance of the branded website, so they can advertise the products, and let the customer order directly from them.

As we said, we know that building the website from a scratch can be an additional expense, and they don’t need that at the initial stages, but there are services like that will help you get the website you need to launch your business and receive the first orders.

You are not sure? Don’t worry! Here we are to explain how important is your website, so your job can get better as time goes by. If you decide to go with a branded option, you can be sure you will land more sales, and help your business grow every day.

1. It promotes you, as a business


Once you get the website, you should adjust the design, by using your favorite fonts and colors and then start working on the content. But, before you list your offers in different categories, you need to fill up the “About Us” section, to briefly explain who you are, and what are your goals and mission. After that, let the audience learn more about their options. If you sell goods, list all the countries where you can ship the products. Also, when the visitor gets to know more about you as a person or a whole team, they are more likely to build a connection with (all of) you, gain trust, and get more interested in your products and services.

2. Promotes your products and services

You don’t need a too complicated website. The basic navigation is enough to go through the categories and see if the product is good for you or not. That’s what your visitors are doing. They are looking for a particular product or service, or they get interested in you, as a business unit, and they explore their options, until finally finding what they need. Also, if you sell through the website, practically you have a shop that is open 24/7, and accessible from all over the world. You only need to learn how to include the payment methods, how to manage with the stock, offer enough options for shipping, create coupons and deals for the loyal customers, provide a secure connection, and of course, let them honestly review your product.

3. You become more credible among the customers


Many small businesses didn’t know the advantage of having a website until it was too late. There are many of them who tried to sell through Facebook or Instagram, and that’s pretty limited, since you won’t provide an encrypted connection, and there is no way to send you the money immediately. Facebook and Instagram businesses use postal services that ship the product and get the money from the customer, and of course, sometimes unfortunate things happen, and no one is to blame. But, when you have a website, you are leaving an impression of a credible and trustworthy brand, so the customers are more likely to order from you. We don’t say that there are no legit Facebook shops, but there are too many scammers whose only goal is to get the people’s money without providing the minimum quality of service required.

4. You can compete with the bigger names

Your business surely has something unique to offer, but on the other hand, you still have competition somewhere around you. Your website will help you get relevant, and even though the customers will compare you with the other similar businesses, you can be sure you are getting enough attention. Also, you can easily research your competition, and use their perks in your favor, by adjusting the offer, prices, and shipping options. Don’t forget to put your location on the website, since the people who need that particular product or service will first look around them, and then expand their searching. So, if you want to keep things local, Google will surely help you get listed in the first results by simply pinpointing your location on Google Maps. So, there you are, all together with the big names from your niche, and their direct competition.

5. You can sync them with the social media profiles


Almost all social media platforms let you promote your website by sharing links. Use your Facebook page to share the current promotions, or navigate the fans to follow the link and claim something special. Put the URL in your Instagram bio, or use the “Swipe Up” option on Instagram stories so the followers can easily access the website and see the products. Twitter is also an exceptional option to boost your web location and encourage the followers to visit you, or even place an order. Also, you have unique Pinterest boards, and attractive TikTok videos that are inviting and catchy.

To round up our thoughts

As you can see, there are many benefits of having a website for your business. We didn’t go deeper into the content aspects, protocols, licenses, and certificates you need. In this article, we covered the most important aspects of having a web place for your small store, because that will help you promote it better, build a relevant brand, and attract more loyal customers.

You have plenty of online tools available nowadays, and probably you only need a little knowledge and skills, and of course, use them properly, and we are sure you will write your success story every new day. Once you build that website, you will be surprised how big an impact it has over similar businesses, and how much it would change the whole way you do it.

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