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Best Bollywood Music Videos

The majority of people around the globe tend to associate cinematic music accomplishments to Hollywood and the USA, but that is relatively correct. Online marketing tools available today have been used to upgrade the foundations of songs videos in the USA. And moved them far up from the foreign competition that they seem to be light-years in front of anyone. On the other side, not so known to the broader audience is that top quality music videos one can find in Bollywood production. The fan base is quite impressive and increasing every day as we speak, going over 90mil according to the study.

Today thanks to the development and evolution of the smart-age, IT solutions have allowed us to take a good example of the work well-done on various devices. The fan base is sure to have increased results in the future as long as the music is a topic that suits everybody’s taste. Depending on various creative factors, song videos know how to communicate with the audience without making a sound, and to understand our emotions at a different level unknown to all of us. Not many things in life can blend as music can with our feelings, tastes, emotions, moods, days, and we must embrace that fact. We have done the homework and prepared the best music videos from Bollywood production you can find online today.

Galla Goodiyan

We start our list with probably the most dance-to song you can find from the famous Indian production in the last few years – The Galla Goodiyan. The movie itself was absolutely a bright-full-hit at the box-office Dil Dhadakne Do, making room for the mentioned video to make waves between the broader audience. The joyfulness and positive energy carry you all through from the start to the end of the cinematic adventure.

One of the rare examples where a large group of talented actors has the chance to show off their dancing capabilities. As well as their craft trade is emphasized in the same light, the song is memorizing to the eye. Vividly showing the plots from the movie in a humoristic way, this music video is blessed with bits that make you stand up. And when you are standing, you will get started on the floor instantly when you hear the bits ringing in your head. Galla Goodiyan song from the movie Dil Dhadakne Do is the fan favorite and had to be included on any list concerning this type of music.

Aye Udi Udi

Who doesn’t remember a classic hit like Aye Udi Udi almost two decades ago, that rock the list’s at the time and still available on pagalworld. The movie Saathiya from 2002 is an inspiritingly fun story between two young persons in love and their path. The cinematic accomplishments a bit overlooked here because simple things are made to look perfect. As with such quality videos, they grow increasingly popular when time passes, and the new audience recognizes it also.

Between the various songs from the movie, this one is a foundation for many similar music videos to come after. As the foundations are set correctly, you can build on it, right?  Probably the complete Bollywood production needs to give credit to this cinematic amusement with a catching song. But we have included it as a thank you to all participants of the project. It will always have a soft spot in our hearts.

Tumhi Dekho Na

Another member of our list comes from the period flourishing of Indian music cinematic production – Tumhi Dekho Na from 2006. Today people will identify their marriage struggles and challenges with the mentioned song. Although the movie itself had a good result at the box office, it can’t be compared to the music video. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna or Never Say Goodbye has its drama twisted with romantic plots throughout the picture, and one message in the song – a better tomorrow together.

An encouraging creation at the time still gets admirers for the approach to the topic, along with admiration for some impressive technical performances, in terms of choreographed work well done. Maybe because of the quality of the camera shooting, capture hidden details full of emotions in the video makes it a natural choice for this article.

Phir Se Udd Chala

Next on our list is the 2011 music picture Phir Se Udd Chala from the movie Rockstar. The famous movie is the reason for the creation of the Phir Se Udd Chala song that was surprisingly more remembered then the picture itself. The video exposes the emotional side of this drama-musical in a performance that will be remembered as rebellious musical art captured on camera.

Thankfully to the producers, this musical-drama singed in the notes of persons in love divided between personal and professional interest, resulted in a capturing music video. Such a scenario that gone on the right way was hard to expect at that time. But for sure, some light effect, sound synchronized with demanding movements of the video, are still to be applauded at since it was filmed in 2011.

Kuch To Hua Hai

One of the classic music videos made in Bollywood is definitely Kuch To Hua Hai from Kal Ho Naa Ho 2003. The mentioned period is full of ground changing musicals that, in a way, show the road from then to now in the production of India’s most excellent music videos. The movie itself tells the story of the love triangle from the perspective of a bit emotional and depressive girl with a broken heart.

The majority of the camera movement is terrific, like the background used for this project, to combine it with the different aspects of comedy, drama, and romance, to round up a perfect scenario. Projects like this one and above mentioned were constructed with attention to small details, which help to sing the story for everyone to embrace it as their own.

A real feeling, a smile on your face, and a top-quality music video is guaranteed after treating yourself to this pleasure called Kuch To Hua Hai. Note that you will probably want to watch the movie also.

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