9 Tips to Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Professional – 2024 Guide

Interestingly, a lot of people don’t realize that it’s extremely complicated and difficult to blow dry their hair like a trained expert until they try doing it by themselves. After all, there is so much more work than simply plugging in a blow dryer, pointing it at your roots, and turning it on.

This is why you may be wondering – are there some tips that could help me blow dry my hair like a professional? Fortunately for all people that are wondering the same thing, the article below will shed some light on the entire topic. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what you might want to consider doing:

1. The Brush Needs to Be Just Right


One of the first things that you should know is that you cannot utilize the same brush as you do every day, mostly because you won’t be capable of blow-drying your locks properly. Hence, if you wish to get that flawless blow-dry that you would if you went to an expert, you may have to purchase a round bristle brush. Keep in mind, if you want to make the entire process faster, you may also want to choose a dryer that features vents – something that’ll allow the warmth to circulate.

2. Protection is Crucial!

Don’t ignore the importance of protecting your locks from the heated air! Now, there is a wide range of heat defense goods on the market, and if you feel overwhelmed by the number of options you can choose from, don’t worry, instead, test some of them out. There are various drying primers that’ll help you decrease the time you need for the whole process, but more importantly, they’ll repair and provide your roots with suitable nutrients.

3. Begin From The Roots, Stop at The Tips


You probably know that it’s best to brush your locks from the tips and then go way up to your roots. However, you shouldn’t do this when you’re blow-drying it. If you want that smooth finish that you have when walking out of a salon, you need to start from the roots and stop at the tips. Why should you opt for this? Well, by doing this, you’ll guarantee that the ends of your locks don’t get damaged by the warmth.

4. Keep The Dryer in Your Weaker Hand

It took me some time to get used to keeping the dryer in my weaker hand, mostly because of how heavy it is. But, if you desire to get that perfect look, you need to keep the brush in your stronger hand, mostly because it’ll help you create volume. Now, keep in mind, you’ll need to put your dryer down from time to time, which is why you’ll need a dryer stand. You can read more about these stands at Hot Styling Tool Guide.

5. The Direction is Important


Depending on what effect you want to achieve, you’ll have to choose the best direction. For instance, if you want your locks to be straight, you need to aim the dryer downwards. On the other hand, if you want more volume at the top of your head, you should take a part of your hair, pull it up, and point the appliance upwards. Keep in mind, if you blow-dry in the opposite way, you’ll add more volume to the roots.

6. Don’t Drag The Locks

If you’re in a hurry, it’s okay to utilize your fingers to style your hair while working on it. However, if you desire to get that look that you have when you pay an expert, you must make sure that you don’t drag the strands, instead, you should apply some pressure to them once it’s approximately 70 percent dry. For a smooth finish, you must follow the brush with the appliance, and assure that you aren’t pulling the locks since you could easily damage it by doing so.

7. Medium Temperature is The Best Temperature


If there is one thing that you must take away from this article, it’s the fact that the solution to having amazing look is to actually have strong and healthy hair. Because of this, you should guarantee that you aren’t applying too much warmth to your strands. If you want to avoid this, you need to avoid exposing your locks to too much heat, which is something that you can do by choosing medium heat. Of course, it might take you a bit longer to dry it, but your hair will be healthier and it’ll also look like it was style by an expert.

8. Don’t Rush The Process

As we mentioned at the beginning of your article, blow-drying your hair like an expert is complicated and daunting, which is why you shouldn’t get frustrated if you don’t succeed at first. Instead, you should take your time, keep these tips in mind whenever you’re working on your locks, and eventually, the entire process will become quite easy for you. In fact, it’ll come completely natural to you after a few times.

9. Finishing Products Are a Must


Last on our list, but equally important as all the other tips we mentioned is that you shouldn’t forget to apply finishing products once your hair is dry. After all, if you wish to keep that perfect look, you should protect it by applying hairspray to it or you could also your strands at the roots to get that extra boost. Naturally, the products you choose to use will depend on your preferences, but ensure that you apply them.


Although it is quite daunting to blow dry your hair like an expert, with some practice, it’ll become quite easy. And, if you opt for following most of the advice we mentioned in the list above, you’ll certainly make the entire process easier, less time-consuming, and more importantly, you could make sure that you get that amazing look.

So, now that you’ve learned what you could – and definitely should – choose to do, you really shouldn’t waste any more of your free time. Instead, you should go straight to your bathroom, give your hair a wash, and then try applying some or most of the tips we mentioned in this article.

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