Blockchain Technology Has Paved the Way for a Range of Careers In 2024

Blockchain expertise is, surprisingly – or not – one of the hottest around the globe, clearing the way for a range of professions.

As technology evolves at lightning speeds, one must adapt to the needs of the market. The demand for people with technological skills has increased considerably during the last couple of years, so people are inevitably looking for a job in this industry or, at least, something close.

Fortunately, there’re professions that match various levels of expertise in blockchain technology, from developer and engineer to legal consultant and writer. With increasingly more organizations seeking blockchain use cases in their systems, candidates have a variety of options.

Undoubtedly, things are far more complicated than buying a cryptocurrency like Ethereum online, although this job also requires some research. Apart from checking the Ethereum price, you must also be mindful of aspects like the cryptocurrency’s market cap and trading volume.

Let’s delve into some of the most sought-after jobs in blockchain technology and the skills required in this sense.

Blockchain Developer


Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular and sought-after career paths regarding blockchain technology is in blockchain development. Blockchain developers are in great demand at this moment and probably for a long time to come, but why? Well, because they’re basically the people behind this technology’s functionality.

Developers are more than mere programmers, although this is their primary role; they’re in charge of a bunch of things, including designing blockchain-powered architecture and applications, settling up nodes, submitting transactions, and creating smart contracts. Blockchain developers also take care of the security aspect, so they’re required special attention to detail.

Some of the most significant skills you should possess to grab a job as a blockchain developer include a vast experience with JavaScript, Python, and C++, as well as MYSQL, XML, HTML, Visual Studio, NET, and Microsoft SQL Server.

It might appear a bit intimidating, but all these abilities are more than justified since being a blockchain developer involves building the entire infrastructure and the protocols governing a particular platform.

Surely, your position as a blockchain developer depends from company to company. There’d be industries like government departments, tech companies, and financial services looking for this role. As for the salary, blockchain developers can earn an average annual wage of up to $136,000 based on their experience and capabilities.

Blockchain Legal Consultant

Since blockchain technology is still in its early stages, not all countries have legalized it. That being said, as businesses try to adopt it into their systems, legal problems can arise. That’s where a blockchain legal consultant comes into play.

They’re specialists in ensuring every aspect of a particular blockchain project meets the industry policy and legal requirements before it’s released and commenced. They also advise on identity management, finance handling, and the implications of launching such technology in the workplace.

Making blockchain part of an organization’s system is not as easy as it might seem, and the same is true with digital currency. Suppose entrepreneurs have to develop and structure cryptocurrency offerings. Then, they need to have extensive knowledge of the regulations and laws involved.

Blockchain Solution Architect


If you decide to become a blockchain solution architect, learn that you’ll be responsible for assigning, designating, and linking the various blockchain solution components to team experts like IT operators, UX designers, network administrators, and developers.

The primary role of this professional is to ensure top-notch security and storage architectures that help the blockchain platform function smoothly and problem-free.

Blockchain architects performing end-to-end blockchain solutions cooperate closely with software engineers and blockchain developers to ensure outstanding designs and practices when designing architecture frameworks.

And as you may have already guessed, these experts are among the pillars of this ever-evolving industry. That’s one of the reasons they’re so well-remunerated. Glassdoor suggests that blockchain solution architects can gain an average yearly salary of $104,400.

Blockchain Quality Engineer

From programming to Quality Assurance (QA), there’s an impressive range of blockchain career paths. This one is related to the quality control of a blockchain project, thus, performing automated test standards and creating QA protocols to ensure that each part of the project is of top-rate quality.

Among other things, blockchain quality engineers are also accountable for conducting research and manual testing, devising techniques for load performance tests, and giving advice on diverse blockchain tools.

In addition to all that, these professionals are in charge of the QA in all phases of blockchain development, counting both web and mobile application development. Like in the case of blockchain developers, blockchain engineers should pay great attention to detail, as the slightest mistake in this domain can lead to huge consequences.

Some of the most important abilities of one seeking this career path should include an MBA (Master in Business Administration), engineering degree, technical expertise, and honed communication skills.

Blockchain Writer


You can have a profession in blockchain technology even if you’re not that high-tech savvy. That’s because the job postings in this domain are diverse, and careers such as blockchain consultant and blockchain writer are in demand, too. So, if you aren’t inclined to programming but writing, you can get a job as a blockchain writer. Such a professional does exactly what their name suggests – creative written content encompassing the blockchain domain.

Your duty as a blockchain writer is to provide audiences with relevant, well-documented, and insightful information about blockchain technology. It goes without saying that you need to be highly involved in – even passionate about – the subject.

Otherwise, the required research would seem a burden. This profession is more in demand than you think, as many blockchain companies are in search of writers to envisage their websites and blockchain platforms with pertinent information about their services.

Indeed, salaries aren’t up to those involving blockchain development or engineering, but they’re not to be neglected either. The estimated wage of a blockchain writer can range up to $60,000 per year, which is undoubtedly higher than that of a copywriter, for example.

So, are you considering a career change?

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