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Career Opportunities For MBA Holders: Why MBA Students Should Learn User Experience Principles

User experience has been a very hot topic these last few years. It is a design process that you will never hear about unless something goes very wrong. But it is something that should be always an important part of building a product. But why does this matter so much to MBA students?

User experience, usually referred to as UX is how a person feels when interacting with a digital product such as a website. There are a lot of factors to make a good UX, some are controllable by the developers and designers while others are user preference or simply environmental. These factors include accessibility, performance, aesthetics/design, marketing, ergonomics, utility, usability, and overall human interaction.

However, user experience is not the same thing as usability, although they are related. UX is the emotion, connection, intuition and experience the user feels when using a product or website. Usability is more about how user-friendly and effective website design is. Usability is the main factor of the overall UX.

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Why UX matter?

User experience is just as important or may even be more important than visual design. It doesn’t matter what your app or website look like if people can’t understand how to interact with it. And even if they do know how to use it, they need to enjoy that interaction with no frustration.

While user experience is important for all digital products, it is mostly focused on certain types of digital products such as online or retail sales, complex apps or applications, start-up businesses and sites, smaller or bigger budget projects. UX is very important for more complicated websites since users must be able to navigate through the site easily and understand how to use it. Neglecting UX can result in a bad design site that people will not want to visit again.

Developing a website that delivers a rich experience, will convince people to come back every once in a while, or visit the site regularly.

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To achieve a successful UX design you will need your website to be well organized and to have an easy and clear visual design that can help people use it flawlessly. User experience is also crucial for start-up companies because the website is going to be the first impression to users.

This same concept applies to businesses with small budgets. UX is important because it can create the needed momentum that shoots the business forward. Most users will decide whether they want to use your app or website in just a few seconds. This is why these first few seconds is your only opportunity to convince people to stay on your website.

While having a good user experience on your digital product is very positive for your brand and company, remember that bad user experience can inspire an outcry throughout online communities which can tarnish your brand name. This kind of user experience can be very bad for your company’s reputation.

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