Best Value For Money: 5 Reliable Toyota Cars for Your Fleet – In 2024

Everyone wants to run a successful business, but no one wants to put in the work. The ones who do, however, need to stay sharp when it comes to purchasing equipment, machinery, and most importantly – vehicles. Picking a good set of vehicles for your fleet is the difference between life and death.

Based on the build quality, and the availability of genuine spare parts, we think that Toyota is the best choice for this task. Read on and hear us out.

How to Pick Cars for Your Company’s Fleet?

As a business owner, you need to, or probably understand your workers’ habits. You need reliable cars that won’t break down no matter the style of your employees’ driving.

The vehicles selected also need to be durable, so the environment doesn’t pick them apart. If one of the cars is defective (a lemon), then the company needs to sort it out, so a good warranty is key as well. Safety features and ratings are just as important, in case your employee crashes the vehicle.

But which company ticks all these boxes? The world’s best-selling one of course: Toyota. They have millions of customers and offer cars that will outlive generations of your family. They also offer a stellar warranty and have set the bar for safety and quality. Maintenance is easy, as plenty of genuine Toyota parts are also available at great rates.

5 Reliable Toyota Cars for Your Fleet

Toyota offers a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years, and a corrosion-based one for 12 years. They have also received countless awards for their quality and reliability. It offers a fleet of vehicles for each category. Let’s look at the best from each class.

Best Pickup Truck: Toyota Hilux


The pickup truck is a vehicle that can get all sorts of work done. It can tow quite a bit, and lift almost as much. It can also carry around a small crew, so the possibilities are endless.

Toyota offers a bunch of brilliant pickup trucks. There are the mid-sized Tacoma, and the full-sized Tundra. But the Hilux is the workhorse that’s the most preferable due to its price and offerings.

The Hilux is offered in a single and double cab body. Powered steering and windows, air conditioning, and touch-based multimedia are among the countless standard options that you get. A range of petrol and turbo-diesel powertrains are offered. Also, the Hilux’s durability knows no limits, as Top Gear has proven.

Best Saloon Car: Toyota Corolla


Sedans or saloon cars are the first choices for every motorist. This is due to their reasonable size, fuel economy, and lower price tags. They’re an easy solution for business owners as well. Large companies keep plenty of saloon cars for their employees. Rental companies also keep a fleet of them for easy money.

Despite the Camry and the Avalon catering to the sedan class, the corolla is still Toyota’s best option in the class. Fuel efficient, reliable, durable, and inexpensive? Check. The best-selling car of all time. Double Check.

Even the most basic Corolla offers adaptive cruise control, a rear-view camera, hill-start assist, and other safety features. Entertainment is also a priority with a multitude of infotainment screens and a 6-speaker sound system.

The fuel consumption is in the range of 4.4 – 8.4 L/100km based on the variant of choice.

Best SUV: Toyota Land Cruiser


You might be running a business in the countryside or one that offers tours and safaris. SUVs are another way to run your business due to their off-road capabilities and large storage capacities.

Toyota takes great pride in producing arguably the greatest SUV of all time, the Land Cruiser. It is the perfect traveling companion and there’s not an obstacle on the planet that can stop it. The Land Cruiser is pricey but it will last for centuries before needing an overhaul. It is rugged and offers quite the sense of authority when you get in.

The Land Cruiser is offered in many variants and offers everything, from luxury and safety to the best off-roading money can buy. Getting one is an investment that can never go wrong.

Best Minibus: Toyota Coaster


A good business takes care of its employees and one of the amenities it can provide is a pick-and-drop service. In comes the bus; a large container with wheels on it to carry 25+ workers with ease. A fleet of buses can also be rent out to provide transportation for various purposes.

Buses don’t need much apart from good seats, nice air conditioning, and a tough exterior. What’s the best bus then? Easily the Toyota Coaster. The Coaster has air-conditioning, comfortable seats, a sound system, and airbags for the front.

But don’t just take our word for it. Look around and you’ll find plenty of 30-year-old Coasters running day-to-day operations for large companies.

Best Van: Toyota ProAce


Sometimes a bus is too much, not classy enough, or just too expensive for a business. Oftentimes one needs a covered vehicle to carry a truck’s load. This is when a van comes in and the Toyota ProAce is the prime vehicle for the job.

The ProAce comes in four- or five-door versions. You can choose from a minibus that can seat up to 15 or a moving van version. The van offers the same features as the Hilux above and more.

While Europe isn’t treated with the Toyota HiAce, the ProAce is a welcome alternative.

How to Maintain Your Fleet of Toyota Cars?

All of the reliability ratings are a waste if you don’t maintain your vehicles. Fortunately, with Toyota cars, this is a lot easier. Genuine Toyota parts are available for business owners to keep their vehicles in shape.

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