4 Best UK Campervan Sites to Consider In 2024

Whether it’s a rocky coastline, sloping hills, lakes, peaks, or expansive countryside, a campervan enables you to access and explore some of the UK’s most distant locations and take advantage of everything the country has to offer.

You might be tempted to venture outside as the camping season approaches and take in the sights and sounds of the Country. There are always new sites in the UK to discover and unforgettable ones to revisit, whether you are new to campervanning or you consider yourself to be somewhat of a specialist when it comes to the open highway and its adventures.

Here are some of the best UK campervan sites:

1. Scotland’s Outer Hebrides and the Isle of Harris

One of the most isolated and far-reaching locations in the UK is this. The Ulg-Tarbert ferry connects the mainland of Ulg with the Isle of Harris, one of the islands that constitute the Outer Hebrides. The Isle of Harris’s sandy beaches, which are reflective of the Caribbean, and its rough mountains, which provide panoramic views of the surrounding islands, are well known.

Visiting the Isle of Harris at any time of the year guarantees sunsets, panoramic views of endless terrain, and a sense of tranquility unlike any other. The island is rich in heritage and tradition and is renowned for its powerful, self-sufficient communities. Simply venture outside your camper’s door to discover the untamed surroundings.

Yet, there are several options available for people looking for more activities. The Isle of Harris, known for its cuisine and beverages, features a well-known gin distillery, a variety of stores that sell fresh local produce, and great dining. Rare bird watching, water sports, sea cruises, and other adrenaline-pumping activities are also options.

2. The Wye Valley


The Wye Valley, which is tucked away on the border between England and Wales, offers unmatched views of undulating valleys and dense forests. The Wye Valley snakes its way down the boundary, starting at the margin of the Severn River, where the River Wye joins it, passing through ancient towns and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty before coming to a conclusion near Hereford. There is a lot of gorgeous scenery to discover in the Wye Valley if you intend to go there.

This is ideal for families since it has a variety of activities for kids, including a wealth of nature paths. Campgrounds are known to get busy in the summer, but for those who want a quiet, calm getaway from tourist areas, they are a good option.

3. The Chiltern Hills


The Chiltern Hills, which span four counties and cover 324 square miles just outside the M25, are renowned for their typical rolling green hills, hiking and cycling paths, as well as traditional farming and villages based on agriculture.

The Chiltern Hills provide an abundance of what can only be referred to as the “picture perfect” English countryside. There is something for everybody, including market towns, cycle paths, bluebell woodlands, mills, and regional producers.

This is ideal for the entire family, from the very young to those who enjoy history, and outdoor activities. You can also enjoy cooking in your campervan kitchens in this beautiful place. Because the treks are enjoyable and accessible, it’s a fantastic place to visit in the UK.

4. England’s Norfolk Coast

The Norfolk Coast, which is home to the renowned Norfolk Broads, is less well-known but no less beautiful, and it provides quieter vacations and the opportunity to discover an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The beaches provide an array of landscapes to visit, and the Sandringham Estate and various RSPB areas of protection are located there.

The Norfolk Coast is one of the best UK campervan sites for anyone who wishes to learn campervan essentials driving while still taking in the beauty of the UK because it has lower topography than other parts of the country.

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