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Best Poker Tools

Poker is undoubtedly one of the biggest casino card games of all time. The thrill of playing it at the table – especially against pro players – is unmatched by any other game. While games of skill such as roulette are pretty exciting too, you can’t learn a thing about them. You just make bets and cross your fingers that you get the right number.
That’s not the case with poker. The popular card game can be mastered. While that might have only been possible with a lot of costly practice in land-based venues in the past, it’s now easily available online. There are plenty of poker tools you can use to improve your game and become the poker master you’ve always wanted.

Why Use Poker Tools in 2024?

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Poker tools are great for both beginners and pros. Enthusiasts can use it to retool their game and find new approaches that will help them win a few rounds more. When it comes to pros, poker tools can help to spot and iron out mistakes or flaws that will ultimately make them a much better player.

Of course, the best tools to play poker can be found on require a certain level of knowledge about the game. If you’re just starting, you can try with the free practice first. If you’re heavily invested in the game later, you can use the following tools to make yourself a poker tour de force.

Poker Tracker

The name says it all. This tool will track your poker moves and show statistics and graphs about your gameplay. There’s a Windows and Mac version of this tool, something other tools can’t brag about. Since there are many tools you can try, Poker Tracker is available on a free trial.

The tool is currently in its fourth iteration and has been around for more than a decade. It’s been used by many pros and widely recommended for its HUD. It displays not only stats for your moves – it also offers detailed information on your opponents which makes it easy to keep track of all players. The HUD will also display how often others raise, if they bet the flop, etc.

Essentially, Poker Tracker 4 will provide the fine details so you can get the drop on your opponents. You will also learn more about the leaks in your game and how to plug them so you can be the player you were always hoping for.

Holdem Manager

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A veteran in the online poker tool software industry, Holdem Manager 3 might be the best poker tool out there. It has all the options Poker Tracker does, plus comes with the innovative vs Hero stats that lets you see how a specific opponent plays against you. This is a very useful feature that will come in handy if you play against the same group of players or you’re planning to enter a tournament.

The HUD displays stats and graphs that analyze your gameplay and decisions and lets you learn more about any leaks. You can easily use Holdem Manager 3 to improve your Hold’em game. There’s a free trial after which you can decide if you want to buy the tool. From our own experience, it’s a great tracker that’s definitely worth the cash, especially if you’re serious about poker.


A range analysis software that’s designed to figure out how a range of hands (or specific ones) hit boards, Flopzilla is a unique tool that will improve your pre-and post-flop game. It’s not a manager that will track your full suite of moves like the previous two we mentioned. This tool will help you realize how a hand or a range of hands interacts with various boards.

There’s a trial version of Flopzilla for Windows and it comes pretty cheaply compared with other poker tools if you decide to buy it. It’s an absolutely essential piece of software for a flop-related play that also comes with a built-in HoldEq Equity Calculator.


If you’re playing a lot of Sit’n’Go’s or multi-table tournaments, ICMIZER is the best poker tool you should go for. The tool uses the Independent Chip Model (ICM) to assist you in the fold or all-in-related situations in tournaments that are very important in the later stages when these decisions can be critical.

ICMIZER also comes with a coach and a re-player that will analyze your hands and let you know what needs to be done to improve your game. You will spend less time training and improve your game before the tournament begins so you can focus on the important stuff – going all the way.

Power Equilab

An advanced equity calculator from Equilab, Power Equilab puts all the best features of analytic poker tools and equity calculators in one spot. There’s a free Equilab too, but if you want to get the most out of the program, you will buy it. Thankfully, it comes at a solid price, definitely lower than Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager.

That doesn’t make it inferior in any way. Power Equilab is still a complete poker tool with a wide range of great features. It offers equity calculations on specters and sub-specters, heatmaps, equity graphics, and a hand ranking editor. Thanks to a built-in scenario analyzer, you can easily calculate the equity of possible cards on a range of streets.

Poker Snowie

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Poker Snowie is a unique tool that uses AI to analyze your gameplay and how you make decisions. It then processes this data into stats that will help you find leaks in your game and how to play each hand optimally. You can also import your hands and let the tool analyze them and show you how to play differently.

It’s a pretty solid tool, especially for beginners. You can play against the AI to fine-tune your gameplay and make optimal decisions. The only problem is that it assumes everyone plays perfectly which isn’t always the case. Poker Snowie won’t show you how to defeat weaker players, but it’s still a fundamental tool for new poker players.

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