Best Places to Visit in the Riviera Maya

If you want to visit Mexico, one of the best options is undoubtedly the Riviera Maya. This is one of the few places with a wide diversity in tourism and at the same time with the best attractions nearby. Gastronomy is varied, so, you shouldn’t worry that any food does not please you, because you can find all kinds of flavors in their locations (unless you intend to visit a place with traditional Mexican food, taquerias among others).

We’ve all heard about how beautiful, and wonderful Mexico’s beaches are, but which ones are the most beautiful?

The Riviera Maya has the most beautiful beaches in all of Mexico. So, it will be easy to get to any of these, because unless you are on the other side of the city, between the most famous beaches in the Riviera Maya as Cancun, Tulum, Holbox or Playa del Carmen, you will not have to travel more than 3 hours. So you can quickly get transportation service from Cancun to Tulum or whatever your destination with agencies like eTransfers.

Some tourists who travel to Mexico are purchasing a few tickets from the comfort of the hotel they choose to stay. Sadly, the best that you will live in these places are not for anything inside the hotels where you stay, for example, if you want to know the different archeological sites that characterize the Riviera Maya. You won’t be able to do it if you decide to stay in an all-inclusive hotel.

The truth of thousands of cases of tourists around the world is that many of them decide to get a hotel package in which they have a view of the sea, their hours of food and fun covered.

There are some ways in which it will be much easier to save some money if you want to know a little more about the wonders of the Riviera Maya, for example:

Don’t make your excursion bookings when you get to the city. If possible first investigate what you can do in the city and its surroundings at an affordable price, compare prices on websites, and then when you have everything more precise, you can start by deciding what to obtain there.

You can add things online and get added to the services you purchase, from your hotel to your transportation you have to know that what we least want at the time of travel are inconvenient. That’s why the more things you have under control, the better.

Consider factors such as seasons and so on. This way, you will be much easier to rent any service you need within the place you visit or its surroundings.

If you are going to travel in family, with friends or with a group of people higher than five people you can agree to divide expenses, this way it will be much cheaper.

Avoid buying your tickets and tickets to parks during peak hours in which hundreds of people will choose to know the attraction, if you travel, do it during the week, we assure you that the influx of people will be much less than in a weekend.

Places that you can visit in Riviera Maya

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is one of the most visited places by tourists from around the world because, since July 7, 2007, it was named as one of the seven wonders of the world, creating the need for hundreds of thousands of tourists and travelers to know this incredible site.

There are also many activities that you can do near this incredible tourist jewel, swim in cenotes, tour the caves and activities in the nearest town are just some of the incredible things you will discover when you visit a site as exciting as this.


Xcaret is one of the best places to visit; this is one of the preferred by travelers, as it is one of the most popular excursions to the Riviera Maya.

In this park, you can visit one of the most important coral reef areas in the Caribbean. At the same time, you can enjoy one of the most impressive butterfly sanctuaries in southeastern Mexico and enjoy the most incredible views, which for more than a decade, have impressed more than one person who visits the park.


Xel-ha is the most significant ecological park in the Yucatan peninsula, where you can enjoy hundreds of exciting water activities, some of these as zip-lines, swimming with dolphins, kayaking, snorkeling, among others.

Xel-ha will enchant you because this park also has an area of beds and hammocks in which you can relax for a long time, while you wait for the train ride through the park, where you can decide what activity to do next.

You will love to know that one of the most famous attractions of this park are the caverns, inside which you can swim and take beautiful pictures, as well as make a great tour of the river that crosses the entire park.


In this destination, you will be delighted to know that you will be able to see attractions such as “El Cielo,” a starfish paradise in a wide extension close to the island.

To get here, one thing you can do is take a ferry from Carmen Beach to Cozumel Island. On this island, you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and dozens of restaurants, most of which you can try seafood and prepared drinks that you will love.

This island is ideal for visiting with friends or family because although it is not very big, you can do many incredible activities.

Are you a diving lover? This is your chance to get to know the strait of the city, which borders the Yucatan peninsula, where you can meet a boat that is at the bottom of the sea and enjoy an impressive underwater experience.


If you want to get to know this beautiful place, you don’t need to start booking in a luxury hotel, because the best experiences can be in one of the rental cabins of this small town, which are located on the shore of the sea.

You’ll also love to know that your visit to Bacalar can’t be a one-day visit, but that you’ll need at least a couple of days to fully understand the natural wonders such as the seven-color lagoon that this site has to offer to each of its visitors.

In addition to the cabins, there are apps such as Airbnb that will help you with your task of lodging; also, you can search depending on how close you want to stay, either the attraction you visit or the city center to buy souvenirs and other things.


Have you ever dreamed of snorkeling with sharks? Well, Holbox is an ideal place, as well as being one of the largest whale shark sanctuaries, Holbox has been named as Mexico’s #1 tourist destination since September 2019.

To get here, you will need more than a convenient transportation system; we recommend you start researching the services you can receive.

You will also like to know that it is one of the most important pelicans and flamingo reserves of the Yucatan and Quintana Roo peninsula, so this is one of the obligatory visits you have to make during your trip to the Riviera Maya.


Didn’t you know anything about Tulum? Impossible, because it is one of the oldest Mayan ruins and settlements in the area, and is considered one of the most visited attractions in all of Mexico by hundreds of tourists.

The beaches with crystalline waters and white sand will completely captivate your attention, besides that, the walled city has a guided tour of tourists that you could join if you foresee this from before buying your ticket.

Tulum ruins are not only the most important attraction in the city. There’s also the downtown, where you can enjoy a tropical atmosphere and extremely relaxing-beach where you can visit the restaurants and nearby nightclubs that will captivate your attention while you visit Tulum.

Enjoy each of these places and discover a thousand wonders that these destinations offer you.

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