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2024 Best Kitchen Paint Colors, According to Designers

Swiping on a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to transform your kitchen. Choosing the best colors, however, can be a tricky business. Aside from finding the perfect hue that will go well with the rest of the house, there are other factors you have to consider, like lighting and paint finishes. 

If you are ready to take the plunge and revamp your kitchen this 2024, you might want to take a look at following kitchen paint ideas. Some of the country’s top interior designers have chosen the best kitchen paint colors that will work well with any kitchen style, be it minimalist, modern, or traditional.

2020 Color Trends for Your Kitchen Walls

Dark, vibrant shades will be the hottest picks for your kitchen wall colors this 2024. Expect classic and peacock blues to pop up in homes anywhere. Interior designers recommend using burnt orange and rust shades in moderation and only to add bursts of colors. Meanwhile, neutral colors will remain timeless choices.

For kitchen paint colors, most designers agree that blue will be the hue for 2024. From navy to pale blue, glossy to matte, this color will give your kitchen a soothing, relaxed vibe. Different shades of green will also be popular choices, alongside warm yellow and barn red. Neutrals are classics and complement most colors. If you want to find more information about top color trends 2024 for best interior design solutions visit modern architecture design blog the design story.

Shades of Blue 

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Benjamin Moore’s Ice Blue (2052-70) is a crisp pale blue with a celadon tone that works perfectly well in the kitchen. It is a preppy shade and a great accent color on the ceiling and on the floor. This shade also complements neutral colors like white and black. Other light blue colors recommended by designers are Valspar’s Sky Space 5001-6B, a versatile blue-green, and Pratt & Lambert’s Twilight Chimes 1140, a pretty periwinkle.

For shades with more depth and personality, you cannot go wrong with Benjamin Moore’s Lucerne AF-530 and Downpour Blue 2063-20. The latter is a deep glossy blue that adds an unexpected polish when combined with soft white. Both colors pair well with brass accents. Navy blues are also classy shades for your kitchen. Try the Hale Navy HC-154 to add some drama or the Behr’s Restless Sea PPU13-20 for a more fashionable feel.

Shades of Green

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Green, with a tinge of gray, is going to be one of the trendy kitchen colors for 2024. Designers suggest Pond Ripple BD 82, mossy green with a clay undertone included in the C2 palette, or Farrow & Ball’s Mizzle NO. 266. The second is a dusty, grey-green with an earthy vibe – a versatile color for the countertop or the pantry.

Farrow & Ball’s Breakfast Room Green No. 81 is another chic choice for kitchen wall colors. If you prefer darker shades, consider some from Benjamin Moore. It’s Galápagos Green 475 is buried and decadently rich, while the Regent Green 2136-20 is a very dark shade. Both bold and timeless, they work beautifully in older homes.


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Whites and creams are classic choices for kitchen colors. Farrow & Ball’s All White No. 2005 is a creamy hue that does not look too bright or blinding. If you want a more subtle, warmer shade, try Benjamin Moore’s Chatsworth Cream 225. It’s White Ice 2139-70 is also the right choice – a pretty shade that changes depending on the time of the day – bright now, moody later.

For hints of greens and yellows, consider Farrow & Ball Cabbage White 269 and Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117. The first is a greenish-white shade reminiscent of spring, while the OC-117 has a slight yellow cast. Both neutrals go with most blues and grays. Meanwhile, warm, beige-grey color like Farrow & Ball’s Shaded White No. 201 complements wood tones best.

Gray is also a versatile choice for kitchen paint colors. Try Harbor Gray by Benjamin Moore and Knitting Needles SW 7672 by Sherwin-Williams. These are light and modern shades that contrast well with brass hardware. Other excellent alternatives to white and cream are Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter HC-172, a grey-beige color, and Farrow & Ball’s Peignoir No. 286, a soft lavender with a base of gray.

2020 Top Paint Colors for Your Kitchen Cabinets

In the past decade, one interior design trend that remains relevant is the all-white kitchen. The look is timeless and clean and has the bonus of making the tiniest room look airy and spacious. 2024, however, is bringing with it new kitchen paint ideas that you might want to try. Liven up your sterile-looking space by adding pops of colors in your cabinets. This year, the best hues range from soothing shades of greens and blues to bold tones and classic blacks, according to designers.

These colors work nicely with the neutral palette that white shaker cabinets like these bring. In 2024 we will be seeing white upper cabinets with bolder colored lowers, islands, and even accents. The days of the one colored cabinetry kitchen are ending. A new wave of mixing cabinet colors is here!

Wood Tones

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Wood tones will make a massive comeback in 2024. Warm colors like honey and light orange will lend your cabinets an old-world charm while still being contemporary. A current trend is mixing and matching wood tones with your lower and upper cabinets. These colors will add depth to your kitchen space. Furthermore, wood finishes are also becoming popular.

Greens and Blues

Sea green is a versatile color for your cabinets. It gives a serene feeling to your kitchen, plus it goes well with almost all colors. The hue pairs brilliantly with neutrals like black and white and looks great with a quartz countertop, like Caesarstone, which is an industry leader in the modern bathroom and kitchen products. Darker and moodier hues of blues are also expected to gain attention this year.


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Black cabinets will give an edgy but classy look to your kitchen, no matter what style. This color will look great with white backsplashes or warm wood shelves. Use black glossy paint to make a serious statement. If pitch-black cabinets are not your thing, you may opt for a toned-down version like black olive, which leans towards the dark gray spectrum.

Daring Colors

2020 is a year of experimenting with strong color accents. Kitchen cabinets with a monochromatic color scheme are going to look dull and boring. Instead, daring hues will be used to highlight pops of colors in the kitchen space. Different elements, like kitchen islands and base cabinets, will look great in bursts of dark red, bright yellow, or navy blue.

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