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A Summary About The Best Forex Signal App

Doing forex trading means dealing with an extremely volatile market and inexperienced traders can lose substantial sums in a blink of an eye if they do not pay attention.

That is why both new and experienced FX traders are looking around for a simple and easy way to get forex trading signals wherever and whenever there is the urge to trade at any given time.

So you are probably interested in the best forex signal app to install on your phone or laptop to look at forex trading signals every time you need to, and maybe even operate easily on the market with a single click. For more details check this.

Well, if that’s the case, you have just found the right article for you.

Here below you’ll find a list of forex signal apps provided by and summed up by our staff for our readers in order to have a practical guide to the Forex trading world.

eToro App

This broker which started in 2006 in Israel by the idea of two brothers with a web platform has become a leader of this sector thanks to its view about what is now usually known as social trading and many other factors that made the fortune of this service.

Now, eToro has also developed a very good looking and user-friendly mobile app that includes all the features present on the original web trading platform, including its forex signal system. But it doesn’t end here.

Thanks to this app, you will have access to a particular feature called “Copy Trading”, a specific instrument that allows traders to “copy” any investment made by a specific trader that you want to follow.

Furthermore, if you are interested also in other financial assets, eToro gives you the chance to copy signals of other markets such as Commodities, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, and so on.

With all that being said, you can try out all of the aforementioned features by using a demo account. The famous Israeli broker gives you the chance of trying everything you learned and know about forex trading and other financial investments by using a virtual balance that allows you to use the trading platform as if you had actual money in your account.

NAGA Trader

NAGA trader is a very interesting case in the forex trading world for the very reason because it was born.
While most online brokers started by offering a web platform where traders had access to a variety of financial products such as FX pairs to trade, NAGA Trader began straight away exclusively as a mobile app.

Formerly known as SwipeStox, NAGA Trader gives you the chance of utilizing an app which looks not like an average social media, but more like an online dating app.

Thanks to it, you can “swipe” through an infinite list of the best trades and, thanks to the evaluation and data generated by the community, you can save the one you are interested in the most. Adding those to your watchlist, you will receive any related forex signal.

This way of doing stock trading resembles very much the way dating apps use the “swipe” to search for the perfect match, and that’s why NAGA trader has been called “the Trading’s Tinder”.

As in the case of eToro, also NAGA Trader gives you the chance of using many features not limited to the FX, but to the trading world in general such as Crypto Trading and Copy Trading.

ZuluTrade App

If your main goal is to gain profits by forex trading, then the ZuluTrade app is the mobile app that you are searching for.

It is not a broker, but more of a service-platform heavily focused on the forex market and gives a vast variety of signals related to it. Being not a broker though, you can select and choose the supported broker that you can find on the platform, or see if your actual broker is between the one supported by it.

Being the first Copy Trading Platform ever created, its other focus is on the copy trading itself and every feature linked to it.

On top of that, the ZuluTrade app gives you the chance to open up an account with a minimum deposit of only 100$, which makes ZuluTrade a good option if you are a newbie to the forex trading world who doesn’t want to commit too much in this new business.

MQL5 App

MQL5 is one of the most famous forex signals apps actually available on both iOS and Android. MQL stands for MetaQuotes Language, which is related of course to MetaQuotes software, the same software that empowers the extremely famous MetaTrader trading platforms.

It has a large base trader community and its MetaQuote software is extremely light and easy to run on virtually any modern device (maybe even the oldest one…). While using this app, you’ll be able to find many forex signals, from the free to the paid ones. If you choose to pay for a forex signal, their medium price is $30.

Bonus: Signal Factory (Telegram forex signals)

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Aside from the aforementioned apps, there is another important source of free forex trading signals obtainable on the net. We are speaking about a community present within the famous instant messaging cross-platform Telegram app called “Signal Factory”. The only thing you need is a smart device, such as a smartphone or a laptop, and connect to this channel through your Telegram account.

This channel presents many forex signals which are considered extremely trusted, and the service offered by it is based on the connection between pro-traders and retail-traders, which work together to reach the best and most profitable signals available in real-time so that they can share them with each other.

To give you an idea of what we are talking about, you have to consider that the actual community counts the astonishing number of more than 45.000 active traders of any level and type connected through this channel.

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