Tips for Selecting the Best Escape Room in Atlanta

Escape game ventures can be thrilling, entertaining, and wonderful if you get the best escape room. Besides the privacy and uninterrupted atmosphere features that people look for, an escape room needs to have some compelling features. Not knowing how to choose a perfect escape room in Atlanta will not only make you waste money for the wrong room but will also make your game venture to be unpleasing. Given the fact that it’s just a room, you may have a lot of questions on how to look for the best one since you can’t even the inside of that escape when looking for one. Click here to find some of the best escape rooms in Atlanta.

Consider the Level of Difficult of the Escape

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Escape rooms differ in the level of toughness. To enjoy every moment of the game, you need to choose a room that is more friendly to the participants. For example, some escape rooms are for beginners so you cannot select such an escape room for people who are experienced. To get the best escape room that matches the level of your expertise, it is important to ask the escape room provider who understands the complexity of every escape room. Choosing too easy or too complex an escape room can make you ruin your experience.

Choose the Best Theme for Your Group

Every escape room in Atlanta is made with a different theme so that people can choose what is best for them. For example, there is a science fiction theme that enables you to make sure you have the best moments enjoying science fiction games. Other themes include horrors, thrillers, and comedy. Depending on what you and your group are interested on, you can choose whatever theme is best for you. ask your friends first and if they choose a theme, you can then ask the escape room Atlanta providers to provide the best one for you.

Check the Reviews from People Who Used the Escape Rooms

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Reviews depict the level of entertainment people get from the escape rooms. A good review simply indicates that people liked the escape room and that it is worth your time. Badly reviewed escape rooms mean they are not worth it so you need to make sure you leave them alone. In escape rooms Atlanta, all rooms are top of the range offering you some of the best features and environment with modern features to please the eyes and keep you entertained. Don’t gamble with your money when choosing an escape room, take your time, and make sure you get the best escape room for your people.

Choose a Nice Location

Playing games in escape rooms is like having and definitely you wouldn’t like to have fun in a bad place. To ensure you have the best escape room, make sure the place is located near transport means. Sometimes you may play until late hours and that would require you to have easy means of transport. Even the playroom itself must have a perfect decoration that will offer comfort, security, and a sense of satisfaction when playing the games. You can find the features of the escape room by asking the escape room provider about the features of every escape room so that you choose the best one.

Is the Booking Private or Public?

Some escape rooms may mix you with other groups if your group is so small. This is because they want to make sure their escape rooms are filled since they are in business. If you want only your group to be in the escape room, make sure you book the entire escape room and pay the charges. Being mixed with other groups doesn’t compromise your enjoyment but the privacy of your group will be compromised since you will have other parties witnessing you.

Playing as a Group of More Than 10 People is a Problem

Most rooms are small and cannot accommodate a lot of people. For you to enjoy the best benefits, make sure you reduce your group to a maximum of ten people. If you all want to play in the same room, make sure you get a much bigger escape room but all the same, it would be an inconvenience to many of you. Just get two playrooms if you want to enjoy the best outcomes from every play that you make. If you are used to playing in large numbers, it would not be a problem for you because you are used to these kinds of rooms.

Check a Place that Has a Parking

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Booking an escape room requires money itself and you wouldn’t like to spend any further amount for parking. Parking for long while playing games can increase your expenditure so it would be good if you make sure you have the best parking for you and your friends. It would also be safe for your car because parking in the facilities of an escape room provider means protection for your car. If you compare prices, the escape rooms that offer parking services are more expensive compared to the escape rooms that don’t offer any kind of parking services and that is not pleasant to many people.

Ability to Change Escape Rooms

Once you book an escape room, it means you have considered all the parameters and features of that particular room. At some point, some groups want to change the escape rooms in order to suit their game needs. That is okay but some service providers don’t allow that shifting especially if all escape rooms are filled to the brim. It is good to notify the service provider earlier that you might change the escape room choice if things don’t work to your expectations. Always make sure you prepare for the escape room in advance so that you reduce such shortcomings.


Escape rooms in Atlanta are meant to offer the most satisfactory experience to players. Always make sure you choose the appropriate one if you want to enjoy every moment of the game. Ensure you choose a theme that will be a choice for many people so that every person in your group enjoys and choose a compelling venue that will please every person in the group.

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